Ongoing trade conflict between China and the United States and raging waves of digital economy themed on 5G+AIoT are spurring sweeping changes to the global industry, driving supply chain transformation from the conventional linear paradigm to a matrix of strategic alliances. That is, firms that originally do not belong to the same supply chain now form a new ecosystem in view of their mutually complementing resources to enable overwhelming advantages when competing in a diversity of markets as well as niche segments.

A high-tech fleet that perfectly exemplifies the value of a matrix alliance has come into being, comprising Chenbro, FSP Group, Coretronic, JPC and ADLINK, which are leaders respectively in server casing, power supply, display technology, connectors and wire harness as well as embedded systems and edge computing solutions. The five firms each with their own specific expertise have coincidentally ventured out to seek win-win partnerships and build a 5G ecosystem. The combined fleet will set sail towards the new blue oceans of 5G, smart manufacturing and smart robotics, IoT and edge computing, new energy and autonomous driving.