Computex 2011: Etron touts 'eye-brain-neuron' convergence

Press release

Etron Technology's webcam controller, specialty buffer memory and USB 3.0 host controller are a demonstration of an integration of functions similar to a combination of the human eyes, brains and neurons. At Computex Taipei 2011, Etron will showcase its latest products based on the concept of "eye-brain-neuron convergence." The Etron show will let visitors experience this concept through live demonstration, giving them an opportunity to directly understand how Etron''s products can improve the quality of life and convenience.

Etron has expanded its webcam controller portfolio with the eSP668 (for HD webcams), the eSP768 (for 3D image/video capturing and conferencing) and the eSP868 (for 3D image/motion recognition and interactive games). Founded on the company's existing webcam controller technology, they are SoC for 3D applications. The eS668 supports HD and 30 frames per second. The eSP768 comes with the company's proprietary 3D capture technology to support a variety of formats such as anaglyph, polarized and shutter lens, suitable for video conferencing solutions. The eSP868 is ideal for 3D interactive games and other somatosensory uses. All the latest webcam controllers are designed to deliver the best viewing experience, and carry affordable prices.

The popularity of 3D image capturing, motion-recognition and display technology is growing fast, but the technology is complicated and the hardware price is high. It needs SoC technology to lower cost, so as to penetrate deeper into the consumer market. Etron has achieved excellent sales results that put it in the forefront in the controller SoC for PC cameras due to its products and low price and high quality. Based on the product line''s unique design, the eSP668 is a 3D SoC that offers high performance and low cost, creating competitiveness for Etron in the 3D webcam controller market. Etron has submitted a patent application for its in-house developed SoC technology, and is looking to cooperate with PC OEMs and system integrators to develop 3D webcams used in their 3C-related products.

In the face of rising demand for car electronics and infotainment such as in-car entertainment, car navigation and driving recorders, Etron's full line of SDRAM chips - available in densities ranging from 8Mb to 1Gb - is designed to ensure high-speed processing for buffer memory for these automotive consumer electronics applications. All of Etron's SDRAM products for automotive applications are developed to meet the stringent requirements of international car OEMs, placing a heavy emphasis on quality and reliability. More importantly, Etron has received the ISO16949 certification.

Another focus at this year's Computex is Etron's in-house developed SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) host controllers. Etron has completed the design of its USB 3.0 4- and 8-port host controllers and will showcase the new chips at its booth. Etron's USB 3.0 host controllers support the world's fastest USB transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps of data, which is 10 times faster than previous USB 2.0 transfer speeds. The new 8-port host controller requires only 70 seconds to transfer eight 25GB HD movie files simultaneously on eight different hardware devices such as an external HDD or flash disk.

The interaction between human vision, memory and connectivity will generate endless demand, and therefore products meeting such "eye-brain-neuron convergence" will keep appearing. Etron provides consumers with an opportunity to experience such "eye-brain-neuron convergence": for example, naked-eye 3D display through 3D webcams, on-board camcorder, USB 3.0 8-port devices. Etron will be taking part in Computex Taipei 2011 at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 2 from May 31 to June 4 to showcase the latest offerings of its SDRAM and SoC solutions. Visitors are welcome to experience these innovative solutions that will be presented on-site. Etron contact: (03)578-2345.

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