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CeBIT 2007 – one of the largest IT and communications trade shows – is running from March 15 to 21. DigiTimes will have complete coverage of the event, including the latest product news and exclusive interviews from Taiwan's top IT companies.

For our readers' convenience we will be listing all of our CeBIT articles on this page. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Intel to launch Bearlake chipsets for desktops (part 1)

Intel and its partners will kick of CeBIT 2007 with the launch of Intel's Bearlake family of chipsets for desktop PCs. The new series introduces support for DDR3 memory, front side bus speeds up to 1333MHz and are designed to support Intel's upcoming 45nm-process CPUs, the Core 2 Duo (Wolfdale) and Core 2 Quad (Yorkfield).
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Samsung introduces 30-inch LED-based monitor

Samsung Electronics introduces a 30-inch LCD monitor that incorporates an LED as the backlight source.
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Nanya highlights Elixir memory

Nanya will exhibit new products including the latest DDR3 technology, 4GB FB-DIMMs which will fulfill high-end server needs, high density stacking UDIMMs, SODIMMs, and will live demo Elixir DDR2-1066 at the show.
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E-Ten previews 3G, VGA phone; to offer WM6 updates to existing owners

The Glofiish X800, supports 3G connectivity (HSDPA/WCDMA), Windows Mobile 6 and is the first from the company to include a VGA (640×480) display.
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Intel to launch Bearlake chipsets for desktops (part 2)

Find out about the other chipsets in the Bearlake family, including a high-end version which introduces support for PCI Express 2.0 and integrated graphics processor (IGP) designs.
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Biostar introduces TF7050 AM2 motherboard

Biostar Microtech International announced the launch of its TF7050 AM2 motherboard, based on the Nvidia GeForce7050PV and nForce630a chipset. The motherboard comes with integrated HDMI, on-chip HDCP and High Definition Audio(HDA), according to Biostar.
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Foxconn showcasing own-brand gear

Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry) is exhibiting several own brand graphic cards, motherboards, system cases and heat sinks highlighting the company's goal of boosting sales of the own brand products 2007.
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Pretec claims i-Disk RFID as smallest flash drive in world

Pretec will demonstrate its i-Disk RFID USB flash drive at CeBIT 2007. The company claims that the device is the smallest of its kind in the world.
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MSI motherboard roundup; nForce 680i with Creative X-Fi onboard; Intel 965 plus Crossfire; high-end AMD chipsets in the pipeline

Micro-Star International (MSI) has been keen to show off the motherboards it will be releasing in the coming months.
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HD DVD forms European promotional group

At a press conference, Studio Canal, Universal, Toshiba and Microsoft announced the formation of a new trade organization, the European HD DVD Promotional Group.
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Garmin adds to GPS device lineup

Garmin International has announced the nuvi 200, nuvi 250 and nuvi 270 a new family of entry-level GPS devices which offer budget savvy consumers the benefit of a premium in-dash system at a fraction of the cost.
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RTX introduces new DUALphone

RTX Telecom on March 16 announced the launch of its new DUALphone 3058, an integrated ordinary phone and cordless Internet USB phone for use with Skype.
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Asustek showcases new 3.5G cards and handsets

Asustek is showcasing its new C1000 HSDPA (high-speed downlink packet access) broadband data card and several new handsets, including the P735, P526, M530W, V88i, Z802i and J502, at CeBIT 2007, noted sources at Asustek.
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Walton Chaintech introduces high-end Apogee GT memory; planning ten new Nvidia GeForce 8-series graphics cards

At a little under a year, Walton Chaintech is a relative newcomer in the memory market, but the company's pedigree and unique wafer-in module-out manufacturing capability means that its recently announced Apogee GT memory might just give high-end memory giants such as Corsair, OCZ and Kingston a run for their money.
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Gigabyte Communications introduces 3.5G and digital TV handsets

Gigabyte Communications has introduced two new handsets, the GSmart t600 with support for mobile digital TV, and the q60 professional handset with qwerty-keypad and 3.5G connectivity.
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Is this the end of CeBIT for Taiwan companies?

As everyone in Hannover, Germany begins the process of packing up and returning to Taiwan, the question that all companies are asking is was it all worth it? For many - including some of the biggest Taiwan IT names - the answer is no.
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