Monday 13 May 2024
Aerospace giant AIDC's daring leap into energy solutions
How does an aerospace juggernaut redefine its horizons? Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) has taken a bold step into energy solutions, capitalizing on the parallels...
Friday 19 May 2023
Formosa Smart Energy Tech wants to unlock LFP, LMFP, and sodium-ion batteries all at once
Taiwan's top three lithium battery cell manufacturers right now are Formosa, Foxconn, and Taiwan Cement (TCC). Among them, Formosa Smart Energy Tech (FSET) was formed by integrating...
Monday 17 April 2023
Formosa Smart Energy Tech builds domestic battery chain, breaks ground on Taiwan's largest battery cell plant
Formosa Smart Energy Tech (FSET), the sixth largest company under the Formosa Plastics Group, announced that it has invested over NT$16 billion (US$524 million) through its subsidiary...
Tuesday 7 March 2023
Formosa Smart Energy forging close ties with major carmaker
Formosa Smart Energy Tech (FSET) has reportedly been approached by a major European carmaker with plans to jointly construct a lithium battery plant in the US.
Wednesday 21 December 2022
FSET begins operation of AFC energy storage system
Formosa Smart Energy Tech (FSET), an LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery maker belonging to the Formosa Plastics Group, has inaugurated an energy storage system with installation...
Thursday 21 July 2022
Formosa Plastics Group sets up Formosa Smart Energy Tech
The four members of Formosa Plastics Group and affiliated Formosa Biomedical Technology have established Formosa Smart Energy Tech, a joint venture focusing on energy storage, energy...