Ingrasys showcases cutting-edge OCP-compliant server and rack solutions to empower tomorrow's computing

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Ingrasys showcases integrated OCP solutions to empower computing technology

Today at 2022 OCP Global Summit, Ingrasys, a global leading cloud IT and infrastructure provider, exhibited its fully integrated OCP solutions that empower tomorrow's computing at its booth C16. The OCP Summit is an in-person event this year, which takes place at the San Jose Convention Center from October 18-20 to gather technologists for celebrating and recognizing wonderful accomplishments.

A pioneer of realizing the benefits of modular design, Ingrasys showcased an OCP-compliant, Liquid-cooling Modular Building Block during the summit, a first-of-its-kind in the industry. Its composable reusable modules – HPM, DC-SCM, OCP NIC 3.0, high-speed I/O, and chassis – echo the design concept of OCP Modular Hardware System Sub-Project to open up unlimited flexibility and possibilities. Moreover, with a sustainability focus, the Building Block incorporates liquid cooling technology to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum extent.

Besides OCP server solution, Ingrasys also provided a comprehensive OCP rack-level solution, ORv3 Air-assisted Liquid Rack, which fully leverages ingrasys innovative technologies to combine powerful computing, direct-to-chip liquid cooling, centralized power, and smart management into one single rack. Featuring an all-in-one solution, the ORv3 Rack focuses on optimizing all open rack hardware to deliver the unprecedented performance and power efficiency that today's data centers require.

As an active supporter of open collaboration and standards, Ingrasys is dedicated to providing more high-performance, efficient OCP solutions for data centers and beyond, and will keep growing its presence in the OCP community to empower the future with breakthrough innovations.

About Ingrasys

Ingrasys Inc., a global leading cloud infrastructure provider, leverages innovative technologies – Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI), HPC, AI/Machine Learning, and Advanced Cooling – to provide worldwide customers with tailored solutions that drive their business forward. For more information about Ingrasys, visit Ingrasys website.

2022 OCP Global Summit at San Jose from Oct 18-20

2022 OCP Global Summit at San Jose from October 18-20

Ingrasys OCP architectures open the future

Ingrasys OCP architectures open the future