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SI and brand monitor shipments dip 11% in December 2008, says WitsView

Jan 22, 16:27

The global top-10 system integrators (SIs) shipped a total of 7.9 million LCD monitors in December, an 11.8% decrease sequentially, according to WitsView. In the wake of the continuous...

Large-size panel shipments drop almost 24% on year in December 2008, says WitsView

Jan 19, 16:39

Global large-size panel shipments reached 25.15 million units in December 2008, down slightly by 2.6% sequentially, and down 23.9% on year, according to research firm WitsView.

SI and brand monitor shipments down on sluggish demand in November, says WitsView

Dec 24, 17:05

Shipments of LCD monitors from system integrators (SIs) slumped by 28.3% sequentially in November, as customers continued to reduce orders due to the deteriorating global economy,...

Samsung's LCD panel utilization rate drops to 70%, says paper

Newswatch - Dec 4, 16:42

Samsung Electronics' LCD panel utilization rate has dropped to 70% in December, and the company may further cut back panel production in the first quarter of 2009 if demand worsens,...

LCD monitor shipments from SIs and vendors down in October, says WitsView

Nov 27, 11:03

Most of the top 10 LCD monitor system integrators (SIs) saw shipments decline in October, except Innolux Display, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics (LGE) and Wistron, and total...

LCD panel prices expected to continue falling in 2H November

Nov 18, 01:25

Despite LCD panel prices closing in on material costs, or even lower, for some applications, panel price still expected to drop further in the second half of November, according to...

Large-size LCD panel shipments fall 4.9% in 3Q, says WitsView

Oct 23, 11:45

Global aggregated large-size LCD panel shipments in the third quarter reached 105.3 million units, a sequential decrease of 4.9% and a mere 3.4% on-year growth. Thanks to preparations...

Worsening global economic problems push down LCD panel prices, says WitsView

Oct 22, 01:00

According to WitsView's panel price survey for the second half of October, in the monitor segment, which is already relatively saturated (more than a 90% market penetration rate),...

Shift to 16:9 models to top 11% of LCD monitor market in 4Q08, says WitsView

Oct 2, 16:31

Depended upon to stimulate demand in the maturing LCD monitor market, 16:9 aspect ratio models will account for 11.2% of the global LCD monitor market in the fourth quarter of 2008,...

LCD pricing stable in IT segments, said WitsView

Sep 23, 01:10

According to WitsView's panel price survey for the second half of September, prices for IT panels (notebook and monitor segments) remained stable as panel makers sought to avoid cutting...

Large-size LCD panel shipments grow 7.8% in August, WitsView says

Sep 17, 10:23

Worldwide large-size LCD panel shipments rose 7.8% sequentially and 2.2% on year to 35.3 million units, with the prospect of further growth in the coming few months because of seasonality,...

LCD panel prices still sinking closer to the bottom in September, WitsView says

Sep 11, 12:44

According to WitsView's panel price survey for September, the price pressure on the three main applications can still be felt. This stems from the weaker-than-usual end market demand...

Large-size LCD panel shipments drop in July, WitsView says

Aug 19, 09:36

Worldwide large-size panel shipments in July decreased 7.7% sequentially to 32.7 million units as the market continued to feel inventory and price pressure, while notebook panels...

LCD monitor panel prices may drop to cash costs levels in August, WitsView says

Aug 7, 12:12

LCD monitor panel prices may drop below their fully-loaded costs in August, and may even come close to the cash cost levels, which would mark the lowest acceptable average selling...

Panel makers mount cost-down pressure on component suppliers, says WitsView

Aug 4, 10:11

The recent large-size panel price drops are causing makers to heap more pressure on upstream component makers for additional cost downs. Component suppliers are at a disadvantage...

Large-size panel shipments increase 6.7% in 2Q, says WitsView

Jul 25, 10:06

Global aggregated large-size panel shipments in the second quarter of 2008 reached 110.8 million units, a quarter-on-quarter increase of 6.7% and a year-on-year growth of 22.4%, according...

Large-size panel prices fall further in 2H of July, WitsView says

Jul 17, 10:43

Downstream clients have drastically reduced their orders in the wake of the larger-than-expected price declines during the last week of June. Inventory adjustments are now their key...

Large-size panel prices down in 2H of June, but suppliers' profits to remain high, says WitsView

Jun 23, 11:15

According to WitsView, the market demand for panels is expected to increase due to the soon-to-arrive traditional strong second half of the year. However, as June also marks the period...

Large-size panel shipments up 6% in May, says WitsView

Jun 17, 11:18

Worldwide large-size panel shipments in May reached 38.7 million units, a 6% on-month increase and a 25.4% growth on year, according to WitsView.

IT panel prices to remain flat in June before peaking in August

May 29, 15:22

With the exception of some segments, IT panel prices are expected to stay flat in June before peaking this year in August, according to WitsView. However, the prices for 19-inch,...

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