WiMe introduces MagXCase, a magnetic iPhone charging case powering iPhones on the go

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Before going out, people today are used to thinking about how long they will be away and whether they need to carry mobile power banks and Apple Lightning cables with them, or they will feel insecure. Consumers are growingly reliant on smartphones and accordingly demand more battery power. Phone accessories that are easily connected with lightweight cables are the focus of the products on the market today.

WiMe has launched MagXCase, a magnetic charging case for iPhones that combines four functions in one so Apple fans are now free from the hassles when it comes to charging their iPhones. Smartphones are conventionally charged by plugging cables into charge ports. Users sometimes encounter a problem that their newly acquired beautiful phone case has the charge port slightly blocked such that the cable cannot be properly connected. Another situation that often annoys consumers would be that they remember to bring the mobile power bank but forget the cable at home. Magnetic charging solves the inconvenience of having to bring cables and achieves semi-wireless cell phone charging. Additionally, its magnetic attraction allows the user to confirm charge connection even in the dark. This is not only a convenience to the general consumers but also a necessity to seniors in particular.

MagXCase also comes with magnetic home and car chargers. Usually it only occurs to you that you forget to charge your phone after you have settled in bed. Then, you have to get up and switch on the light to properly connect the cable to the charge port. If you have magnetic charging, you will be able to feel the magnetic attraction when you move the phone close to the charger, which is much more convenient. The magnetic car charger can be turned into a stand to prop up the phone for navigation purposes, enabling multiple uses that enhance the driving experience.

As smartphones are being designed with enhanced processing power for photographs and videos, demand for storage capacity is growing higher as well. Future versions of MagXCase will have built-in memory storage, available in 32GB and 64GB choices. Most external storage products for Apple devices on the market are plug-in memory modules. Unfortunately, it means consumers have to remember to carry them, use them and keep track of where they are. MagXCase embeds memory in the iPhone case that integrates with the phone itself, thereby eliminating hassles and enhancing functionality.

The magnetic cover is a revolutionary feature of phone cases. Technological advancements have given rise to accessories that complement the high-tech products. WiMe is devoted to enabling more convenient living by focusing on phone accessory design. MagXCase presents a simple phone cover with color choices in black and white and sizes suitable for iPhone6/6plus/6s/6s plus. The lightweight design with a slim 6.5 mm battery brings iPhone fans complete charging convenience.

WiMe MagXCase

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Established in 2009, WiMe has been manufacturing stylish smartwatches that are well received by leading European suppliers. The WiMe brand was officially launched in 2013. Upholding the founder Yu-Quan Chang's design philosophy and pursuit of quality, the company has introduced multiple popular products, including smart watches and the mini mobile phone Talkase. In addition to actively promoting its own brand, WiMe is also an OEM winning trust from partners worldwide with its top-quality manufacturing.