Monday 29 May 2023
Taiwan hits snags in cultivating high-level semiconductor talent
Taiwan's homegrown semiconductor talent show high cost-performance ratios, but the talent supply shortage is worsening as domestic universities are hitting snags in expanding student...
Wednesday 29 March 2023
MediaTek chair urges government to focus incentives on talent shortages, tech challenges
MediaTek chairman Tsai Ming-kai urged the Taiwan government to focus its incentives on overcoming challenges such as talent shortages and severe technological competition in the local...
Monday 27 March 2023
IC Design White Paper - Improving Taiwan's IC design talent policies
Talent is the most important competitive condition in the IC design sector. Due to the talent shortage, the government has already promoted many measures, including STEM-related talent...
Thursday 1 December 2022
Fab talent crunch: Taiwan's secret sauce for producing excellent semiconductor engineers
As semiconductor companies worldwide expand to build chip capacity, talent shortage has become the greatest challenge to growth and thus attracted more attention to talent education...
Friday 28 January 2022
Notebook ODMs looking at ways to attract talent
Taiwan-based notebook ODMs have become aggressive in recruiting talent, looking at ways to attract skilled workers.