Working together with CHT IDC, enhancing the rapid-response ability of MasterLink Securities IT tapping the power of financial cluster synergy

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Alvin Lee, Vice President IT Dept. MasterLink

Rapid developments in digital technology continue to invert the ecology of the securities industry. As digital processes within the financial industry continue to accelerate, the ability to manage digital securities platforms has met with ever more tests. MasterLink Securities uses digital innovation to create a high-quality user experience for customers. It also adopts forward-looking actions by working with Chunghwa Telecom IDC to fully tap the synergy of financial clusters, which allows it to provide faster, more stable, and more secure services. As MasterLink makes preparations for the future, it welcomes even faster growth.

Within the rapidly changing digital financial environment, digital transformation has become an issue that the financial industry must address. In this field, MasterLink Securities has won multiple awards, including the National Brand Yushan Award and the "2021 Digital Financial Service Award of Commercial Times" for digital information security and it is being a model for digital transformation. Such accolades have confirmed its solid capabilities in digital innovation and development, but also these awards have demonstrated the importance that MasterLink attaches to information security and digital transformation, as well as the investments it has made in these areas.

Engaging in digital innovation Striving to create a high-quality, secure digital financial environment

Alvin Lee, Vice President of the IT Department of MasterLink Securities, detailed the digital innovations initiated by MasterLink, from the introduction of RPA into daily business processes to improve corporate competitiveness, developing a convenient, smart, and easy-to-use APP that targets investment pain points of customers, as well as a full range of smart financial management platforms, to the industry's first regular fixed-amount stock deposit platform. All of these innovations make it easier for young people to enter financial management. At the same time, to cater to digital inhabitants, it has introduced smart customer services. At each and every point in its comprehensive set of innovations, MasterLink is creating a high-quality and secure digital financial environment.

Digital transformation is both a trend and a major challenge for enterprise IT. Of those challenges, the server room is the central node of digital transformation. For that reason, MasterLink chose to cooperate with Chunghwa Telecom IDC. Lee states that past cooperation between MasterLink and Chunghwa Telecom IDC was mostly in international transactions. However, since the relocation of the TWSE data center in 2016 and the implementation of continuous trading in 2020, MasterLink chose to gradually transfer its server room to CHT Taipei IDC, which is responsible for centralized market trading of securities and futures. The choice has tapped into the power of financial clustering and perfectly realized split-second services.

Alvin Lee, Vice President IT Dept. MasterLink Securities

Alvin Lee, Vice President IT Dept. MasterLink Securities

Fast, stable, and secure improvement Enhancing IT ability for rapid response

"The financial industry has very rigorous requirements for data centers. Speed, stability, and security are constant requirements for information systems, and Chunghwa Telecom's stability has always been reliable!" Lee stated. CHT Taipei IDC was built in accordance with the United States Telecommunications Industry Association's TIA-942 Rated 3 certification of telecommunications infrastructure standard for data centers and also obtained the Uptime Institute's M&O Stamp of Approval for server room maintenance. With various smart hands services and Customer Management System (CMS), CHT Taipei IDC has gone beyond the usual space and time constraints of server room management, giving it unquestionable professionalism and quality. In addition, Chunghwa Telecom IDC has an abundance of network energy, providing not only the advantage of flexible bandwidth even when faced with massive surges in transaction volume, but also a faster and better environment at connecting various locations and serving users across Taiwan than private server rooms.

MasterLink's current cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom was established as early as 2004 when 412 voice orders began. Over the years Chunghwa Telecom has established a deep relationship with MasterLink on its diverse products, service quality, and technical capabilities. Chunghwa Telecom has undoubtedly reinforced MasterLink's IT capabilities and helped it to create the best quality digital financial service environment.

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