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Handset maker BYD to move into netbook production, reports say

Feb 3, 12:25

BYD Electronics, the Hong Kong-listed OEM handset subsidiary of China-based BYD Company, plans to venture into the production of OEM netbooks, according to media reports in China.

US$150 white-box Blu-ray Disc players available in 2009, paper says

Newswatch - Feb 3, 10:22

Following an intensive price war to promote sales of Blu-ray Disc (BD) players amid international brands in the US and European markets prior to Christmas 2008, white-box vendors...

IC distributors turn to white-box DSC markets in Europe and North America

Jan 22, 01:15

With white-box digital still cameras (DSCs) still not emulating the success of white-box handsets in China, while showing potential for growth in Europe and North America, Taiwan-based...

China market: More white-box handsets integrate g-sensors

Jan 21, 11:09

According to accelerometer (g-sensor) makers, the proportion of white-box handsets incorporating g-sensor chips is expected to reach 30-40% in the China market during the first quarter...

Surging China white-box handset demand boosts MCP memory pricing

Jan 8, 01:05

A recent increase in demand for white-box handsets in China has also brought up demand and prices for key component multi chip package (MCP) memory, according to sources at IC channel...

Intel hits into white-box netbook market in China

Jan 6, 16:00

Intel recently adjusted the production and supplying strategy of its Atom processors for the white-box netbook market in China, with executives already having made contact with several...

Taiwan-based IC designers plan to cooperate with China makers to offer white-box Blu-ray Disc players in 3Q09

Dec 24, 01:05

Taiwan-based consumer IC design houses, including MediaTek and Sunplus Technology, plan to cooperate with hardware makers in China to offer Blu-ray Disc (BD) players for white-box...

Notebook makers pessimistic about white-box netbooks in China, says paper

Newswatch - Dec 22, 15:40

With China white-box makers reportedly developing ARM-based netbooks targeting prices of less than 1000 RMB (US$146), Quanta Computer has commented that the success of the white-box...

PCB makers reportedly to focus on white-box handsets to increase utilization rates

Newswatch - Dec 15, 17:04

Utilization rates at PCB makers are dropping with some dipping below 50% since orders have been frozen in the fourth quarter. Some PCB makers expect to cover parts of their capacity...

Acer chairman expects netbooks to play crucial role in competition with HP in 2009, says paper

Newswatch - Dec 15, 11:51

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Acer are expected to face each other in a fierce competition in 2009 in for first place in the notebook market, with netbook shipments holding the key, Acer...

MediaTek November sales affected by falling white-box handset demand from China

Dec 1, 12:28

Due to falling demand of white-box handsets in China, market observers have lowered the expectations of MediaTek's November sales from NT$7.5 billion (US$225 million) to NT$7 billi...

Taiwan market: White-box 7-inch digital photo frames priced under US$30

Nov 21, 17:15

While consumer spending is decreasing amid the global economy downturn, white-box digital photo frame vendors in Taiwan are offering sub-NT$1,000 (US$30) 7-inch digital photo frames...

Korean CMOS image sensor maker expands in China white-box handset market

Nov 12, 16:36

Seti, a Korea-based CMOS image sensor maker, has succeeded in expanding its CMOS image sensor market share in China to 50%, according to market watchers. Seti's monthly shipments...

CPT and Giantplus see sharp falls in small- to medium-size LCD panel sales in October

Nov 10, 14:54

With overall shipments to the consumer electronics segment having peaked in the third quarter, and demand from China's white box handset market starting to decrease, Chunghwa Picture...

Global and white-box netbook vendors facing difficulty entering the China market

Nov 7, 15:43

Global first-tier vendors are being met with stiff competition in the China market as local brands, such as Hasee, have launched netbook products with similar specifications, but...

Himax targets china white-box handst market with mobile LCOS projectors

Nov 6, 16:57

The news that Taiwan LCD driver maker Himax has linked up with Wingtech, a China-based white-box handset maker and the country's largest handset solution provider, to develop mobile...

Taiwan-based IC distributor Edom becomes major supplier for biggest China handset ODM WingTech

Nov 5, 01:05

Taiwan-based IC distributor Edom Technology has become a major supplier of components for WingTech Group, the biggest handset ODM in China, according to Edom.

