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APD Highlights Stable Medical Power Solutions at MEDICA 2023

MEDICA 2023, one of the leading global medical industry events, is slated to occur between November 13-16 in Düsseldorf, Germany. As one of the key exhibitors at this event, Asian Power Devices (APD), a leading Taiwanese power supply manufacturer, is poised to unveil its comprehensive suite of medical power supplies at booth Hall 15/C38-1. APD has made significant advancements in terms of the overall efficiency, energy conservation, acoustic performance, size, and mobility of its products, making APD tech well-suited for medical applications.

In the medical field, where reliable technology can quite literally be a life-and-death proposition, power supplies are a mission-critical technology. APD's offerings are rigorously designed and tested to align with international safety standards, including IEC 60601 and UL 60601. Adherence to these standards ensures global applicability to a variety of medical applications and covers specifications, output ranges, and voltage options tailored to the stringent requirements of the medical field. In general, APD's power supply solution mainly has the following core features:

Reliability and Longevity:

Reliability is best paired with longevity. With this in mind, APD's medical power supplies boast an operational lifespan extending beyond 10 years. Adherence to the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) metric from Telcordia SR-332, with a remarkable benchmark of over 1 million hours, signifies unparalleled reliability in their power products.

Peak Performance Metrics:

APD power supplies are constructed to manage peak load capacities exceeding 300% of nominal loads, thereby providing a consistent power output even during periods of transient high-current demand typical of medical devices. Additionally, APD designs minimize acoustic noise, facilitating a tranquil environment conducive to patient care.

Enhanced Safety Features:

APD power supplies are adept for use in varied operational conditions, including environments with limited air circulation. Compliance with 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) standards and low leakage current specifications further underscores the emphasis on patient safety. Advanced thermal simulation techniques inform the design process, optimizing the heat dissipation architecture to assure safety and stability during operation. Furthermore, an optimized electromagnetic interference (EMI) structure bolsters the product's resistance to disruptive interference. A high degree of immunity to electrostatic discharge and electrical surges, coupled with safety mechanisms for overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature scenarios, means APD products are built for even the toughest of medical applications.

Durability and Resistance:

Each unit carries an IP22 rating against ingress from dust and moisture, with enclosures fabricated from UL 94V-0 fire-resistant material -- going above and beyond conventional safety benchmarks. The patented output cable design ensures resilience against damage from repeated bending, meaning APD products will hold up even to repetitive use.

With this comprehensive suite, APD not only demonstrates its leadership in the field but also its commitment to supporting and advancing medical technology through reliable, safe, and high-performance power solutions tailored to the critical needs of modern healthcare.

APD launches highly stable medical power supply solutions at MEDICA 2023

APD launches highly stable medical power supply solutions at MEDICA 2023