Trend-setting Taipei AMPA 2024 features abundance of activities, presenting visitors enriched experiences and latest mobility industry developments

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What are the differences between cars of the past and present? Today apart from electric vehicles (EV) you see more and more often every day, you might also find cars are getting smarter and come with growingly diverse infotainment and telematic systems as well as safety features such as lane departure warning and forward collision warning. That's tight – EVs and smart cars are the two key mobility trends of the present. At TAIPEI AMPA and AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI 2024, taking place in concurrence with 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan April 17-20 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1), visitors will get a chance to see the latest new energy cars and state-of-the-art smart vehicle features.

The automotive market started to recover as the COVID-19 pandemic came to an end in 2023. On top of rapid developments in energy, semiconductor and ICT technologies, the automotive sector is embracing another wave of growth. The prosperity also gives rise to the scale-up of this year's three joint exhibitions. The event will have approximately 1,000 exhibitors hosting 2,700 booths. Iconic corporations will be present to demonstrate their cutting-edge technologies and maximize their visibility.

The event organizer has designed a diversity of activities aimed at enabling visitors to clearly capture iconic corporations' solutions on exhibit. Both the general public and professionals in the automotive sector can enjoy a unique exhibition experience suited to their needs. In particular, "Talent Transistors," "Guided Tours" and a series of "ESG Achievement" activities will be this year's highlight that can't be missed.

Debuting in 2024, "Talent Transistors" match talents with employers

Human resources have always played a vital role in driving industry development. The automotive sector ushering in a mobility revolution especially welcomes new blood. "Talent Transistors," held for the first time at the 2024 event, provide opportunities for automotive professionals and college students to meet with potential employers. Those who are interested can have a holistic view of the job market and network with industry insiders to pave a career path. Companies get chances to discover and recruit talents while raising their brand visibility, which will in turn help them attract more first-rate professionals to jump on board.

There are 13 companies with different specialties participating in "Talent Transistors," including automotive component manufacturers Shou Ie Enterprise, Coplus, Truck Body Parts Industrial, Shih Hsiang Auto Parts, Ying Paio Enterprise, Heng Fu and Inventec Appliances as well as smart mobility solution providers Shing Shing Long Industrial, Chun Hon, Shihlin Electric, Remote Sensing Laboratory, Department of Geomatics, NCKU, ZEROVA and Advantech.

Upgraded " Guided Tours" available in three languages to create a premium exhibition experience

The highly praised "Guided Tours" activity will be upgraded this year. Aside from Chinese and English, the tours will also be available in Japanese to serve the largest buyer group – Japan-based companies. The tour routes will also be expanded to nine, adding two important ones – Automotive Safety Equipment and Systems as well as Golden ESG Achievement. Experts guiding the tours will include Eric Hsing from Maloncars, Singer from Jorsindo Motor Club, Tai Choo Yee from CarPlus, and Mark Phillips from Aftermarket Intel. They will guide visitors for an in-depth look into eye-catching products and technologies on exhibit.

Visitors can choose a tour route based on their preferences and professional needs. Exhibitors get chances to share their product R&D experiences and thoughts and receive real-time feedback through on-site communication for future enhancements. This is the aim of the "Expert Guided Tours" activity – creating a win-win situation.

A glance at Taiwan's patented technology strength and a Line point game for ESG awareness

Taiwan boasts robust technological R&D capability. Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs will host an exhibit titled "Taiwan Patent GO," showcasing winners of the National Invention and Creation Award and outstanding patented products named at the Taiwan Innotech Expo. The exhibit will also shed light on how patents can protect intellectual creations and enable business opportunities. One-on-one consultations with patent attorneys are available for those interested in turning their inventions into profits. Advance booking is required. Spaces are limited so make your reservation early.

As part of the continuing efforts to promote ESG, the event organizer has planned ESG sustainability seminars and peer panel discussions to help exhibitors and visitors grasp sustainable development strategies. There will also be a Line points activity jointly organized with companies committed to ESG practices. Visitors to exhibition booths with a gold or green ESG mark can scan a QR code to collect Line points which can be redeemed for succulent plants at the ESG exhibition area. Quantities are limited so act quickly.

Presenting the current developments and future trends of the global automotive industry, TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI, and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan will take place April 17-20 at TaiNEX 1. A complete range of all kinds of activities will enable visitors to effortlessly grasp information, build business networks, and get immersed in the mobility revolution. Don't miss out on the chance for an overview of an all-round automotive industry ecosystem.

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TAIPEI AMPA 2024 – a perfect opportunity to capture industry dynamics and build business networks

TAIPEI AMPA 2024 – a perfect opportunity to capture industry dynamics and build business networks