Tue, Mar 21, 2023
Monday 20 March 2023
Wistron building digital content innovation center in Taipei with ITRI
Wistron is building a digital content innovation center in northern Taiwan in cooperation with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and the facility is expected to begin operation in 2026, according to company president and CEO Jeff Lin during the project's groundbreaking ceremony.
Monday 20 March 2023
Baidu's ERNIE Bot reportedly turning to Nvidia's A800 GPUs
Following the official unveiling of ERNIE Bot, Baidu's answer to ChatGPT, Baidu CEO Robin Li mentioned that the company's in-house Kunlun chip is only suitable for large-scale model inference, but in the future it will move towards AI model training. In other words, the computing power of ERNIE Bot, before it offically goes online, will be outmatched by Microsoft, Google and OpenAi as they adopt Nvidia's H100 GPUs based on 4nm technology. To address the problem, according to China-based media, Baidu has to repurpose the 7nm-based NVIDIA A100 GPUs originally allocated to its auto chip department.
Monday 20 March 2023
Are the world's tech behemoths getting more bang for their lavishly splurged R&D bucks in 2022?
R&D is the bedrock upon which an enterprise's commercial triumphs are built. Any disappointing outcome or inefficiency originating therefrom can spell out the company's economic demise in our cutthroat capitalist coliseum. Competitivity of goods and services could dwindle, leading to a sharp decline of revenue, gross and net operating profits.
Monday 20 March 2023
Asia Pacific security spending to grow 16.7% in 2023 with government taking lead, says IDC
According to IDC's latest Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide, spending on security hardware, services, and software in Asia Pacific, excluding Japan, is expected to reach US$36 billion in 2023, an increase of 16.7% over the previous year.
Thursday 16 March 2023
FunP raises US$3 million from Foxconn subsidiary Ennoconn
Taiwan digital advertising group funP Innovation has just raised US$3.12 million in the first closing of the latest fundraising round from a Foxconn subsidiary, Ennoconn.
Thursday 16 March 2023
Baidu launches Ernie Bot
China's Baidu launched its latest generation of large language model-based, pre-trained AI generative product Ernie Bot (Wenxin Yiyan) on Mar 16. CEO Robin Li demonstrated on-stage some conversation with the AI.
Wednesday 15 March 2023
India reportedly to require security check before smartphone launch
India is reportedly planning to force smartphone manufacturers to allow users to remove pre-installed apps and require prior checks by regulators before releasing system updates of major mobile operating systems, which could affect manufacturers operating with low margins and extend system update release timelines.
Friday 10 March 2023
Global shipments of AR/VR headsets decline sharply in 2022, says IDC
The pendulum for AR/VR headsets swung the other way through the course of 2022 as global shipments declined 20.9% on year to 8.8 million units, according to new data from the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker. The decline was not completely unexpected, however, given the limited number of vendors in the market, a challenging macroeconomic environment, and a lack of mass market adoption from consumers.
Wednesday 8 March 2023
Baidu to release AI generative service Ernie Bot soon
According to Baidu CEO Robin Li Baidu will release its AI generative language model Ernie bot in March. However, specific dates regarding when it will be available remains unknown, but it could come "very soon". It is very likely that only Baidu's users (those owning a Baidu account) will have access to Ernie.
Friday 3 March 2023
Chinese automakers to participate in Baidu Ernie Bot ecosystem
Several Chinese automakers, including Jidu Auto, Geely Auto, and Great Wall Motor, have joined Baidu's ChatGPT-style Ernie Bot ecosystem.
Thursday 2 March 2023
Microsoft reportedly mulls utilizing TSMC CoWoS for AI chip
Microsoft has reportedly approached TSMC and its ecosystem partners about using the foundry's CoWoS packaging for its own AI chip, according to industry sources.
Thursday 2 March 2023
Askey expands 5G telecom ecosystem, revealing series of new solutions at MWC 2023
Askey Computer Corporation has officially confirmed its participation at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona. The exhibition will showcase a series of solutions for "Private 5G Networks", "Internet of Vehicles", and "Civil IoT", along with the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 7 devices.
