Coaxial video/audio sender built-in high sensitivity microphone

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TongSon Electronic Co., Ltd. launched brand-new CCTV accessory AV-Sender201. It can make your DVR having Audio Recording using simple way with lowest cost. AV-Sender201 is Coaxial Video & Audio Sender. It can be Transmitter, and also can be Receiver. When it is Transmitter, it would be Microphone. You just put it nearby the camera, it can receive sound of peripheral 10 Meters around the camera. The transmission distance of coaxial cable is around 400~500M. After test, AV-Sender201 also can be used for Fiber optics transmission, the distance can be 1.5KM~3KM. Even video is loss, audio will keep on recording. It adopts bandwidth management technology to transfer Video and Audio at the same time. Digital Transmission can reduce interference noise, and maintain good video and audio quality.

In traditional CCTV system, most of DVR only have real-time video recording, it didn't record Audio. If you want to have Audio recording, you need to buy microphone separately, and must having another cable to transmit sound signal to DVR. Now, you can use One coaxial cable to transmit real-time Video and Audio through TongSon's AV-Sender201 simultaneously from camera to DVR. Furthermore, AV-Sender201 is built-in high sensitivity microphone. You don't have to purchase microphone for cameras. It's suitable for existing CCTV system to add Audio recording without extra cable construction. Therefore, TongSon's AV-Sender201 can make your Video Recording having sounds to be powerful evidence.

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