Taiwan handset related IC design companies to see slight sales decline in 4Q08 thanks to stable demand for white-box handsets

Oct 16, 15:35

Since demand for white-box handsets remains strong, most handset related IC design companies are forecast to see only a mild market decline in fourth quarter 2008.

Holy Stone September sales to hit record thanks to recovery of white-box handset market

Oct 3, 01:00

The recovery of the white-box handset market in China after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games drove the September sales of passive component maker Holy Stone Enterprise to hit a monthly...

Taiwan market: new iPod not expected to impact local MP3 player brands

Oct 2, 11:30

While Apple Computer will soon launch new editions of its iPod series of MP3 player products in the Taiwan market, this will not bring substantial competitive pressure on local and...

Taiwan Market: LG Electronics launches DVB-T mobile TV handsets

Sep 26, 16:18

Following with the introduction of DVB-T mobile TV handsets from GSmart and white-box vendors, LG Electronics has also launched the DVB-T-capable HB620T in Taiwan, which has already...


MStar looks to challenge MediaTek in white-box handset baseband chip market

Sep 26, 12:09

According to market watchers, Taiwan IC design house MStar has shipped handset baseband chips to China white-box handset customers priced almost 30% lower than MediaTek's chips. In...

Touch panel suppliers less dependent on China's white box handset market

Sep 16, 12:11

Growing orders from international handset vendors have reduced Taiwan-based touch panel suppliers' reliance on China white box handset clients, according to industry sources.

LCM specialists reluctant to take white box makers' orders

Sep 16, 12:00

Small- to medium-size LCD module (LCM) specialists are reluctant to take orders from China's white box makers so as to reduce their risk of inventory pileup and losses amid fast falling...

LCD panels in oversupply in China white box handset market, AUO executive says

Sep 12, 12:26

Oversupply of LCD panels will persist in the white box handset market in China, as the low technological barrier has allowed competition from a lot of suppliers, according to CT Liu,...


Taiwan market: MP4 player vendors plan to launch China-made white-box DVB-T handsets

Sep 3, 11:58

Vendors of MP4 players in the Taiwan market, seeing the white-box handsets equipped with mobile TV functionality in the China market, plan to introduce white-box DVB-T (digital video...

White box notebook market still there, makers note

Sep 2, 12:18

Although some branded notebook vendors think the white box notebook market is facing pressure from branded netbooks and other low-cost notebooks, some notebook makers are optimistic...

White-box handsets popular during Olympics; MediaTek expected to see higher sales growth in August and 3Q08

Aug 25, 12:02

The China government's crackdown on unlicensed handsets prior to the Olympics had an influence on sales for white-box handset makers as well as chipset provider MediaTek. However,...

Small- to medium-size panel market recovering in China, but suppliers cautious about growth momentum

Jul 24, 10:33

Demand for small- to medium-size panels in China is showing signs of a recovery, but suppliers remain cautious about whether the growth momentum will last, according to industry so...

MediaTek not a threat to digital camera makers for the short-term, say Taiwan makers

Jul 17, 01:05

As MediaTek is said to be preparing to launch a solution for the white-box digital camera market, Taiwan digital camera OEMs commented that MediaTek is unlikely to gain acceptance...

Handset chip demand from China white-box market growing strong

Jul 16, 01:15

Demand for handset chips from China's white-box market has started to grow after remaining low for two quarters, according to Taiwan-based IC distributors WPG Holdings and KC Upper...

White box flat panel TV market posing challenge to domestic China brands, paper says

Newswatch - Jul 15, 12:16

Domestic TV brands in China are facing a two-front battle, one from international first-tier vendors, which have been alleged to be dumping their flat panel TVs in the China market,...

Small- to medium-size LCD panel shipments miss 2Q targets

Jul 10, 01:05

Taiwan LCD panel makers have seen shipments of small- to medium-size panels fall short of expectations in the second quarter, according to estimates by industry watchers.

Everlight to reduce its proportion of shipments to the handset segment

Jul 3, 12:04

Taiwan LED packaging company Everlight is going to adjust its shipment proportion going to the handset segment from 40% in 2007 to 33% this year due to weaker demand, according to...

ST-NXP joint venture eyes white-box handset market in China

Jul 2, 15:33

ST-NXP Wireless, a joint venture established by STMicroelectronics and NXP offering communications solutions, is said to be targeting white-box handset vendors in China. A low-cost...

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