Mon, Sep 25, 2023
Tuesday 7 February 2023
Nodar innovates stereo vision calibration for autonomous vehicles
Stereo vision, first utilized as far back as in the late 1800s, is now entering the autonomous driving space. Nodar, a Boston-based software company, is developing an algorithm to align camera measurement by software. Unlike the traditional practice of stereo vision that installs two cameras close together on a rigid metal beam to maintain alignment, Nodar's software can maintain alignment through signal processing when given fast GPU processors.
Tuesday 7 February 2023
TINVA optimistic about Taiwanese startups developments in ESG, semiconductors, medical devices, smart manufacturing
Taiwanese startups can no longer involve in "me-too" or "me-better" businesses, but must plan ahead and develop "me-only" technologies. The reasons are because the scales of Taiwanese venture capital (VC) and local market are limited, and does not have an advantage in demographic dividend. Mr. Michael Kao, President of Taiwan ITRI New Venture Association (TINVA) said that environmental, social, and governance (ESG), pharmaceuticals, smart manufacturing, and the semiconductor industries are some of the cutting-edge technologies that Taiwan should plan ahead and invest in. Given Taiwan's complete information and communications technology (ICT) industry chain, there is a good chance that Taiwan can gear to become a key hub for innovations and startups for the Asia Pacific region.
Friday 3 February 2023
Acer e-Enabling Service Business to establish subsidiary in China
Acer e-Enabling Service Business (AEB), Acer's subsidiary provider of cloud computing-based digital solutions, will set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, China, in the first half of 2023, according to company president Chou Hsin-jung.
Friday 3 February 2023
Foodland Ventures optimistic about prospect of Taiwan agrifood tech amid global automation and digitization trends
Optimistic about the global agri-food tech market of over US$500 billion per year, the estimated value of the investment portfolio of Foodland Ventures in the relevant industries has also surpassed US$250 million. Mr. Victor Chen, Founder & CEO of Foodland Ventures, stated that given the density of resources, Taiwan is equipped with a complete "farm-to-table" agri-food supply chain. From its local funding, talent pool, and technological strengths, Taiwan possesses the competitiveness required to expand into the global market.
Wednesday 1 February 2023
Looking ahead to 2023, Lenovo proposes 6 major technology trends
Lenovo has announced 6 key technology trends that will become mainstream in 2023. These include holographic projection, transformable devices, corporate metaverse, smart stores, multi-access edge computing, and new business models. Starting in 2023, these trends will help increase performance and efficiency in businesses while also promoting digital transformation.
Tuesday 31 January 2023
Phihong Technology establishes subsidiary for EV charging solutions
Power supply maker Phihong Technology has spun off its business group specialized in developing power charging solutions used for electric vehicles (EVs) as a wholly owned subsidiary, Zerova Technologies Taiwan, in a bid to speed up business development of EV charging solutions, according to company president Allan Lin.
Thursday 19 January 2023
Cybersecurity investment to grow by 13% in 2023, says Canalys
According to Canalys' latest cybersecurity forecasts, global cybersecurity spending (including enterprise products and services) will increase by 13.2% in 2023 and remain a key growth sector for channel partners.
Thursday 19 January 2023
Zoom opens cloud data center in Taiwan
Zoom Video Communications has kicked off operations at its new cloud computing data center in Taiwan. The launch of the center is to fulfill its commitment to ensuring the quality and reliability of its video conferencing services.
Thursday 19 January 2023
Sonatus brings networking capabilities to car industry, fast-tracking SDV production
Sonatus, a California-based software startup, is bringing its networking expertise to carmakers and helping them build software-defined vehicles (SDV) faster. The company has secured US$110 million in total funding since established in 2018.
Wednesday 18 January 2023
Fonemed eager to bring virtual healthcare to Asia to manage surging demand
Virtual care can be a solution to health professional shortages. It can also be a way to manage surging demand for healthcare as aging population alarms more and more countries. Fonemed CEO Charlene Brophy told DIGITIMES Asia that demand for medical care has been overwhelming, and telehealth can "remove some of the demand of frontline workers."
Wednesday 18 January 2023
VividQ partners with Dispelix to improve AR interaction with 3D objects
VividQ, a Cambridge-based holographic display technology company, announced on January 17 that it is partnering with Dispelix, a Finnish waveguide supplier, to produce a breakthrough augmented reality (AR) technology that will bring AR experience to the next level.
Wednesday 18 January 2023
Cisco Systems to add 1-2 partners for 5G ORAN testing in Taiwan
Cisco Systems will continue participation in 5G ORAN (open radio access network) testing in Taiwan in 2023 through selecting 1-2 local enterprises as additional partners, according to Greater China vice president and Taiwan general manager Steven Lin for the company.
Tuesday 17 January 2023
Taiwan exports machine tools worth US$3.023 billion in 2022, says TMBA
Taiwan-based machine tool makers recorded a total export value of US$3.023 billion in 2022, increasing 8.6% on year, according to Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association (TMBA).
Monday 16 January 2023
Wistron ITS reports record net profit for 4Q22 and 2022
Wistron ITS reported consolidated revenues of NT$2.09 billion (US$68.45 million) for the fourth quarter of 2022, up 19.8% on year with the net profit surging over 40% on year to the highest quarterly record of NT$164 million.
Friday 13 January 2023
L4 autonomous driving may commercialize before L3, says Baidu CEO Robin Li
Baidu co-founder, chairman, and CEO Robin Li, at Baidu Create 2022 on January 10, said autonomous driving will become reality sooner than people have expected, while the commercialization of L4 autonomous driving technologies may come sooner than that of L3 ones as the liabilities for L3 are still unclear when accidents happen.
Friday 13 January 2023
Qualcomm kickstarts 2023 QITC startup competition
Qualcomm Technologies Inc. announced on January 13 the launch of its 5th Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge (QITC) to support Taiwan startups in developing innovative solutions using Qualcomm's mobile platforms in the areas of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Edge AI, Machine Learning, Smart Cities, Robotics and Multimedia.
Monday 9 January 2023
Trend Micro establishes CTOne for 5G private network cybersecurity
Anti-virus software developer Trend Micro has established CTOne, a subsidiary developer of cybersecurity solutions mainly used in enterprise 5G private networks, O-RAN (open radio access network) and IoT devices, with smart manufacturing, smart medical care, transportation and energy management being targeted scenarios of application, according to CTOne CEO Jason Huang.
Monday 9 January 2023
CoolSo Technology develops VR-use gesture control
Taiwan-based startup CoolSo Technology has developed gesture-based human-computer interface used to control display functions of VR devices, according to company founder and CEO Jack Wu.
Friday 6 January 2023
Infineon showcases latest software development for autonomous vehicles at CES
Infineon Technologies, the Germany-based leading IDM for auto chips, is showcasing two new collaborations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Jan 5 that will make integration of autonomous-driving software into the microcontrollers (MCUs) easier and faster.
Thursday 5 January 2023
RT Stream International becomes CES 2022 Innovation Awards honoree
RT Stream International, a Taiwan-based developer of body-worn security cameras and cloud computing-based mobile surveillance servers, won an Innovation Award in Wearable Technologies product category at CES 2022, according to company president and CEO Eric Chang.
Thursday 5 January 2023
Thought Technology helps athletes reach peak performance with biofeedback
Human body produces various physiological signals. Analyzing the information can help people better deal with stress or enable athletes to reach peak performance, besides many other applications. Canada-based Thought Technology has been manufacturing instruments monitoring vital signs for over 45 years. Its products have been distributed to over 100 countries.
Wednesday 4 January 2023
System integration of AI technologies has large space to grow in Taiwan, says Hwang Jenq-neng, ECE Professor at UW
Artificial intelligence (AI) can be implemented in many fields and in the future, robots will be able to do a lot of things for humans. Dr. Hwang Jenq-neng, professor of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) and director of the Information Processing Lab (IPL) at the University of Washington (UW, USA), Seattle, has partaken in many AI projects from electronic monitoring of fisheries (NOAA, USA), autonomous driving (Cisco, USA), smart transportation and smart city (ETRI, Korea), automated golf swing analysis (Sportsbox AI, USA), multi-camera multi-person tracking for long-care center surveillance (Quanta Computer, Taiwan), to wafer defect classification (Vanguard International Semiconductor, Taiwan), etc.
Tuesday 3 January 2023
Why does ECGO EVmoto switch from battery-swapping to charging?
Electric motorcycle manufacturer ECGO EVmoto introduced its lineup of e-motorcycles of three different sizes for bikers in Indonesia. Sales kicked off in February 2022, targeting ride-sharing contract bikers in need of large seats, long driving range, and high speed.
Friday 30 December 2022
Huawei declares 'business as usual' after weathering US curbs
Huawei Technologies Co. posted its third straight quarter of growth, declaring a return to normalcy after overcoming a plethora of US restrictions this year.
Friday 30 December 2022
Apollo Go to catch up Waymo, Cruise with fully driverless robotaxi
Chinese tech company Baidu announced on Dec 30 that it has received the license to test autonomous vehicles with no driver or safety operator onboard in Beijing – the first in the capital city of China.
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