Monday 25 September 2023
Taiwan USB interface suppliers concerned more about Type-C adoption in notebooks than iPhones
The iPhone 15 series has officially adopted the USB Type-C interface in compliance with EU policies, which is widely believed to benefit Taiwan's high-speed transmission interface...
Friday 10 March 2023
USB chip demand promising
A wave of USB interface upgrades, as well as a potential PC replenishment later this year, will drive demand for USB device chips in 2023, according to industry sources in Taiwan.
Thursday 19 January 2023
High-speed transmission interface chip demand to rebound in 2H23
Taiwan's fabless makers of high-speed transmission interface ICs are expected to embrace a sure recovery in market demand in the second half of 2023, though they are still under inventory...
Monday 12 September 2022
Semiconductor inventory crisis to be peaking starting 4Q22
The actual semiconductor inventory storm has not yet arrived, and different supply chain segments will show starkly divided performances in the fourth quarter of the year, with most...
Monday 4 July 2022
Specific chip segments poised to embrace strong 3Q22
Despite chip demand for consumer electronics showing no signs of recovery, vendors of quite a few chip segments such as server ICs, automotive chips, high-speed transmission ICs,...
Friday 7 January 2022
Notebook peripheral IC specialists report strong sales for 2021
Notebook IC design specialists particularly those engaged in peripheral chips including touchscreen controllers and high-speed interface chips have reported impressive sales results...
Friday 17 September 2021
High-speed transmission chip suppliers expect output value to boom
Taiwan's suppliers of high-speed transmission chips, which have obtained commitments from foundries to provide sufficient capacity support next year, are gearing up for a boom in...
Thursday 16 September 2021
Backend firms to see strong 5G RF module demand for iPad mini 6
Backend houses including ASE Technology and Chipbond Technology are poised to enjoy robust orders for processing 5G RF modules, driven by demand for Apple's just-unveiled iPad mini...
Thursday 2 September 2021
Suppliers eyeing demand boom for high-speed transmission chip solutions
Taiwan's vendors of transmission interface chip solutions are stepping up the development and production of high-speed solutions such as Wi-Fi 6E, PCIe4.0/5.0 controller chips and...
Monday 16 August 2021
Sony to score big from vigorous PS5 sales in 2021
Demand for games consoles continues to gain momentum amid persistent stay-at-home activities, allowing Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to score big from the sales of its next-generation...
Thursday 22 July 2021
Backend houses see lead times prolonged notably
Backend houses have seen their delivery lead times for MCUs, audio ICs, USB interface ICs and power management chips extend all the way to as long as two months from the previous...
Thursday 12 November 2020
Taiwan supply chain bracing for new-generation game console boom
Taiwan supply chain players are gearing up for the game console replacement boom to be triggered by Sony's new-generation game console PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X, according...
Monday 31 August 2020
Chromebook demand to stay brisk through 1H21
Chip demand for Chromebooks is expected to remain brisk through the first half of 2021, driven by a surge in distance education amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to sources...
Wednesday 5 August 2020
Backend houses kicking off shipments for PS5
Backend houses including ASE Technology and Greatek Electronics have kicked off shipments for Sony's new-generation PS5 game console series slated for launch later this year, according...
Monday 27 July 2020
PC chipmakers seeking more foundry support to digest ballooning orders
Taiwan's designers of peripheral chips for PCs and notebooks are trying hard to vie for more capacity support from foundry partners seeking to meet strong replacement demand in the...
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