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  • Last update: Thursday 5 February 2015 [27 news items]

Taiwan market: Vee TIME, Vmax Telecom approved for upgrade from WiMAX 1.0 to WiMAX 2.1

Feb 5, 16:40

Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) has approved applications for upgrading WiMAX technology from version 1.0 to version 2.1 by Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in southern...

Taiwan market: Vee TIME, Vmax enlarging WiMAX coverage

Nov 25, 21:24

Vee TIME and Vmax Telecom, two WiMAX mobile Internet-access operators in southern and northern Taiwan, respectively, are expanding their WiMAX networks to a target covering 70% of...

Taiwan market: Four operators to begin selling HTC WiMAX smartphones

May 24, 11:02

Taiwan-based WiMAX operators Vee TIME, Global Mobile, Vmax Telecom and Tatung InfoComm will begin contract-bundled sale of the WiMAX/WCDMA dual-mode HTC EVO Design smartphone in the...

Taiwan market: Vee TIME to acquire WiMAX competitor Tatung InfoComm

Mar 26, 16:20

Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in southern Taiwan, has revealed that it will fully acquire competitor Tatung InfoComm for NT$150 million (US$5.08 million).

Vee TIME obtains 72.43% stake in Vmax

Feb 3, 10:49

Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in the southern half of Taiwan, on February 2 announced the acquisition of a 72.43% stake in Vmax Telecom, a WiMAX operator in the northern half of Taiwan,...

Taiwan market: Vee TIME proposes buyout of fellow WiMAX operator Vmax

Sep 26, 10:23

Vee TIME, a WiMAX operator in southern Taiwan, has proposed a 100% buy-out of Vmax Telecom, a fellow company operating in northern Taiwan, at NT$1.45 billion (US$49.2 million), with...

Vibo Telecom plans to sell stake in WiMAX operator Vmax

Jun 22, 14:44

Vibo Telecom, one of the five 3G mobile telecom carriers in Taiwan, plans to sell its 34% stake in Vmax Telecom, one of the six WiMAX operators in Taiwan, to concentrate its operating...

Taiwan market: WiMAX operator Vmax offers in-taxi interactive advertising services

Mar 18, 16:45

Vmax Telecom, a WiMAX operator in the northern region of Taiwan, on March 17 announced the launch of in-taxi mobile interactive advertising services in the Taiwan market through cooperation...

WiMAX operator Tatung InfoComm to promote joint purchase of WiMAX base stations

Dec 17, 16:51

Taiwan WiMAX operator Tatung InfoComm is talking about joint procurement of base station equipment with fellow operators Vee TIME, Global Mobile, Vmax Telecom and First International...

Taiwan market: WiMAX operator Vmax aims at 40,000 subscribers by year-end 2010

Aug 5, 11:10

Vmax Telecom, one of the six WiMAX operators in Taiwan, will expand its network to 400-500 base stations and expects the number of its subscribers to increase to 40,000 by the end...

Taiwan market: WiMAX operator Vmax sets 2010 capex at NT$1.5 billion

Mar 10, 12:33

Taiwan-based WiMAX operator Vmax Telecom plans to invest NT$1.5 billion (US$47 million) to expand its infrastructure in the Taipei metropolitan area in 2010, according to the company...

Taiwan market: Acer launches WiMAX notebook

Feb 12, 15:07

Acer has introduced a 13.3-inch ultra-thin notebook with built-in WiMAX module, the Aspire 3810TG-732G64i, and will cooperate with Vmax Telecom to bundle sales in Taiwan.

Taiwan WiMAX licensee Vmax kicks off operation

Newswatch - Jan 26, 16:37

Vmax Telecom, a WiMAX licensee in northern Taiwan, on January 25 started operations in Taipei City with a network of over 200 base stations to cover more than 85% of the city's population,...

Taiwan NCC grants two more WiMAX operating licenses to carriers

Dec 17, 12:07

Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) has issued two more WiMAX operating licenses to telecom carriers Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) and Vmax Telecom. The two carriers...

Taiwan market: NCC issues WiMAX operating license to Global Mobile

Dec 3, 12:19

Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) has issued an operating license to Global Mobile, enabling the company to start offering WiMAX services.

Taiwan market: Vmax, FET and Vee Telecom to start WiMAX services by year-end 2009

Oct 27, 16:11

Taiwan-based WiMAX operators Vmax Telecom, Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) and Vee Telecom Multimedia will begin commercial operations of their WiMAX services by the end of 2009,...

Taiwan market: Vmax to cooperate with taxi company to promote WiMAX services

Oct 23, 15:23

Taiwan-based WiMAX operator Vmax Telecom plans to team up with Taipei-based taxi fleet operator M-Taxi to promote its forthcoming WiMAX services and to ramp up ARPU (average revenue...

Vmax integrated WiMAX/GPS Internet device on board a Taipei taxi

Taiwan market: Vmax ready to launch WiMAX services

Newswatch - Oct 2, 14:09

Taiwan-based WiMAX operator Vmax Telecom has announced it has completed its first-phase WiMAX infrastructure rollout and plans to kick off commercial operations once it gets approval...

WiMAX equipment vendor Alvarion sets up Taiwan branch office

Oct 1, 11:22

WiMAX equipment vendor Alvarion has announced the establishment of its branch office in Taiwan in order to strengthen its cooperation with local WiMAX operators.

Vmax gets approval to install WiMAX base stations

Feb 26, 15:21

Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC), on February 25, issued a green light for WiMAX licensee Vmax Telecom to begin installation of its WiMAX base stations and related...

Taiwan market: Tatung Infocomm likely to become first commercial WiMAX service provider in 1Q

Jan 13, 15:43

Tatung InfoComm, a WiMAX licensee in Taiwan, is likely to become the first-mover to bring WiMAX services to Taiwan when the company kicks off its commercial WiMAX operations in Penghu...

Alvarion signs contract with Vmax for WiMAX project in Taiwan

Jan 7, 10:48

Alvarion, a provider of WiMAX and wireless broadband solutions, has announced that it has signed a contract with Vmax Telecom to deploy Mobile WiMAX in Taiwan, beginning in the Taoyuan...

Samsung wins WiMAX bid from Taiwan WiMAX licensee Vmax

Newswatch - Dec 16, 14:55

Samsung Electronics has been awarded a WiMAX hardware bid from Taiwan-based Vmax Telecom, to supply the Taiwan WiMAX licensee's base stations, network access gateways and related...

Intel to set up mobile device software development center in Taiwan, to invest in VMAX for mobile WiMAX

Oct 30, 16:20

Intel has announced agreements with government and industry in Taiwan intended to extend Taiwan's position as a leading center for developing and deploying the world's next generation...

Intel to take up stakes in WiMAX licensee Vmax

Oct 23, 12:26

Intel is expected to announce at the end of this month its plans to make equity investment in Taiwan-based Vmax Telecom, a WiMAX licensee for the northern region of Taiwan, according...

Intel likely to make equity investment in WiMAX licensee Vmax, says paper

Newswatch - Oct 7, 12:11

Intel is likely to contribute an equity investment of NT$500 million (US$15.4 million) in Taiwan-based WiMAX licensee Vmax Telecom, according to a Chinese-language Commercial...

Vmax aims to become first WiMAX service provider in Taiwan

Jun 4, 11:17

Vmax Telecom, a WiMAX licensee for the northern region of Taiwan, aims to roll out its WiMAX service in the third or fourth quarter of 2008, making the company the first official...

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