OCZ introduces Windows Vista ReadyBoost capable VBoost flash drives

Press release, May 1; Eric Mah, DIGITIMES Asia 0

OCZ Technology announced its VBoost USB 2.0 flash drives, which are optimized for Windows Vista ReadyBoost. Vista ReadyBoost enables the OCZ VBoost to double as supplemental cache memory for faster retrieval and storage of system data and applications. By providing an instant supply of additional memory, this drive is a cost-effective alternative to expensive RAM upgrades, according to OCZ.

As Microsoft's next generation operating system, Vista has many new features. As consumers make the switch to Vista, it is beneficial for users to expand on compatible accessories and take full advantage of what Vista has to offer. Here the VBoost prevails, not only by acting as a high-capacity storage device, but by supporting ReadyBoost to impact application loading and closing time.

Unlike flash drives with easy-to-lose caps, the VBoost features a retractable USB key that is unsheathed from its housing with the click of a switch. Typical removable caps may get lost and leave the connector plug exposed to possible damage, but the VBoost design eliminates the possibility of losing the cap along with providing protection. Like all OCZ flash drives, portability and size is a defining factor; users are able to operate adjacent USB ports without needing to unplug other peripherals, noted the company.

The VBoost flash drive is available in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities to truly personalize the size needed for maximum ReadyBoost execution and desired increase in system responsiveness. Although OCZ offers a full line of upgrade memory modules for Vista desktops, the VBoost flash drive family is an effective stand-in and is backed by a three year warranty.

The OCZ VBoost USB 2.0 flash drive

The OCZ VBoost USB 2.0 flash drive
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