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Lanner delivers 2P Intel Quad-Core Xeon network appliance
Press release, May 15; Ricky Morris, DIGITIMES [Tuesday 15 May 2007]

Lanner Electronics has announced the FW-8890, a 2U rackmount appliance for enterprise-grade network applications. Combining an Intel 5000P server-grade chipset and two Dual- or Quad-Core Xeon sequence processors enables the FW-8890 to deliver unparalleled performance which is backed up by Lanner's ODM service to ensure both flexibility and smooth integration, highlighted the company.

"The FW-8890 redefines the design of high-performance network security hardware," stated Lawrence Chao, Executive Vice President. "It integrates an Intel 5000P chipset, an onboard Cavium VPN accelerator, and a PCI Express network traffic bus, allowing our customers to deliver faster, feature-rich applications – which are simultaneously flexible, expandable, and easy to maintain."

The FW-8890 builds upon the architecture of earlier generations by offering a PCI Express (PCIe) network traffic bus, up to 12 Gigabit RJ45 or SFP fiber ports, a PCIe enhanced north-southbridge link, four hot-swappable SATA bays, and eight FB-DIMMs. These enhancements give application designers both greater freedom in building today's network appliances and ample headroom for satisfying future hardware demands, Lanner pointed out.

The FW-8890 network appliance is designed for multi-service communication applications – such as Business-to-Business Gateways, Unified Threat Management Appliances, and Triple Play Servers. By employing the FW-8890 in multi-service applications, customers can optimize data density, reduce operating costs, and improve business continuity with an energy-efficient network infrastructure, noted Lanner.

Features of the FW-8890



Quad-core processing

Delivers better performance on multiple applications at a substantially reduced power envelope

Intel Core microarchitecture

Supports better system utilization, boosts application responsiveness, and increases performance headroom for single and multi-threaded applications.

Onboard Cavium Nitrox CN1010 VPN Accelerator

Increases total system throughput by processing high level IPsec and IKE, IPv6, SSL and Wireless LAN security protocol macro commands to reduce host I/O traffic and dramatically offload the system processor

Up to 12 enterprise grade Intel Gigabit NICs

High network throughput scans more packets per second with fail-over bypass support

Intel Virtualization technology

Enables migration of more environments including 64-bit applications and operating systems to virtual environments

Intel's sub 65W dual-core processors

Low-power SKUs improve data center density and thermal mechanics

Expansion options

Lanner offers an extensive line of PCI-X and PCIe VPN and content inspection network accelerators

Source: Company, compiled by Digitimes, May 2007

Further product information is available on the Lanner website. The FW-8890 is available for immediate evaluation.

Lanner Electronics FW-8890, a 2U rackmount appliance for enterprise-grade network applications.

Lanner Electronics FW-8890, a 2U rackmount appliance for enterprise-grade network applications
Photo: Company

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