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Computex Taipei 2004
  • DIGITIMES Show Daily, Computex 2004, Taipei (1-5 June)

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Distinctively designed peripherals at Computex

Jun 2, 12:37

A variety of distinctively designed peripherals, including keyboards, mice, MP3 players, and speakers, are competing for the spotlight at Computex 2004.

Sales of new phone models to increase market share for Nokia in Taiwan

Jun 2, 12:17

Nokia recently launched three new handset models in Taiwan, the 6230, the 3120 and the 7200. The company said that sales of the three models are expected to increase its market shares...

Gigabyte: Motherboard demand to pick up in 3Q, to begin shipping LCD TVs in September

Jun 2, 12:14

Motherboard demand will definitely pick up in the third quarter but growth may not be as high as the 15-20% that the market anticipated, stated chairman and president of Gigabyte...

CMC Magnetics exhibits PAV recorders at Computex 2004

Jun 2, 11:24

Taiwan’s largest optical disc producer, CMC Magnetics, has extended its product line to digital audio/video devices. At Computex 2004, CMC will present a portable PAV (personal...

Tul’s mid- to high-end ATI graphics card line – the Tul PowerColor 9550

Jun 2, 10:03

Tul Corporation started planning the PowerColor 9550 product line soon after ATI announced its Radeon 9550. The line is divided into two product series: the high-end 128-bit 9550...

Tul PowerColor Radeon 9550 graphics card

Buy a graphics card, get a backpack! Tul’s PowerColor X800 Pro Assassin edition

Jun 2, 09:55

At the beginning of May, Tul Corporation (formerly CP Technology) launched the PowerColor X800 Pro Assassin edition graphics card with a distinct differentiating feature – a...

Tul's PowerColor X800 Pro Assassin edition

Tul looks to catch the leaders in cards and boards and make waves with own-brand systems

Jun 2, 09:49

Tul Corporation (formerly CP Technology) was established in 1997 with its headquarters in Taipei (Taiwan). The company became publicly listed on the local OTC (over-the-counter) market...

MSI’s MEGA 865 wins SOE award

Jun 2, 09:47

In this year’s SOE awards, three of Taiwan’s top four motherboard makers have won awards for system products: Asustek Computer, Micro-Star International (MSI) and Gigabyte...

The MSI MEGA 865 mini PC

BenQ shows three SOE winners at Computex 2004

Jun 2, 09:45

BenQ is one of Taiwan’s leading brands in networking lifestyle devices, including displays, storage and imaging solutions, and wireless and broadband access devices. At this...

BenQ P30 SmartPhone

Senao wireless IP phone seamlessly integrates voice and data communications

Jun 2, 09:40

Senao International has leveraged its extensive experience in wireless communications, cordless phones, Internet connectivity and wireless LAN technology to launch the SI-7800H wireless...

CEO IJ Lee introduces Senao International

Jun 2, 09:37

Senao International celebrated its 25th year in the promotion of own-brand wireless networking products at the end of May. With brand positioning as a wireless solutions provider,...

Senao SI-7800H wireless IP phone

Computex lures major exhibitors; relocation possible in 2007

Jun 2, 09:34

With its increasing popularity, Computex Taipei this year has lured four new major international firms as exhibitors and massive amount of visitors.

Exhibitors lining up to register at Computex 2004

AboCom to release new ExpressCard products at Computex 2004

Jun 2, 09:28

AboCom Systems, one of the largest manufacturers of PCMCIA related cards in Taiwan, will release five new products developed exclusively for the ExpressCard at Computex 2004.

Computex sees new Intel chipsets on mobos – will sales follow?

Jun 2, 09:08

Despite motherboard makers showcasing products using Intel's 915 and 925 chipsets, demand for these products is not likely to pick up rapidly in the second half of this year, said...

AnexTEK, Asustek and BenQ showcase handheld devices at Computex 2004

Jun 1, 17:32

Wistron subsidiary AnexTEK Technology will display its first PDA phone, while Asustek Computer displays its second own-brand handset and two Pocket PCs. Taiwan’s largest handset...

Agere to introduce PCI Express and PHY products at Computex 2004

Jun 1, 17:22

Pennsylvania-based WLAN chip vendor Agere Systems plans to launch gigabit solution products later this year, according to Shen Ming-Kun, president of Agere Systems (Taiwan).

Formosa Epitaxy projects May revenues to grow 20% on month

Jun 1, 17:20

May revenues should surpass NT$90 million for Taiwan-based LED chip maker Formosa Epitaxy, up 20% on month, according to the company.

