Monday 8 April 2024
PlayNitride mass-produces microLED microdisplays for AR glasses
Taiwan-based microLED company PlayNitride has successfully mass-produced 0.49-inch Full HD (FHD) resolution microLED microdisplays mainly used in Augmented Reality (AR) glasses.
Tuesday 19 March 2024
GIS joins Micro LED AR development camp through collaboration with Micro LED startup Porotech
Micro LED startup Porotech has added another strategic partner to its portfolio, launching a collaboration with touch panel manufacturer GIS, a subsidiary of the Foxconn Group.
Tuesday 12 March 2024
Pokemon Go developer Niantic believes that AR's biggest market will be outdoors
As Pokemon Go approaches the tenth anniversary of its launch, it continues to be the most influential augmented reality (AR) game globally. John Hanke, CEO of Pokemon Go developer...
Monday 26 February 2024
VisEra: smartphone demand will still grow; future focus will be on AR applications
Despite uncertainties like the global economic situation and geopolitics, optical film packaging, and CMOS image sensor (CIS) back-end manufacturer VisEra remains cautiously optimistic...
Thursday 1 February 2024
India-based EMS company Kaynes expands prototyping manufacturing capability, to make waveguide components for AR devices
India-based electronics manufacturer Kaynes Technology acquired US-based Digicom Electronics. Kaynes Semicon also formed a partnership with DigLens for AR product manufacturing.
Wednesday 31 January 2024
Apple Vision Pro launch countdown; prospect of XR headset market
Apple's new-generation Vision Pro is slated to hit US shelves on February 2, and initial shipments are closely followed by Apple's suppliers and competitors. Industry insiders hail...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
Porotech and PSMC team up to produce 200mm GaN-on-Si microLEDs
Poro Technologies (Porotech) and Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing (PSMC) have formed a partnership to develop and manufacture 200mm GaN-on-Silicon MicroLEDs for display applic...
Tuesday 16 January 2024
AI solutions integration with AR/VR/XR propel innovations at CES 2024
CES 2024 featured groundbreaking advancements in generative AI, AI chips, and AI PC terminals, positioning AI as the defining theme for the year, with expectations for a flourishing...
Tuesday 9 January 2024
Competition in XR device processor market to intensify between MediaTek, Qualcomm
MediaTek, with its Taiwanese industry ecosystem, is poised to expand its competition with Qualcomm in the extended reality (XR) device processor market, which includes virtual reality...
Thursday 4 January 2024
PlayNitride, Foxconn eye micro LED AR potential with individual partnerships
In an indication of the massive potential of micro LED microdisplay technology, PlayNitride has signed a strategic agreement with the South Korean microdisplay manufacturer Raontech...
Wednesday 27 December 2023
AR device shipment volume in China looking to double in 2024
As the technology gradually matures, China's AR and VR market is witnessing various brands launching new products to compete with each other. The market is anticipated to grow rapidly...
Tuesday 28 November 2023
Wearables to drive Micro LED market growth, with Apple Watch adoption expected in 2026
In the burgeoning Micro LED display market, wearable devices are proving to be a focal point for growth, and forecasts indicate that by 2028, the market scale for Micro LED in wearables...
Friday 17 November 2023
Jorjin combines AR with healthcare to build Taiwan's first 'optometry X metaverse center'
Augmented reality (AR) supplier Jorjin announced on November 16 that it is collaborating with the Department of Optometry at the Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology...
Thursday 5 October 2023
Smart glasses and headsets to bring optical component industry boom
Meta's latest AI products include second gen smart glasses that can answer questions, co branded with Ray-Ban, along with Quest 3 VR headsets and robots capable of producing realistic...
Friday 15 September 2023
With multi-pronged strategy, HTC awaits new bloom
HTC is taking a highly diversified strategy in its operations, strengthening and enriching its VR/AR ecosystem, while at the same time expanding its smartphone lineup to face market...