InWin showcases one-stop service: Incorporating AI ecosystem to create infinite possibilities

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Imagine yourself aboard a spacecraft named, "Infinite" showcased by InWin (6117-TW) at Computex 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Every facility within the cabin is built with AI as the core concept, providing human-centric and reliable services. This journey travels to a boundless universe where you control your final destination.

InWin's focal theme of 2024 is 'AI hardware ecosystem,' outlining product lines and future development directions. The product line includes AI personal computers, workstations, servers, and other related solutions, catering to various application needs. Customers can choose suitable models based on their needs and benefit from InWin's decades of professional experience, knowledge, and technical services for customized production and assembly testing.

The surge of generative AI in 2023 increased the demand for AI training and implementation for many businesses. Issues such as system setup, secure training data management, and stable high-speed transmission have become top priorities for enterprises.

AI training often requires high-end GPUs, professional cooling modules, and stable power supplies to meet long-term, high-energy computational demands. Standard chassis specifications struggle to accommodate the expanding needs of AI system deployment.

Any hardware changes may render the original chassis inadequate, leading to the need for additional purchases or complete system replacements. This will increase the amount of hardware investment pressure for businesses.

To assist enterprises in planning their system configurations and retaining flexibility for adjustments, InWin has introduced hybrid storage servers. These servers support PCIe Gen5 high-speed transmission and data computation.

With internally integrated backplanes, Retimer Cards, and SSDs, these servers offer a complete PCIe 5.0 high-speed transmission and storage solution. They support efficient transmission rates for NVMe SSDs and provide flexible customization options ranging from 1U to 4U with liquid cooling modules to meet AI computing needs across various industries.

In addition to hybrid storage servers, InWin offers water-cooled servers, an essential aspect of cooling high-powered computing such as big data processing during the AI era. The water-cooling circulation module significantly enhances heat dissipation efficiency, ensuring continuous and stable system operations. Its compact design is especially suitable for edge computing.

At this exhibition, InWin unveiled its cutting-edge high-U AI server products and workstation system solutions developed for brand clients, demonstrating its expertise in high-end system assembly. In addition, InWin collaborated with Phison Electronics to display AI server systems tailored for mutual clients.

By leveraging the aiDAPTIV+ software, these systems offer easy deployment, cost-effectiveness, and privacy and security advantages. This enables small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct mainstream LLM computations without concerns about expensive hardware setups.

With years of proven excellence, InWin has become a trusted global partner for computer and motherboard brand clients, providing comprehensive services, including institutional design, production, system assembly, and burn-in testing. Its reliable quality and comprehensive services are pivotal in driving the widespread adoption of AI technology.

In addition to enterprise-level products, InWin has unveiled the "Infinite" concept case, which embodies the idea of "exceeding infinite possibilities." It marks the industry's first one-piece, 180-degree curved glass case, breaking through limitations in glass processing technology concerning maximum area and curvature.

Moreover, it boasts a mechanically operated internal structure enhancing user convenience during system assembly and unique exhibition opportunities. With support for back-connect motherboards, it offers a cleaner panoramic view.

The "infinity" transparent glass reflects ARGB lighting, further complementing the spaceship-like hatch design, providing viewers with an immersive experience akin to embarking on a journey into space. This signature chassis will be a limited edition worldwide.

Another product that complements the theme of infinity is the ModFree ecosystem. Unlike traditional chassis, this product features a modular design where modules seamlessly interconnect with each other, offering unlimited expansion capabilities.

From mini-ITX to E-ATX systems to multi-node workstations, all is possible through InWin's continuously updated ModFree modules and expansion kits. This product has also received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award from Germany.

In addition to the rich exhibition content, a large LED screen was set up on-site, allowing visitors an opportunity to experience an aerial guided tour. Interested industry professionals and vendors were invited to explore the celestial splendor found at the InWin station.

Exhibition Time: June 4th to June 7th, 2024
Location: Floor 1, Nangang International Exhibition Center, Hall 1, InWin Booth Number J0806.

InWin showcases its PCIe Gen5 high-speed transmission hybrid storage servers and a concept case named

InWin showcases its PCIe Gen5 high-speed transmission hybrid storage servers and a concept case named "Infinite" at Computex 2024