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COMPUTEX 2011: Come see the power of MSI's gaming machines

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Taipei - The year's most anticipated high-tech expo, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2011 will be held from May 31 through June 4 at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall. World-renowned computer manufacturer, MSI will take advantage of this global stage to display the height of "Performance, Sound, Vision". Our innovative booth will feature an all new Gaming Pavilion spotlighting newly launched, industry-leading products for the world's hardcore gamers. These include the fierce G series gaming laptops GT780, GT683, and GE620; exceptional C Series multimedia machines CX480, CX640, and CX670; F Series performance NBs FX620DX and FX420; and finally, the fastest and lightest machines in history, our new X460 and X370 notebook computers. At the show, experience the blistering speeds and outstanding sound and graphics performance of our gaming platform while you marvel at MSI's redesigned booth. Not only are we aiming to strengthen our foothold in the consumer market, we have also actively set our sights on the business and specialty markets by introducing the all-new All-in-One PC AP2011 aimed providing more excellent choices for enterprises seeking top performance. MSI's booth will also feature a special area to highlight our much talked about WindPad tablet computers and the FUNROBOT iCleaner robot vacuum. World-renowned fashion innovator Jeremy Scott, who helped design for style icon Lady Gaga, has paired up with MSI to produce an exclusive series of tablets that will be revealed at the show. FUNROBOT iCleaner will also introduce their new M800 model, which features ultrasonic anti-collision technology and intelligent operation capabilities. Let the iCleaner M800 simplify your busy life!

MSI utilizes innovative design concepts to create products that best meet our customers' needs. In line with COMPUTEX 2011's themes of lifestyle technology and cloud computing, we can help usher in a new era of high-level gaming, lifestyle, and business technologies. Enjoy the high-tech digital feast on display at the MSI booth.

MSI Booth Details

Dates: May 31 – June 4
Venue: TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall 4F, Booth L607

Introducing MSI's new series of Z68 mainboards and world's most powerful graphics card

As a world-leader in mainboard and graphics cards, MSI introduces our latest Intel Z68 series mainboards featuring Military Class II components that have passed rigorous testing and also include our exclusive OC Genie II intelligent overclocking technology. You will not be able to tear your eyes away from their explosive performance.

In addition to a display wall featuring our flagship Lightning series, our booth will also introduce world's most powerful graphics card, the N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition. Added to unique MSI features such as Power 4 architecture, Twin Frozr III dual-fan cooling with innovative Propeller Blade technology. Stop by to see what will undoubtedly become a key focus of attention at this year's expo! Also, our overclocking software Afterburner, a gamer favorite, not supports triple over-voltage, advanced fan speed control, and 5 overclocking profiles, and we will also reveal several innovative new technologies at the show. MSI works to develop ever more advanced capabilities and technologies to meet our commitment to satisfy gamer needs.

Revolutionizing the portable computer with our four powerful laptop series

At COMPUTEX 2011, MSI does it again, upping the performance ante and satisfying consumer demand for the newest platform technologies. Combining new technologies from powerful partners Intel, AMD, and nVidia, MSI developed our GT780 combat gaming machine. The GT780 raced past all earlier speed records, making it the fastest laptop on the planet. We have also added to the ranks of our four key laptop series: G Series gaming laptops GT780, GT683, and GE620; C Series multimedia powerhouses CX480, CX640, and CX670; F Series high-performance NBs FX620DX and FX420; and the super-slim and powerful X Series models X460 and X370. They will all be on display at our booth, so come experience them for yourself.

The next generation G Series gaming laptops, GT780, GT683, and GE620, all feature second generation Intel® Core™ i7 quad core processors. Models GT780 and GT683 also have a maximum of 16GB of DDR3 memory, along with the next generation of nVidia®'s powerful discreet graphics card, which will be making its debut at COMPUTEX. Once again, MSI has created a new zenith in powerful gaming laptops.

GT780 and GT683 laptops are not only gamers' top choice for power, but also offer the best in sound and video performance! Dynaudio and THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap around sound as well as full HD high resolution screens make for amazing multimedia enjoyment. In addition, MSI worked with gaming equipment leader SteelSeries to create world's most advanced specialized gaming keyboard for the GT780. Not only more durable, the keyboard was designed specifically with gamer needs in mind, making our GT780 the best weapon in your arsenal.

Our new touch screen LED All-in-One PC protects the Earth and your eyes

MSI is an industry innovator and a leader in high-tech trends. As the world's foremost All-in-One PC brand, we are rolling out our brand new array of true-color, energy efficient, Smart-for-Life AIO PC's with the AE series for home users and the AP series for business users.

