Taiwan Tech Arena
Taiwan has been keen to promote its startups and innovations at CES. At the 2020 edition of the annual event, the Taiwan Tech Arena will showcase its largest-ever delegation.
Wednesday 13 September 2023
Taiwan initiates 10-year chip-driven innovation project to attract global talent, startups
Starting 2024, Taiwan will implement a 10-year chip-driven industrial innovation project aiming to attract young talent and startup teams from around the world to set up operations...
Tuesday 1 August 2023
Pandemic drives healthcare industry, leading to rise of personalized health supplement services
For more than three years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented impact on the global economy. But also, it has led to more consumers realizing that health care starts...
Monday 31 July 2023
Wearable device meets negative ion cleaning technology; the result: a new era for the health industry
Heated development of global industry coupled with rapid growth in volume of automobiles and motorcycles have made life more convenient, the cost has been increasingly serious air-pollution...
Friday 28 July 2023
CuboAi strives to build product ecosystem in wake of baby tech boom
For new parents, caring for a newborn can be a daunting challenge. Research has shown that the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is about 0.1 to 1 percent, with the...
Thursday 27 July 2023
Making of new juicy plant-based meat, Lypid creates a spectacular new dining experience
Vegetarianism has become a dietary choice for some Taiwanese people, due to religious beliefs or health concerns. While Taiwan's plant-based food industry is more robust compared...
Wednesday 26 July 2023
Edge computing security issues attract attention amid AI application development boom
ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, bringing unprecedented AI experiences to numerous consumers. This highlights the continuous development of AI technology and its rapid proliferation...
Tuesday 25 July 2023
Precise and real-time eye tracking: Ganzin Technology creates new generation of solutions for human-computer interaction
In March 2023, Google again announced that it had discontinued Google Glass, raising doubts about the future development of smart glasses in the market. However, Dr. Shao-Yi Chien,...
Monday 24 July 2023
Eye tracking makes for a high-quality driving experience; Mindtronic AI creates new in-vehicle business opportunities
As technology advances apace, the modern demand for high-quality A/V experience has also continued to rise. From mobile phones, computers, and televisions, the demand has even extended...
Friday 21 July 2023
Surge in AI voice applications: Noise reduction, voice-to-text, and chatbots lead the charge
Owing to consistent advancements in chip computing and AI algorithms, the scope of AI applications has grown exponentially across multiple sectors. The early years saw a primary focus...
Monday 5 June 2023
3GPP member meeting to run June 12-16 in Taiwan for first time
The 3GPP, a global mobile communication standards organization, is set to hold its 100th member meeting in Taiwan on June 12-16, focusing on proposals for Release 19 standards. This...
Thursday 29 December 2022
NFT Bored Ape dancing party with PanelSemi at CES TTA main stage
Visitors to the Taiwan Tech Arena at CES 2023 in January will be greeted by a Bored Ape dance played on a gigantic 3D screen.
Friday 18 February 2022
Successful digital transformation with an open collaborative document platform
Digital transformation is an essential strategic move for companies to remain competitive in a world full of disruptions. Two things are fundamental to the success of all digital...
Tuesday 8 February 2022
Diverse demonstration site, TTA South, to satisfy the validation needs of startups
In response to the government's promotion of six core strategic industries and the Great South, Great Development policy, the expansion and growth of Southern Taiwan's startup...
Tuesday 4 January 2022
CES 2022: Lockists sets up platform for sharing scooters
Taiwan-based startup Lockists has developed an automated scooter sharing platform that can generate passive income for owners who rent out their scooters.
Tuesday 4 January 2022
CES 2022: Aiseed introduces smart drones using edge AI computing
The pace of global drone development has increased over the last few years with smart drones being used more commonly for consumer markets, rescue operations, visual inspections and...