Bright LED expects increasing monthly revenues for LEDs in 2H

Jun 1, 17:20

LED packaging firm Bright LED Electronics expects its revenues for LED products to grow 10% per month in the second half of this year, according to company president Sandy Liaw. Liaw...

Chartered expects 0.18-micron and below capacity to increase 50% this year

Jun 1, 17:18

Singapore-based Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing expects its monthly capacity for 0.18-micron and below processes will reach 461,000 8-inch equivalent wafers this year, up almost...

Acer to begin volume production of TravelMate 3200 and Aspire 1800 in July

Jun 1, 17:18

Acer will start volume production of two brand new notebooks in July – the 14.1-inch wide-screen TravelMate 3200 for SOHO professional users and the 17-inch Aspire 1800 for...

BenQ shows display products at Computex, expects to volume produce 46-inch LCD TVs at end of June

Jun 1, 16:38

BenQ is showing a variety of new display products, including notebooks, LCD monitors, LCD TVs and DLP (digital light processing) projectors, at Computex 2004 and expects to volume...

BenQ 15-inch LCD TV (Q150)

King Yuan to consider entering flash packaging business, say sources

Jun 1, 16:27

King Yuan Electronics is considering setting up thin small outline packaging (TSOP) lines to package flash chips, a move that could complement the company’s testing business,...

Taiwan top disc makers exhibit 8.5GB DL DVD discs at Computex 2004

Jun 1, 16:26

Top optical disc manufacturers in Taiwan, including CMC Magnetics, Ritek and Prodisc Technology, will be exhibiting 8.5GB single-sided double-layer (DL) DVD+R/-R discs at Computex...

Handsets tops list of products produced by top 10 electronics makers in China

Jun 1, 16:25

Of the top 10 Chinese manufacturers of consumer electronics products in 2003, seven engaged in production of handsets, according to the Chinese-language media

Roundup: Display industry products at Computex 2004

Jun 1, 16:24

Display products with 12ms response times, wide screens, and larger sizes are the highlights of Computex 2004.

Hynix to double NAND flash wafer starts in 3Q, says paper

Jun 1, 16:22

Hynix Semiconductor may double its wafer starts for NAND flash to 40,000 8-inch equivalent wafers per month in the third quarter, after completing a hike to 20,000 wafers this month,...

Fuji Electric Holdings to produce OLED panels in 2005

Jun 1, 16:16

Fuji Electric Holdings plans to begin production of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels in fall 2005, according to Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Despite flat shipments, Chunghwa Picture Tubes denies temporary suspension of TFT LCD production

Jun 1, 16:15

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) denied recent rumors that the company suspended its TFT LCD production for three days in May due to glass substrate shortages.

Quanta Computer to become Acer's largest contract notebook maker

Jun 1, 16:13

Quanta Computer is likely to replace Wistron as the largest contract notebook maker for Acer this year, according to sources at the notebook vendor.

MSI lowers 2004 motherboard shipment projection to 16 million units

Jun 1, 16:10

Micro-Star International (MSI) has lowered its projected motherboard shipments for 2004 to 16 million units, down from the 17.25 million units it had originally forecast, according...

Aiptek International’s new CIS – Digital Tai Chi; New corporate values emphasize technology, humanization and innovation

Jun 1, 11:41

Since Aiptek’s establishment in 1997, the wireless multimedia electronics maker has focused on strengthening brand equity and retaining strong sales channels

Symbol of Excellence identifies exceptional products at Computex

Jun 1, 11:33

Taiwan’s Symbol of Excellence (SOE) identifies premium products designed and manufactured in Taiwan. SOE winners are chosen annually by a panel of international judges for their...

Gigabyte SOE products demonstrate company’s success in extending its product offerings

Jun 1, 11:24

Well known for its motherboards, Gigabyte originally stopped selling notebooks at the beginning of 2001. This year’s SOE awards clearly demonstrate that the company has not...

Industry-leading notebooks and digital home products – Twinhead showcases its power in product development and design

Jun 1, 11:12

Twinhead aims to market stylish and diversified products to strive for greater margins and the company has dedicated significant resources to designing products using the latest technology...

DRAM contract prices may drop up to 5% in 1H June

Jun 1, 10:50

DRAM contract prices are forecast to drop up to 5% in the first half of June, ending a rally that began in January, according to sources with DRAM makers.

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