Computex 2011: NS TECH to present a series of standardized and customized fans

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NS Micro Motor Technology, a specialist of DC brushless fans, will present at Computex 2011 a series of standardized and customized fans that meet customers' every PC and industrial cooling solution. NS TECH will be at Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1F, Booth No. K1110.

NS TECH offers fans with square size from 25mm to 120mm, thickness from 8mm to 38mm, and various voltage designs from 3.3V to 60V. NS TECH's fans can be roughly divided into standardized and customized ones, with standardized fans mainly for application in desktop and industrial PCs and customized fans mainly for notebooks and home appliances, such as Blu-ray players and TV set-top boxes, according to Leon Wang, senior supervisor at NE STECH.

For standardized products, NS TECH has applied the concept of modularization to optimize product design, and the results are lower power products, Wang said, adding that NS TECH 's stable manufacturing process has also ensured longer product life and better quality stability.

Based on the low power design, NS TECH will expand its product series, including customized fans and high-end standardized fans for servers and industrial PCs, scheduled to be released this year.

Besides making standardized DC fans, customization also makes up a big portion of NS TECH's business. "As a medium capacity fan manufacturer, NS TECH has the advantages of flexibility and quick response to customers' requirements. We introduced some mechanism to assist design, including CNC and quick sample service for early testing. With these, we are confident to make products that can guarantee high customer satisfaction while meeting customers' schedule," said Wang.

With regards to DC fans for trendy tablet PCs, Wang said, "As tablet PCs evolve into more powerful and sophisticated devices, their CPUs will run at a high speed and will require fans to dissipate the heat. At the moment, we are working with major system vendors in Taiwan to design fans that will meet their requirements for new tablet PCs. The three major requirements are of course being thin, low power and quiet."

NS TECH is also developing a product line for motors in POS systems and will increase its presence on the industrial market, according to Wang.