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VATek to introduce a new DTV encoder modulator product in 2015 Computex Taipei
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Domestic digital television (DTV) modulator chip manufacturer Vision Advance Technology Inc. (VATek) is going to display their whole series digital modulator chips. In addition to original multi-standard digital modulator chip and ENMODER series, the latest ENMODER which supports ISDB-T modulation, user-friendly developing interfaces, and Android-based developing system environments and applications are also making their debut in Computex Taipei 2015

VATek ENMODER is the world's first chip that combines DTV modulator and encoder together. Its encoder utilizes ultra low latency compression framework that offers users astonishing high definition experience with minimum 0.1 second of ultra low delay performance. And this year their proudest product - multi-standard modulator has made a new progress. It is now supporting ISDB-T and it can generate several digital television formats including DVB-T, DVB-C, ATSC, DTMB, ISDB-T, QAM by operating simply one chip. With this newly-released feature, VATek Modulator has made itself fit almost every DTV environments around the globe. Moreover, it is also capable of transmitting high definition videos to the display ports and further sharing with as many receivers as intended at the same time. Many vendors of VATek have introduced the solution into their product applications.

Remote control drones is a popular topic and it has been widely applied to various purposes these days. Among many intriguing applications of UAV, aerial photography is the most common and well-known one. Digital television signals feature excellent anti-interference ability, especially suitable for medium or long distance video transmission. The series of VATek products are particularly designed for video communication modules.

In addition, VATek will soon release user-friendly SDK and library tool set which make product development less complex but at the mean time match all kinds of firmware requests of different applications. VATek's develop environment also bring design flexibility to all developers. It is anticipated that VATek, with their innovative design followed by brilliant cost effectiveness, is going to spark the multimedia market. Accompanied with clients' expectations, this year VATek will launch two developing environments, Android-based platform and Linux platform. By providing various developing options, VATek seeks to invite more and more developers to adopt their products so as to bring on more innovation.

Responding to the fast-growing trend of Full HD multimedia, except for Gen. I and Gen. II ,which are currently available, the release of many other integrated products capable of DTV modulation and multimedia compression; for example, ENMODER that supports 2K/4K video compression and DVB-T2, has been scheduled in 2016.

VATek's whole series products (MODULATORS & ENMODER) can do not only wired digital communication but also HD wireless communication. Spectrum crunches and congested ISM bands have no longer been news to users nowadays. Yet, TV White Space(TVWS) made itself a popular topic in late years and brought the dawn of the congestion. Countries in the west have been studying related implementing mechanism ever since FCC legalized TVWS. VATek's modulator has been applied on TVWS implemented wireless video devices in the North America. Future is clear that TVWS will broaden a new horizon of license-free wireless devices. Bearing promising/fruitful prospects, VATek will keep engaging themselves in DTV modulation projects.

Vision Advance Technology Inc. (VATek), founded in Jan, 2014, is the subsidiary of Feature Integration Technology Inc, one of the leading enterprises of IC design industry in Taiwan. VATek is currently devoted to designing and manufacturing digital communication chips that aim at multimedia modulation and video compression. Come and take a closer look at the new century of video transmission!

Meet VATek in 2015 COMPUTEX Taipei - Hall 1 TWTC A1414

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