Tuesday 20 June 2023
Wingtech looks to server ODM amid AI hype
As generative AI applications like ChatGPT help drive demand for servers, Wingtech confirmed that its server ODM business is expected to grow in 2023 as the company is looking to...
Tuesday 20 June 2023
Copper foil maker Co-Tech eyes AI server applications market
Copper foil maker Co-Tech Development will continue developing products geared toward high-speed and high-frequency communications, in the wake of soaring demand for AI server appl...
Monday 19 June 2023
Datacenter server shipments to decline on two conflicting forces
The datacenter supply chain is facing two conflicting forces that may persist for 2-3 quarters and lead to a single-digit decline in global server shipment scale in 2023. One is the...
Friday 16 June 2023
Cisco reportedly to partner with Flex to make in India
Cisco is looking to make its products in India, with Flex reportedly the contract manufacturer, as India's large market and incentives for local production attract networking and...
Thursday 15 June 2023
Thailand to be key Southeast Asian server production hub
With ODMs Inventec and Quanta Computer disclosing their intentions to establish server SMT manufacturing lines in Thailand, as well as a number of PCB manufacturers transferring production...
Thursday 15 June 2023
AI server shipments ride surging popularity of generative AI, but volumes to be limited, according to DIGITIMES Research
Generative AI has grown to become one of the hottest topics worldwide with cloud services providers all keen on investing in related applications and all industries eagerly trying...
Wednesday 14 June 2023
GCE expects significant growth in AI server boards, eyes robust performance in 2023
Taiwan-based PCB maker Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) expects its AI server boards' share in overall server board shipments to rise from a low single-digit percentage in the first...
Wednesday 14 June 2023
Inventec looks to AI servers, automotive for 2023 growth
Inventec's AI server and automotive businesses are on track for significant revenue growth this year, according to Sam Yeh, chairman of the Taiwan-based ODM/OEM company.
Wednesday 14 June 2023
Delta gearing up for AI server boom
ChatGPT sparked market growth and refocused attention on AI servers and related components, including power supply and cooling solutions. Delta Electronics, which has been engaged...
Tuesday 13 June 2023
Inventec is the only Taiwanese company in OpenAI supply chain
Given that Inventec is the sole provider of motherboards for ChatGPT servers, the company's 2019 investment in server systems integrator (SI) ZT has become the primary driver for...
Monday 12 June 2023
Asustek expects return to growth track in 2H23
Asustek Computer aims to resume sales and profit growth compared to the same period the previous year in the second half of 2023.
Monday 12 June 2023
Chenbro bullish about demand for AI servers in 2H23
Chenbro Micom has expressed optimism about demand for AI servers powered by multiple processors in the second half of 2023. With demand for multi-GPU servers rising, the installation...
Friday 9 June 2023
Liquid-to-air becomes common method for cooling data center servers
The use of liquid-to-air cooling designs in data center servers has increased and entered the mainstream, according to sources at server ODMs.
Thursday 8 June 2023
SK Hynix begins mass production of 238-layer 4D NAND
SK Hynix has begun mass production of its 238-layer 4D NAND flash memory, and product compatibility testing is presently being conducted with a global smartphone manufacturer, according...
Wednesday 7 June 2023
Global 1Q23 enterprise SSD revenue falls by nearly half
Due to a slump in both volume and prices, revenue in the enterprise SSD market fell 47.3% sequentially to nearly US$2 billion in the first quarter of 2023, according to TrendForce.
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