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Micron, Nanya co-develop 2Gb DDR3 using 42nm process
Photo: Company [Feb 10, 2010]
Micron, Nanya co-develop 2Gb DDR3 using 42nm process

Micron Technology and Nanya Technology have announced that they have jointly developed a 2Gb DDR3 memory device using their new copper-based 42nm DRAM process technology.

The new 42nm process now makes 1.35-volts the standard compared to 1.5-volt with previous generations, providing power savings of up to 30% in computing applications.

Their new 2Gb 42nm DDR3 device delivers improved memory performance capable of reaching up to 1866 megabits per second, the companies said. In addition, the small die size coupled with the 2Gb density of the 42nm DDR3 device enables modules up to 16GBs.

Sampling is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2010 with production ramp planned for the second half of the year.

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