Wednesday 1 March 2023
Kioxia, HPE join forces to launch SSDs into space
Kioxia has announced its participation in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Spaceborne Computer-2 (SBC-2) program. As part of the program, Kioxia's SSDs provide robust flash storage in HPE Edgeline and HPE ProLiant servers in a test environment to conduct scientific experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS).
Wednesday 1 March 2023
Intel releases Quantum SDK version 1.0 to grow developer ecosystem
After launching its beta version in September 2022, Intel has released version 1.0 of the Intel Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is a full quantum computer in simulation that can also interface with Intel's quantum hardware, including Intel's Horse Ridge II control chip and Intel's quantum spin qubit chip when it becomes available this year.
Friday 24 February 2023
AV vehicle costs to continue declining as supply chain localizes, says Baidu
Baidu announced that it is integrating its AIGC service Ernie Bot across Baidu's operations to enhance user experience. There are also plans for Ernie Bot to be integrated into Apollo Smart Cabin and Xiaodu's smart devices and services, the company said at the latest earnings call on Feb 22.
Thursday 23 February 2023
Mercedes-Benz, Google team up for in-car navigation
Mercedes-Benz and Google have jointly announced a long-term strategic partnership, under which Mercedes-Benz will build its own branded navigation using new in-car data and navigation capabilities from Google Maps Platform.
Wednesday 22 February 2023
What does zonal architecture really mean for software-defined vehicles?
Vehicles with connectivity and autonomous driving capability will require much higher computing performance and low latency. Industry source said up-to-date autonomous driving solutions generally need more than 1,000 TOPS computing power, which brings in the challenges of heat dissipation and real-time processing for chipmakers building the architecture for carmakers.
Tuesday 21 February 2023
Veeam releases new Veeam Data Platform to keep businesses running as ransomware continues to increase
Veeam Software, the leader in Modern Data Protection, today announced the NEW Veeam Data Platform, a single platform delivering more advanced data security, recovery and hybrid cloud capabilities than ever before.
Tuesday 21 February 2023
Google reportedly to provide specific Android version for India
Following Google's decision to cooperate with India's anti-trust authorities to change its Android policies, Android phones in India may get a new version of Google Mobile Services, just like that in the European Economic Area or Turkey.
Monday 20 February 2023
Most of Taiwan-based enterprises expect 1H23 operation to remain unchanged, says CRIF Taiwan
A sample survey conducted by CRIF Taiwan shows that 83.8% of Taiwan-based enterprises expect their business operation in the first half of 2023 to remain unchanged, 8.2% expect drops and 8.0% expect growth.
Monday 20 February 2023
Ubestream eyeing cooperation with IC designers to develop AI-on-chip solutions
Taiwan-based Ubestream, dedicated to developing AI voice and semantic algorithms, will move to intensify cooperation with IC design houses to develop chip solutions with AI voice capability and plans to venture into the smart cockpit sector, according to company CEO Steven Su.
Friday 17 February 2023
Dappworks provides TEE platform for weTrusta to ensure medical data confidentiality
Dappworks Technology, a cybersecurity solution provider based in Richmond, Canada is working with a team in Taiwan, known as weTrusta, to promote multi-party data-sharing in a trusted execution environment (TEE) and to widen the adoption of TEE in medical data exchange.
Friday 17 February 2023
Chinese chipmakers to advance GPU development for ChatGPT
The rising popularity of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, has encouraged Chinese chipmakers to accelerate their related GPU development.
Tuesday 14 February 2023
Wishing-Soft expands into global market through ESH competencies
In terms of overseas market expansions, Mr. Atlas Tung, founder and CEO of Wishing-Soft, pointed out that for a startup who wishes to reach customers in a foreign market, on top of single-point advances such as participating in exhibitions and networking, the most important thing is to understand its own value chain and acquire key partners. It is more effective to develop a bigger market by standing on the shoulders of giants. Wishing-Soft is a company dedicated to providing environments, safety, and health (ESH) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to enterprises,
Thursday 9 February 2023
60% of market leaders in Asia Pacific will have systematic digital innovation programs and investments by 2027, says IDC
By 2027, 60% of market leaders will have systemic, structured digital innovation programs and investments that support ongoing iterative innovation, enabling growth, scale, agility, and resilience, according to IDC, a global provider of market intelligence and advisory services focusing on the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets