The breakthrough of LCD applications in a new era

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In the late 20th century, the industry value in Taiwan began to increase. Its technology and resources caught the most attention worldwide, and contributed to Taiwan's economic boom.

The display is the connection between technology and people in such a tiny screen, with each and every component influencing one another, according to LWO Technology CEO Ron Kuo. Expansions in the supply chain facilitate precision and efficiency, providing synergies and key materials.

The next step is to apply the panels to something else, leveraging vertically integrated resources and continuous improvement. Ron Kuo leads the LWO team to conduct R&D in new fields.

Ron Kuo indicated that LWO has been striving hard to develop new products and environmentally-friendly technology. It entered the European market in June 2015, and is now the largest supplier for stretched LCD bar displays in China. It will continue to embrace a sustainable business model in future.

The success of the innovative panels has bucked the recession trends dogging the IT export market. It breaks free from the limitations in terms of unified shapes and specifications, and creates more business opportunities and value.

The core value of LWO Technology, as demonstrated in its business motto, is set on the basis in Taiwan while embracing a global prospective. LWO Technology will deploy its sophisticated labor forces and resources to develop niche and professional displays.

LWO specializes in bar displays, LCD displays and transparent displays. The transparent displays are applied to fridge doors with commercial content shown on the screens. Consumer behaviors will be influenced by the messages and images displayed.

Its transparent demo boxes have been used in refrigerators and vending machines, to allow the showing of dynamic advertising video clips on the fridge doors. Unlike a series of plain and static images, or rigid LED displays, the visual impact is very stunning and can influence the consumers' decisions.

Stretched LED bar displays can be installed on the cars of metro systems. LWO has gained patents and certification in more than 20 countries. In terms of environmental protection and energy savings, LWO is a pioneer that Taiwan can be proud of, always thinking ahead of what the customers would expect. This uniqueness is what makes LWO Technology stand out from competitors in the market.

LWO's factory is equipped with large cutting machines which are able to cut the panels up to 65-inch, and it has also installed advanced equipment for 4K2K bar display cutting. LWO is able to provide customers with solutions covering various aspects, such as backlighting, temperatures and vibrations.

LWO's products lead the trends and penetrate into people's daily lives. LWO also runs TPQC to maintain quality control at every link. The company is ISO9001 certificated and has more than 20 entries of patents around the world. It also has a medical certification, ISO13485. LWO will be honored among a few professional manufacturers in Taiwan in 2016.

Photo: LWO's bar displays are installed on metro cars in China as digital signages. LWO's market share is as high as 70%

Photo: The TFT-LCD fridge doors on vending machines can display advertisement video clips