MaxRevo: The new giant among power supplies

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Taoyuan, May 2011 - ENERMAX enters the heavyweight class with its new MaxRevo. As a leading innovator in PSU industry, ENERMAX developed yet another high-performance, extreme efficiency KW class PSU series, which is specially designed for multi-GPU systems, industrial PC, workstations and servers. It complies with the strict SSI power supply design guide for server, and is equipped with six powerful 12V rails for safe and stable supply of power to today's high-end systems. Plus full modular design for easy customization on various peripheral GPU settings.

ENERMAX has advanced the topology of its successful MODU87+ and PRO87+ series by further reduce energy losses, better serve its patented high magnetic power density transformer, plus implement FMQ design to provide maximum switching efficiency and outstanding KW output stability; result in MaxRevo reaches up to 94% peak efficiency.

In addition, MaxRevo is designed with "Copper-Bridge Array" transmission technology replacing traditional current wires. It gives four times wider and shorter transmission path for up to 3% improved regulation, offering system stable and clean DC output quality.

It will be available in powerful 1200 W, 1350 W and 1500W models and in continuing its commitment to lead the industry with innovative and high-quality power supplies.

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ENERMAX Technology Corporation is a globally renowned manufacturer of pc-components such as power supplies, cases, fans, enclosures, keyboards and accessories. ENERMAX is acknowledged among the industry for its continuous leadership in technological innovation by always providing cutting-edge products across its complete product range. Devoted totally to combine quality, performance, safety and design in its products, ENERMAX has obtained and achieved a myriad of world records and awards since its establishment in 1990. 2 factories, 6 subsidiaries and numerous affiliates around the world provide an excellent channel network for its OEM/ODM and retail business headquartered from Taoyuan/Taiwan.


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FMQ design
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Copper-Bridge Array transmission technology
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