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STMicroelectronics MEMS accelerometer for ultra-slim designs
Photo: Company [Jun 17, 2009]

STMicroelectronics's three-axis digital MEMS accelerometer LIS302DLH is a high-performance and high-stability 16-bit device that is only 0.75mm high and shares the 3x5mm footprint of other devices in the company's Piccolo MEMS family for use in ultra-slim product designs, according to the company.

Applications for the LIS302DLH include motion sensing, orientation awareness, free-fall detection, and vibration monitoring. It has a power-saving shutdown mode, and wakes automatically when motion is detected, the company said.

Samples are available immediately, and mass production is scheduled for early third-quarter 2009 at US$1.35 for orders over 10,000 pieces, it added.

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