Fanless In-Vehicle Systems with Intel Core i7

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The LVC-5570D4-CA and the LVC-5770-7A are high performance ruggedized platforms ideal for integrating a range of in-vehicle data needs, including surveillance (both digital and analog), digital signage and video capture, vehicle location, and driver behavior monitoring.

"These two products are a perfect fit for multitasking in-vehicle computing," said Eric Chiu, Director of the Vehicle Computing Division at Lanner. "The modern passenger or freight vehicle needs a range of computing services, and the powerful LVC-5570 and LVC-5770 are built to cover security, entertainment, and performance monitoring. With a range of options to configure the I/O and the CPU, the LVC-5570 and LVC-5770 can be finely-tuned to meet the needs of vehicle operators."

Conforming to the exacting MIL-STD-810G for both vibration and shock, and incorporating ignition control functionality, the LVC-5570 and LVC-5770 are built for in-vehicle use, which can also be deployed in conjunction with external CAN bus devices to provide a complete driver behavior monitoring platform, thanks to the on board GPS and G-sensor. Speed, acceleration, deceleration, vehicle orientation, and vehicle position can all be recorded using this system.

The LVC-5770-7A is equipped with 8 PoE LAN ports, and functions as a highly capable Mobile NVR in conjunction with remotely-powered IP cameras. The LVC-5570D4-CA is more suited to analog video use, functioning as a Mobile DVR, and offers superb extensibility through its 4 mini-PCIe slots and 2 removable storage bays. With pin-to-pin compatibility a range of CPU options are available depending on the needs of the end user.

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