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ChoozMo AIGV creation platform applications

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CTS AI Presenter

ChoozMo developed its AI-Generated Video (AIGV) creation platform using diffusion models to generate customized scenes and hyper-realistic avatar models from prompts, and leverages Generative AI, deep learning, and cutting-edge GPUs to help businesses rapidly create high-resolution videos while aiming to achieve spatial and temporal coherence in its generated content with each frame from start to finish being consistent and connected.

Use of Azure OpenAI

ChoozMo joined the Yawan Cloud Platform × Microsoft for Startups Program and gained access to Azure cloud resources and Azure Open AI technology from Microsoft Taiwan. This has enabled the creation of ChoozMo AIGV and the use of Azure OpenAI to analyze digital marketing performance as well as generate content for digital marketing, e.g. providing tailored headings and descriptions for optimal advertisements. In addition, through the recommendations of the Southern Taiwan Industry Promotion Center (STIPC), a Yawan Cloud Platform × Microsoft for Startups Program implementer, ChoozMo was able to connect with multiple startup companies and assist in translating their content for brand exposure in Taiwan. The one-stop application services from access to cloud technology and actual implementation have helped ChoozMo achieve diverse development as the company is continuously promoting itself in both domestic and international markets.

AI Presenter

AI Presenter "Jenny" appearing alongside SET News presenter Ariel Chen in a program in SET News
Photo: Sanlih E-Television

The AIGV technology can support translating up to 22 languages. Aside from English and Chinese, it can also be used to create content in Hokkien, Hakka, Taiwanese indigenous languages, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, and more. With that in mind, ChoozMo has partnered with businesses in Taiwan and overseas to create multi-language content.

International application cases include

- Police Broadcasting Station (PBS)

PBS AI Presenters

PBS AI Presenters
Photo: ChoozMo

ChoozMo collaborated with PBS to create AI presenters that can present information on traffic, news, and advisories to the public in Taiwan using many languages. With the increasing number of foreigners and new immigrants arriving in Taiwan in recent years, offering trustworthy translations for the information is crucial.

- Chinese Television System (CTS) News

CTS AI Presenter

CTS AI Presenter "E-Win"
Photo: CTS Inc.

ChoozMo created an AI presenter that used the appearance and likeness of one of CTS' sports presenters, who debuted for the 19th Asian Games to report the sports events held in Guangzhou, China. This AI presenter worked side-by-side with an actual sports presenter who was physically present on the grounds of the Asian Games. While reporting, the AI presenter would have a different appearance design for each report of the Asian Games, representing the different kinds of sports that were played during the Games.

- ULight

ChoozMo created an AI presenter using the appearance of the most famous conductors of the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra and used the presenter to create videos that introduced classical music pieces in English, Chinese, and French.

In the future, ChoozMo will expand its services internationally and promote its state-of-the-art AIGV platform to overseas media platforms, first focusing on the Asian market such as Japan and Southeast Asia, and further expanding to other regions such as the US or Europe.