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Unleashing the Potential of USB Peripherals and AI Technology: MCT Unveils Versatile Solutions at COMPUTEX

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In the era of digitalization, equipping computers with various connections, adapters, and expansion devices to enhance their functionality has become a daily necessity for both consumers and businesses. Magic Control Technology Corp. (MCT), a long-time expert in USB peripheral technology, not only offers comprehensive product solutions but also provides complete ODM services tailored to specific market needs. These services help customers reduce costs and achieve optimized economic benefits. With its excellent product performance and service quality, MCT has gained market recognition. At the upcoming 2023 COMPUTEX exhibition, MCT will release a range of new product solutions that utilize AI technology to meet customers' market demands.

J.J Chen, CTO of Magic Control Technology Corp. (MCT), pointed out that in the early days, computer peripheral interfaces had diverse transmission standards for devices such as keyboards, mice, monitors, and network adapters. With the introduction of USB 1.0 in January 1996, which featured hot-plugging and plug-and-play capabilities, its market share quickly surged. Since its establishment in 1997, MCT has been focusing on USB peripherals, offering products such as connectors, adapters, and hubs. In 2004, the company further invested in IC design to develop its own SoC technology, creating low-cost, high-efficiency product solutions.

After being affected by the pandemic last year, COMPUTEX is finally held in-person this year. Magic Control Technology Corp. (MCT) took this opportunity to unveil a range of new technologies and product solutions at the exhibition. These include KMVS, USB display SoCs, video capture devices, UVC wireless extender, and AI 360-degree panoramic webcam. CTO J.J Chen used the KMVS solution, which utilizes the company's core technology, the Host to Host Bridging Controller, as an example. This solution allows two computer devices to share files, clipboards, keyboard, mouse, display and even touch panel operations through USB interfaces. It can be applied not only to consumer electronic devices but also finds solutions in the medical and industrial fields, helping customers flexibly configure their usage environments. By remotely hosting multiple computer via the network, it significantly reduces enterprise management costs.

Another core technology of Magic Control Technology Corp. (MCT) is the USB display SoC, which enables devices to directly output video through USB interfaces while integrating additional functionalities. It boasts a small size, low power consumption, and can be embedded in common mobile devices such as tablets and laptops, as well as compact peripherals like hubs and adapters, thereby enhancing the value-added features of these products. In addition to serving the general consumer market, MCT also develops products for specific fields such as retail and dining establishments that utilize general-purpose IT architectures. CTO J.J Chen gave examples of the dual-screen POS system and digital signage at checkout counters, both of which can easily transmit images using MCT's video adapters.

During the pandemic, video conferencing systems became essential tools for businesses to maintain operations. Magic Control Technology Corp. (MCT) responded by launching a 360-degree panoramic webcam with AI capabilities. Equipped with AI algorithms, this product can quickly track meeting participants and focus on the main speaker. Users can also utilize a remote control or computer application for auxiliary control, enhancing meeting efficiency and quality. Additionally, MCT developed the UVC wireless extender, targeting the wireless needs of video conferences and office spaces. It enables the wireless connection of traditional webcams or USB speakers and microphones to laptops, helping businesses create more flexible and efficient office environments.

As the era of self-media emerges, there is an increasing demand for devices that facilitate audio and video recording and content creation. Magic Control Technology Corp. (MCT) offers audio-video capture product solutions that support mainstream high-definition resolutions. These solutions allow simultaneous capture of four video streams and offer real-time switching and composition of visuals. This capability enables content creators to generate rich live content that captivates viewers' attention.

MCT's products have garnered market recognition, and the company's research and development capabilities are highly regarded by customers. In recent years, MCT has collaborated with Fujitsu Client Computing Limited on product and technology development. CTO J.J Chen stated that the company's extensive experience and technical expertise, combined with a customer-centric approach that considers functional specifications from the customer's perspective, have led to the development of solutions that enhance communication between systems. These solutions meet the market's expectations and demands for such technology, making MCT's products effective tools for customers competing in the market.

While the North American market has been a primary focus for MCT, the company remains adaptable to customer needs and market changes. However, CTO J.J Chen emphasized that regardless of adjustments, Taiwan remains the company's foundation. MCT's headquarters and production facilities are located in Taiwan and the company will continue to establish its presence in Taiwan. Hand in hand with customers, MCT aims to expand its product reach globally, providing customers with high-value and cost-effective product solutions.

MCT Unveils Versatile Solutions at COMPUTEX

MCT Unveils Versatile Solutions at COMPUTEX