GeCube launches two Vista certified graphics series

Press release, January 24; Ricky Morris, DIGITIMES Asia

GeCube has launched two series of ATI Radeon graphics cards which are certified for Microsoft's soon to be released Windows Vista operating system (OS). The new Radeon 1550 series offers four parallel pixel pipelines and comes in versions offering from 128MB to 512MB DDR2 memory, while the lower-end Radeon 1050s feature separate rendering and geometry engines and come in just 128MB DDR and 256MB DDR2 versions.

Both series are available in PCI Express (PCIe) and AGP versions with the PCIe variants offering more features, including Hypermemory, and, in the case of the 1550 series, support for ATI's multi-GPU technology, Crossfire.

GeCube ATI Radeon 1550 Vista certified graphics card

GeCube ATI Radeon 1550 series graphics cards certified for Windows Vista
Photo: Company