The highly sophisticated tool for protecting from data security vulnerabilities - MEjW TP-400-I

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The most important property for financial industry is customer's database. However, all daily work records, critical statistics, personal information are stored in all the computers' hard drives which are updated annually. The first ever MEjW eraser can sanitize data without damaging hard drives and as an added bonus a print proof for each hard drive. With MEjW TP-400-l, you can reassure from any data leak from management negligence.

In 2013, there are 6,470,000 cases of data breach exposed in Taiwan which accounts for 31.2% related to personal information. These were resulted from improper HDD disposing. Especially, for classified information; military information leak, banking, customer or account information disclosed. This is serious matter and not only possible fines but with criminal responsibility. As a result, HDD data destruction gradually gains more attention to banks and enterprises.

The best solution of HDD data destruction.

At present, banking industry is using expensive degausser to wipe HDD's data. Usually, only headquarter will have access to this equipment. Therefore, headquarter must centralize and collect all the HDDs from each branch. There is a risk factor or chance you can encounters a lost, theft or improper handling protocol during the transportation process.

MEjW found an answer for these problems, by providing a HDD wiping total solution for customers. With this solution, customers are able to settle down about information security and worry free. According to the regulation of ISO27001 and 270002, MEjW launched a high-security & reliability "HDD/SSD eraser with print proof (TP-400-I)" as a perfect tool for HDD data destruction.

High security and low cost

Regardless of whether you are going to reuse the HDD, it is strongly suggested to first sanitize your data by a high security eraser as the first layer of protection before discard the HDD. Erase before making a concentrated destruction or outsourcing destroyed, or before the HDD leaves the building, In all, this can minimize all the risk to the highest level of data security. TP400-I eraser offers these top features following:

1. 4 professional erase mode : Secure Erase, DoD Erase, 7 processes Erase and Full Erase.
2. Erasing 4 HDDs simultaneously.
3. 3 layers protection: Real-time print proof, output event log report via USB interface, unique invisible ink marking technology states the records for audit.

The TP-400-I has applied for various patents and certificates. It is strongly recommended all enterprise should have a professional HDD eraser. TP400-I is the most effectively way to prevent the risk from data leak.

MEjW also supports a broad range of data destroyed solutions and services.

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The highly sophisticated tool for protecting from data security vulnerabilities - MEjW TP-400-I

The highly sophisticated tool for protecting from data security vulnerabilities - MEjW TP-400-I

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