Planar extends its digital signage portfolio with 82-inch slim LCD display

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Beaverton, Ore - (Business Wire) - At Digital Signage Expo 2011 in Las Vegas, Planar Systems added an 82-inch LCD display to its growing lineup of high performance, easy-to-service displays for advertising and digital signage applications in airports, shopping malls and other public spaces.

The Planar d82L combines the slimmest profile in its category, easy-access electronics and advanced networking and controls, along with the superior visual performance and reliability that are hallmarks of Planar LCD displays.

"The Planar d82L is uniquely tailored to reduce installation and maintenance costs for digital signage applications," said Jennifer Davis, VP of marketing for Planar Systems. "This new model demonstrates the company's strategy to deliver innovative, specialty display solutions that provide superior image quality and a slim, accessible design that avoids the extra service costs and hassles typically associated with large displays."

Designed for digital signage

The Planar d82L offers features and capabilities not found in comparable large-screen displays, including:

Ideal for public spaces: With a slim depth of only 3.9-inch, the Planar d82L complies with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) clearance requirements for public buildings, and maximizes valuable space in crowded concourses and other public venues. The industrial, metal design and protective glass shield make the Planar d82L perfect in high traffic public spaces.

Easy access: The Planar d82L's AccessConsole provides lockable, flip-panel access to electronics directly above the screen. Most components can be replaced without the inconvenience and cost of replacing the entire LCD.

Smart storage and controls: The integrated MediaMount offers convenient, secure storage for media players and other hardware inside the AccessConsole. The built-in network and RS-232 controls make it possible to remotely monitor and manage settings.

24x7 reliability: Redundant power ensures uninterrupted operation if one supply fails. The distributed electronics architecture reduces potential heat-related wear on the commercial-grade LCD panel.

Streamlined installation: Separate LCD and AccessConsole modules simplify installation. The heaviest module weighs 70 pounds less than the next lightest comparable display on the market.

Planar 82-inch LCD display, the Planar d82L

Planar d82L LCD display
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