Taipei, Friday, July 25, 2014 20:34 (GMT+8)
FormFactor 300mm full-wafer test solution for DRAM
Photo: Company [Dec 11, 2009]

FormFactor has introduced its next-generation 300mm (12-inch) full-wafer-contact probe card for DRAM devices - the SmartMatrix 100 probe solution.

Incorporating a proprietary probe card architecture that leverages FormFactor's MicroSpring MEMS contact technology, the SmartMatrix 100 was designed to support DRAM manufacturers' fast design ramps, advanced product roadmaps and stringent cost-of-test requirements.

Designed for testing 5Xnm-node and below DDR2 and DDR3 mobile and commodity DRAM devices, SmartMatrix 100 probe cards offer enhanced probing performance that enables DRAM manufacturers to extend the life of their existing test equipment and avoid the need for additional capital spending within their test cells, trhe company said.

Like FormFactor's recently-introduced TouchMatrix probe card for advanced NAND flash testing, the new SmartMatrix 100 significantly improves manufacturing efficiency and reduces probe card delivery lead time. SmartMatrix 100 probe cards can also be easily disassembled for repair and reassembled for faster turnaround time with minimal adjustment, and designed for improved thermal performance, FormFactor said.

FormFactor's SmartMatrix 100 probe cards are now in qualification testing and are available for shipping.

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