Conexant's AudioSmart technology enables natural workplace collaboration, informed interactions with intelligent personal assistants

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Audio and imaging innovation leader Conexant Systems, Inc. is on hand this week at Computex 2016 to highlight their AudioSmart 3.0 product line. These highly-efficient, powerful silicon and software solutions redefine the audio experience for a range of consumer electronics - including tablets and PCs. Today, Conexant is showcasing the world's first PC to receive Microsoft Skype for Business certification as a Group Speakerphone, along with their high-performance, four-microphone far-field voice input pre-processing technology and context-aware control automation software.

Conexant has partnered with a top computer maker to create the world's first PC certified by Microsoft as a Skype for Business Group Speakerphone. This landmark achievement takes collaboration to the next level by supporting and extending the Microsoft Skype for Business Group Speakerphone experience within a single, fully-integrated productivity platform. The system features both hardware and software from Conexant, culminating in a highly portable notebook computer that also completely replaces a desk-based speakerphone by enabling loud, clear telephone calls directly from the PC itself.

The level of performance achieved by this platform addresses the fact that Skype audio problems often hinder communication and put a damper on productivity. Catching up with your family across the country or having a VoIP roundtable discussion with your colleagues on the other side of the world can indeed be challenging when portions of the conversation often can't be heard or understood. Similar challenges arise when attempting to communicate with intelligent personal assistants. Isn't it frustrating when Microsoft Cortana can't understand you or produce the results you need?

With Conexant AudioSmart 3.0 technology and design services, however, things simply work better. Conexant's voice processing algorithms allow users to speak naturally and be heard - as well as better hear what others are saying. With advanced de-reverb, superior noise reduction (on both sides of the conversation), integrated smart amplifier technology, and excellent Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) hit rates, AudioSmart 3.0 makes VoIP communication more natural, and hands-free control less of a burden - even in far-field conditions.

Conexant has also created a suite of technologies that intelligently sense context, leveraging information about how a device is being used to automatically optimize the end-user experience. The ability to discern what a device is being used to do under particular conditions allows Conexant technology to intelligently adapt and ensure the audio experience is just right. For example, audio settings normally found buried deep in a control panel application are automatically optimized, with no user input required. Without having to know where that control panel is found - much less how to adjust all the settings found there - users of Conexant technology receive personalized audio processing. The result is louder, more intelligible playback for all use-cases, and more accurate responses from Cortana under the most challenging conditions.

"We've designed our AudioSmart solutions to give people control of the technologies they interact with the most - using only their voice," said Saleel Awsare, Conexant president. "Adding environmental cues and contextual awareness into our technology mix makes for an even better experience. We're giving collaboration a whole new meaning and changing the way people interact with their computers and intelligent personal assistants."

Computex attendees are encouraged to stop by Conexant's suite #1002-10F at the Grand Hyatt Taipei during the show to view a demo and see Conexant's AudioSmart 3.0 solutions in action. Please visit for more details.

About Conexant

Conexant Systems, Inc., an audio and imaging innovation leader, combines its significant IP portfolio in DSP, analog and mixed signal technology with embedded software to deliver highly innovative silicon and software solutions to enrich and expand audio and imaging capabilities. Both enterprise and consumer markets are addressed by Conexant's AudioSmart and ImagingSmart solutions. Products with the company's technology built-in include PCs, tablet computers, TVs, headsets, printers, video monitors, game consoles and a variety of other devices. Founded in 1999, Conexant is a privately-held fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Irvine, Calif. with offices and design centers worldwide. To learn more, please visit

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