MSI, attracted by LED panels' power saving capabilities, thinness, and green pedigree, is the first to introduce an AIO computer with an LED backlit display. Our new AOE also features sensitive multipoint touch control and full HD 1920x1080p ultra high resolution for rich, true pictures and color. MSI's LED AIOs screens not only offer crisp images, the color temperature is closer to that of natural light significantly improving the visual quality. The rich colors and crystal-clear images featured on our all new LED All-in-One PC Wind Top AE2211 and AE2230 will no doubt attract lookers at this year's COMPUTEX.

Recognizing that people today use their computers for longer and longer periods of time, MSI's business Wind Top AP2011 design utilizes a 20" anti-glare backlit LED monitor. Not only does this increase resolution, but also reduces eye strain to protect users' vision. MSI's LED AIO computers are not just easy on the eyes; LED panels use 30% less energy than traditional CCFL panels. This energy efficient technology can also extend the life of the monitor, protecting the environment in two ways.

In order to better sync up your digital life, MSI has included "Smart for Life" (Smart Media Link & Smart Sync) software that enables personal cloud computing, which allows users to share multimedia entertainment over the Internet with the touch of a finger. MSI AIO AE2410 and AE2070 models come with the powerful second generation Intel CoreTM i3/i5, while AE2230 boasts AMD's latest Sabine platform. MSI's exclusive Wind Touch 4 user interface software combines social network capabilities with web browsing, a key focus of COMPUTEX 2011.

WindPad tablet computers put power and style at your fingertips

The hottest topic rocking the computer marketplace today is undoubtedly the tablet computer. Not one to take a back seat, MSI has launched our new generation WindPad tablet computers that feature the most powerful energy-efficient processors on the market and a complete array of I/O ports to connect to all computer and A/V devices at home and at work. To bring a bit of glamour to the segment, MSI has called upon world-renowned fashion innovator Jeremy Scott who has designed for style icons Madonna and Lady Gaga, and introduced his own line for Adidas. His most recent collaboration has brought him into new high-tech territory, to design a series of WindPad tablets for MSI. The WindPad 100W features the AMD Brazos processor platform, while the WindPad 100A features ARM Cortex™-A9. The former runs Windows 7 while the latter runs the newest version of the Google Android operating system. Through entirely new software and hardware architecture, we can satisfy both business and home users' every work-related and entertainment need.

Creating a new standard for network performance and safety

In COMPUTEX 2011 MSI will present our newest Intel Sandy Bridge DT and AMD Lisbon Server platforms. In order to meet the needs of business users, MSI has not only made our best efforts into server research and development, but also has performed in-depth study of network security system architecture innovation. Besides displaying general purpose servers, we will have more network appliance products in this event as well. MSI provides total server/network appliance solutions to meet any network challenge and commits to continuing diversifying our server product lines to meet market needs and lead a networking revolution! We warmly welcome you to visit MSI booth to experience more innovative server and network appliance technologies.

FUNROBOT's next generation robot vacuum – iCleaner M800

MSI's FUNROBOT brand introduces its new generation of home-use robot vacuum, the iCleaner M800. Featuring intelligent capabilities while being simple to operate, the iCleaner M800 is the ideal helper for today's busy people. Its stylish color scheme and sleek exterior brighten up the modern home. The iCleaner M800 features a total of six ultrasonic anti-collision sensors that reduces furniture collisions by 90%. According to scientific and clinical studies, the ultrasonic waves emitted by the M800 inhibit the growth of allergy-causing dust mites. In addition, this robot will automatically return to its charging dock when running low on power and includes programmable cleaning times, anti-tangling, and anti-fall features. The iCleaner M800's high-capacity lithium-ion battery can fully recharge and be ready to get back to cleaning in just two hours. Equipped with brushes on both sides and three times the suction power of other robot vacuums, FUNROBOT's newest model vastly improves upon the cleaning effectiveness and coverage of other brands on the market. Do you want to keep your house clean 24/7 Leave all the work to the iCleaner M800! Discover how easy and quick it is to maintain a clean home with your new robot helper.

About MSI

Since its founding in 1986, MSI has been demonstrating continued success in digital age. Nowadays, MSI's notebook and All-in-One PC rank in the top 10 and top 5 product sellers in major countries. Our hard work has led us to become one of the finest brands in the industry with accumulated sales in more than 120 countries. With the brand slogan of "Innovation with Style", MSI will continue to pioneer in global market as a principal brand in digital era, as well as lead the world in innovation in the field of global fashion technology with the needs of consumers at its core.For more information, please visit http://www.msi.com/

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