GigaFast shrinks HomePlug products for Computex

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GigaFast E Ltd, a manufacturer of HomePlug power line communications (PLC) equipment, has expanded its product line for the second half of 2011. The only manufacturer focused on delivering OEM/ODM customers a full line of PLC products, GigaFast branched out in every HomePlug product segment with all new product offerings from every HomePlug chipset provider including Atheros, Broadcom, and Sigma.

For the 2011 Computex GigaFast is unveiling a new PS line of HomePlug products. The product line features an all new industrial designed theme focusing on small size, low cost to build, and visual appeal. The product line includes the world's smallest 200Mbps and 500Mbps HomePlug chipsets and options for single or multiple Ethernet ports. The design theme will be carried on to an even smaller PN product line during the later half of this year.

GigaFast is already shipping a complete line of Atheros AR7400 500Mbps HomePlug AV products including 1-, 3- and 4-port Ethernet bridges and pass-thru adapters. The AR7400 chipset represents a new segment in the HomePlug AV market. Offering more than double the bandwidth of traditional 200Mbps HomePlug AV, the new AR7400 product will boost PLC performance offering more HD video and data streams than before.

GigaFast invests heavily in development on multiple PLC platforms, so it comes as no surprise that GigaFast has released more products this year based on the Gigle GGL30x chipset. A new Y-cable power supply is now offered with the strong GGL30x 200Mbps HomePlug AV chipset. In addition new price conscious single- and multiple-port adapters and pass-thrus have also been launched this year creating a full HomePlug AV offering based on the Gigle GGL30x.

Completing the product launch for 2011 is a Sigma Clearpath line of products. Sigma has pushed the envelop by developing a solution that transmits HomePlug AV signal not only through the standard line and neutral channels, but also ground as well. The additional channel allows for additional coverage and performance improvements in homes with 3-prong line-neutral-ground power. Sigma Clearpath technology has won three technology awards: TelcoTV Vision, CES Innovations, and the Television 3.0 awards. A single-port adapter is available in the first quarter of 2011 with additional products coming later in the year.

Gigafast is also announcing its commitment to bring more development to its Industrial grade HomePlug products. Specializing in HomePlug gives GigaFast the unique ability to develop solutions to Industrial HomePlug requirements. GigaFast is already delivering 200Mbps Industrial grade solutions to businesses requiring connectivity in harsher environments.

Customers are welcome to visit GigaFast' website at or come visit us at the 2011 Taipei Computex Show Hall 1, 1F, Booth D426.

GigaFast and HomePlug

We believe it is about time consumers get spoiled with a technology as easy as plug and play, and eliminating the hassle of pulling wires. Compared to wireless network, PLC is much more secure and covers more distance. After all, most consumer electronic devices already plug into power outlets, so why not make the existing wires and plugs do more than just providing power. Make the plugs talk, sing, view, and protect each other is what we do at GigaFast. Our complete line of PLC products can do all that through data, audio, video, and security applications.

GigaFast is a OEM/ODM manufacturer building power line communications products to customer specifications. There are a number of methods for communicating over the power lines, but of all the methods, HomePlug is the one clear standard today. This has encouraged GigaFast to join and take an active roll in marketing HomePlug Association as the standard in PLC communications today.

GigaFast New Products for 2011 Computex

GigaFast New Products for 2011 Computex
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