QSAN Technology debuts its latest XCubeSAN product line at Computex 2016

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XS5200 series is QSAN's next generation storage platform that integrates the latest hardware technologies available on the market including Intel Xeon D-1500 processor, DDR4 ECC RAM up to 128GB, native 12Gb SAS 3.0 technology, dual host cards, and fully redundant and modular components to provide five 9's high availability and fault tolerance required by enterprise SAN storage. There are 2x host card slots on each SAN controller. Each host card slot supports 3x different types of host cards including 4x port 10GbE iSCSI, 4x port 16Gb Fibre Channel, and 4x port 1GbE iSCSI. In dual active controller mode, XS5200 series can support up to 20x 10GbE iSCSI ports or 16x 16Gb FC ports to provide stunning bandwidth and throughput performance.

Given the fact that SSD drives have gained more and more market share, the latest SANOS 4.0 operating system supports QCache (SSD caching) and QTiering (auto tiering) functions to leverage the benefits brought by SSD drives. QSAN worked with Seagate, the leading disk drive giant to provide a total solution for big data analytics, data mining, business intelligence, and trend analysis applications. These are ideal candidates to use QTiering function due to the nature of different data retention and usage characteristics. Take a look at the current enterprise disk drive market, 12Gb SAS interface is the fastest and the mainstream. 12Gb SAS SSD has much better performance than 6Gb SATA SSD. Seagate provides a complete portfolio of 12Gb SAS disk drives including enterprise SAS SSD (1200.2 series), enterprise performance 15K HDD, enterprise performance 10K HDD, enterprise capacity 3.5 nearline SAS HDD, and the latest enterprise capacity SATA Helium HDD. QTiering function provides 4x storage tiers that perfectly match Seagate's enterprise disk drive portfolio.

Not all enterprise applications require the performance of all flash storage all the time. All flash storage with SAS SSD or enterprise SATA SSD is still very expensive. QTiering can use SSD drives with 5%-10% of the overall capacity and satisfies both performance requirement and limited budgets by putting the right data at the right place at the right time. QTiering supports dynamic volume tiering policy and there are 5x policies to choose from. The intuitive web UI makes it effortless to configure QTiering function. The brain behind QTiering is QSAN proprietary intelligent algorithms that manage data hotness monitoring, ranking statistics, and data relocation using half-life coefficient and advanced mathematics.

The other benefit of QTiering is that when relocation is in process, there is no downtime. Users can enjoy the performance benefits brought by QTiering. As the volume data is gradually moved to the faster tier, the performance will improve accordingly. QSAN XCubeSAN XS5200 series is future-proof and tailor-made to handle the modern enterprise data workloads. XS5200 series is your crucial "one step" to boost your business performance.

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