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ChipSiP unveils cutting-edge SiP solutions to experience an unlimited sharing life
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Friday 7 October 2011

ChipSiP Technology Co, Ltd. (Taiwan: 3637), a leading company in turnkey SiP solutions, launched three new products featuring optimum slimness, portability and connectivity for a connected life of cloud computing through the integrated design of Logic, RF and Turnkey solutions. SiP is bringing a smart, connected life to consumers who will be able to share special moments of their lives with ease through various connected devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, camcorders, tablet PCs and TVs.

ChipSiP Chairperson Feng Laing said: "ChipSiP created the vision of smart life with the core engine of SiP technology. At Computex 2011, we've successfully delivered innovative miniaturization solutions to meet portability for mobile applications through our integrated cutting edge wireless communication technology and accelerated the penetration of multimedia streaming technology for consumer electronics, personal computers and mobile connected devices. This October, with mounting anticipation for multimedia devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones, we are launching the most high-density 7-in-1 SiP, a slimmest tablet PC with 9.85mm and the most light-weighted WiDi in the world weighing only 90 grams. In addition to the breakthrough in multi-chip design technology and device dimension, we have proven yet again that SiP technology embedded in daily life can be fun, easy and exciting, and the use of these multimedia applications will enable consumers to embrace a new lifestyle, thanks to those simple-to-use smart devices."

Advanced core SiP technology shrinks PCB size by a whopping 80%* from mainstream tablet PCs

ChipSiP leverages its core value of system integration and miniaturization design to highlight competitive advantage of heterogeneous integration of SiP and successfully combined application processor, 2 units of DDR3, 2 units of NAND, WiFi, Bluetooth in a 7-in-1 SiP design that is only 18 x 18mm in size. This new design will usher in a brand-new chapter for lighter and slimmer tablet PCs and smartphone with smarter and higher connectivity.

ChipSiP also announced its enhanced WiDi design, a WiDi dongle that weighs only 90 grams** and features the WiFi MIMO technology to allow multimedia contents such as video, photos and web pages to be transmitted wirelessly from PCs, tablet PCs, and smartphones to television. In addition, the design of a memory socket enables users to back up their multimedia contents and ensures an uninterrupted entertainment experience. This sleek and modern design can easily blend into any contemporary interior design with a high-fashion touch. **Compared with other WiDi in the market, WiDi dongle can reduce weight and dimension by as much as 52% and 40%, respectively.

The booming tablet PC market heralded by Apple's iPad has created a new way of sharing multimedia and increased the demand for slimmer designs. ChipSiP develops a new tablet PC turnkey solution featuring a thickness as thin as 9.85mm and only 47mm² in dimension to enable a lighter weight, better performance and better power-efficiency. With miniaturized memory SiP and RF SiP in combination with Android operation system, consumers will enjoy more fun and convenience as a result of real-time sharing and connectivity anytime, anywhere. In addition, ChipSiP will release a high-end tablet PC solution with CPU clock speed of 1GHz as well as the world's thinnest design at 8.6mm in Q4. *Compared with mainstream 7-inch tablet PCs, the PCB developed by the tablet PC solution of ChipSiP can reduce footprint, weight and thickness by as much as 80%, 20% and 18%, respectively.

Wireless Sharing Unlimited

While people enjoy their lives enriched by various mobile devices, they also suffer from the complexity of configuration and cable connection between devices. ChipSiP converts consumer insight and the value of SiP into real life application by combining RF and Logic SiP technologies to build the smallest PCB with highly integrated components without compromising the sleek design of mobile devices, fulfilling the needs for a seamlessly smart life.

Thanks to the synergy of SiP technology and its applications, consumers can enjoy ubiquitous connectivity with their smart mobile devices and stay connected to share and interact with people wherever and whenever possible, maintaining real-time communications with great simplicity. No matter whether they are at home, outdoor or at work, they can enjoy multimedia entertainment, connect to a remote IP Cam for surveillance monitoring or healthcare application, or even remote control their toy cars with smartphones and tablet PCs. These smart life scenarios materialized by ChipSiP with its core SiP miniaturization technology makes it possible for consumers to share every wonderful moment anytime, anywhere.

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