Next-generation controller + multi-power supply: MEAN WELL provides most "usable" solution

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MEAN WELL, the world's leading brand in standard power supplies, has recently been actively promoting its 3+N System Solutions. "3" here refers to Rack Power, Modular Power and System Power and "N" represents the infinite possibilities of MEAN WELL's product combination and flexibility. Eris Wu, Chief Technical Service Officer at MEAN WELL, states: "We mainly recommend the CMU2 Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller with a wide range of choices for system power supply, high-voltage centralized power supply, high-peak power supply, and energy-saving burn-in system, which can quickly satisfy the requirements of customers for equipment system applications."

CMU2 multi-industry general-purpose smart controller

CMU2 multi-industry general-purpose smart controller

The CMU2 controller combines digitization and intelligence

CMU2 is MEAN WELL's latest generation Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller. Different from the previous generation LCD display interface, the CMU2 uses a full-color touch screen. "In an era when a device is in each person's hands, this is the most intuitive operation method, which is very user-friendly. In the future, it can be directly modified for different appearances and uses through software and firmware, and it's extremely scalable," said Simon Kuo, Product Manager of the Product Strategy Center. Therefore, even if there are dozens of power supplies to be controlled, the user can still handle them all, with just one finger.

The CMU2 system power controller can control up to 64 3200W power supplies. The system power supply is composed of several separate power supplies. For example, MEAN WELL's DRP-3200 series Rack Mount Power Supplies is one of customers' most commonly used power supply options.

Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) synchrotron high-power light source

Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) synchrotron high-power light source

CMU2 has earned the approval of national research centers

MEAN WELL's CMU2 and system power supply combination is suitable for applications with high power consumption, including: industrial applications, water treatment, electric vehicle EV charging, electronic product aging operating systems, UV curing equipment, horticultural lighting, lasers, etc. Tony Hsieh, Section Manager of MEAN WELL's Technical Service Center, emphasized: "In these applications, digital and smart management of centralized power configuration can save a lot of trouble." CMU2 has built-in firmware and software for different applications, such as voltage and current adjustment required for power management, power monitoring, or burn-in time and load setting required for burn-in devices.

The stability, intelligence, and cost-effectiveness of MEAN WELL power supply systems have always been very well-received. The recent successful introduction into national research centers is one more testament to MEAN WELL system power supplies being ready for the global stage. Solution components provided by MEAN WELL to research centers include: DRP-3200 series Rack Mount Power Supplies, DHP-1UT-A 1U Rack Mountable Power Supply Case, CMU2 Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller and 19-inch 15U Standard Case; output power of the parallel solution can reach up to 128kW.

This system power solution will be used as a high-frequency system power supply for research centers, and will provide the RF amplifier with the energy needed to amplify tiny signals into the system.

DC high-voltage centralized power supply enters the field of lighting

DC high-voltage centralized power supply is an emerging power supply option for the 3+N system solutions. This is especially true considering that the energy issue has not diminished over the past two years. From power outages in China in 2021 and the reduction in natural gas supply caused by the Russo-Ukrainian War this year; hydrogen energy has even attracted attention again recently. These phenomena have drawn the market into paying increasingly more attention to DC high-voltage centralized power supplies.

Tony Hsieh said, "The conversion efficiency of a DC centralized power supply in the system is higher as compared to AC power; this can reduce loss and is a good choice for environmental protection and energy conservation. In addition, it is easy to integrate in various power grids, which also makes DC centralized power supply promising for applications such as green energy power generation and energy storage systems."

MEAN WELL is committed to implementing ESG, and believes it is responsible for promoting energy conservation and green energy. As the world's second-largest LED lighting driver power solutions manufacturer, MEAN WELL decided to enter the lighting field and provide a complete solution for DC high-voltage centralized power supply lighting. Market acceptance is expected to increase rapidly after power supply specifications become clearer.

It is worth mentioning that the New Suzhou Intelligent Campus, which will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year, will use DC 380V wiring to supply the power needed for plant lighting and various machinery and equipment using a DC centralized power supply. It is undoubtedly the best demonstration field for DC centralized power supply.

High-peak power supply saves cost and size

MEAN WELL always tries its best to meet the needs of various customers. It is necessary to provide several times the rated current energy for many applications that use DC motors or capacitive loads to start the equipment instantly. MEAN WELL also launched the HRP-N3 series Peak Power Solution with built-in power factor correction AC-DC power supply. This series of power supplies has three power models: 150W/300W/600W.

Take the industrial robot arm as an example: this device uses a DC motor as the driver for its movement and displacement to complete various actions. MEAN WELL's HRP-N3 series Peak Power Solution can provide a maximum of 350% peak power for 5 seconds, which is enough to supply DC motors with the power needed to complete instantaneous actions reliably and quickly.

In general, when more power is required, common practices include: Replacing power supplies with higher power specifications, connecting more power supplies in parallel, and optimizing the system. However, these methods have the disadvantages of greatly increasing cost and taking up precious space. In contrast, HRP-N3, which can instantly provide peak power to equipment, reduce costs, reduce volume, and facilitate the installation of user-end equipment, making it the best solution.