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Altek expects Japan-based digital camera vendors to increase outsourcing to Taiwan

Feb 13, 15:57

Japan-based international vendors of digital cameras, under pressure to minimize production cost as Japanese yen climbs against the US dollar, are expected to release more ODM/OEM...

Pegatron to regain notebook OEM orders from Toshiba

Feb 11, 16:19

Pegatron Technology is expected to obtain OEM orders from Toshiba, according to sources at Taiwan-based notebook component makers.

NAND spot prices rise as orders from OEM clients pick up

Feb 11, 11:03

NAND flash prices are rising, as orders from OEM customers are warming up, memory module makers said. Apple has also resumed its NAND flash procurement, according to the makers.

Handset maker BYD to move into netbook production, reports say

Feb 3, 12:25

BYD Electronics, the Hong Kong-listed OEM handset subsidiary of China-based BYD Company, plans to venture into the production of OEM netbooks, according to media reports in China.

Taiwan maker Ability Enterprise to land over 70% of Fujifilm's digital camera OEM orders, says paper

Newswatch - Jan 20, 16:38

Ability Enterprise, one of the top-three Taiwan-based ODM/OEM makers of digital cameras, will obtain more than 70% of Fujifilm's outsourced production of digital cameras in 2009,...

Lunar New Year bringing rush orders for handset chips for the China market

Jan 13, 01:20

Foundry players and packaging and testing houses are receiving rush orders mainly concentrated on handset chips amid demand for the Lunar New Year at the end of January, according...

Sony Vaio P-series pocket netbook is made in Japan

Jan 9, 17:13

Sony's new Vaio P pocket netbook which features the Intel Atom Zxx (Menlow) platform, a unique 8-inch 1600×768 panel and envelope-size form factor will be manufactured entirely...

Hiroyuki Oda, president of marketing for consumer electronics division, Sony Taiwan.

Makers of Blu-ray Disc players in Taiwan and China hit by price cuts

Dec 19, 10:16

Taiwan and China-based OEM makers of Blu-ray Disc (BD) players in October and November 2008 actively shipped entry-level BD player models, planned for sale at US$199-229, to retail...

Sony to cut workforce, increase outsourcing

Dec 9, 17:18

Sony has announced measures to cut costs and improve operating efficiency as a direct response to the sudden changes in the global economy. Plans include workforce reductions, a realignment...

Top-three Taiwan digital camera OEMs benefit as vendors look to increase production efficiency

Nov 27, 16:56

As inexpensive digital cameras have been selling well worldwide, vendors have put more emphasis on ODM/OEM makers' economies of scale in an attempt to minimize production costs, according...

Asustek outsources Eee Top to Quanta

Nov 21, 01:10

According to Asustek Computer CEO Jerry Shen, manufacturing of the 15.6-inch Eee Top has been outsourced to Quanta Computer. 20- and 22-inch models expected to be launched in the...

Asustek pushes back notebook outsourcing plans to 2Q09

Nov 14, 01:10

Asustek Computer's plans to outsource 30% of notebook production have been pushed back to second-quarter 2009, according to company president, Jerry Shen.

Notebook makers Quanta and Compal expected to cut OEM quotes

Nov 7, 01:15

Netbooks will continue to ruffle the traditional notebook OEM market in 2009 with Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics both expected to reduce manufacturing quotes by double-digit...

Qisda to phase out LCD TV OEM business

Oct 24, 17:09

With Qisda and AU Optronics (AUO) announcing a joint venture for LCD TV assembly in September, Qisda has now stated that all aspects of its LCD TV OEM business will be transferred...

Hui Hsiung, president of Qisda

Foxconn wins OEM orders for Asustek X-series notebooks

Sep 26, 01:00

Asustek Computer will outsource the production of 15.4-inch X-series notebooks to Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry), with shipments expected to start in January or...

Lite-On IT reportedly lands orders for 20x DVD burners from Plextor

Sep 25, 01:10

Lite-On IT has reportedly obtained orders from Japan-based Plextor to manufacture a 20x DVD burner, the PX-806SA, with shipments to begin in the fourth quarter of 2008, according...

CMC and Ritek to hike DVD+R/-R OEM quotes for 4Q08

Sep 24, 01:10

CMC Magnetics and Ritek will increase OEM quotes for DVD+R/-R discs for the fourth quarter of 2008, with CMC to raise prices by 10-15% while Ritek will look at order volumes before...

Qisda begins shipping LCD TVs to Samsung

Sep 9, 07:48

Qisda started shipments of Samsung OEM LCD TVs in the third quarter, and the company also has orders from LG Electronics, Phillips and BenQ, market sources indicated.

Elite Material expects strong CCL sales to sustain through October

Sep 5, 12:22

Weak seasonal demand is not weighing on Elite Material (EMC) at all as the company sees extending synergy from its new Kunshan, China copper clad laminate (CCL) plant. Thanks to growing...

More LCD TV outsourcing expected, says iSuppli

Aug 21, 11:39

Hard economic times actually may be a boon for contract manufacturers serving the LCD TV market, as brand names increasingly outsource production to reduce risk, according to iSupp...

PC vendors asking for reductions in ODM/OEM quotes for Blu-ray drives

Aug 13, 01:15

PC vendors including Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Acer and Asustek Computer want a considerably large reduction in ODM/OEM prices of Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo and BD-ROM drives, but...

Optical disc makers see capacities booked despite price hikes

Aug 12, 01:15

Although CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based OEM maker of blank optical discs, has raised its OEM quotes for CD-R and DVD+R/-R discs by 10% on average and some fellow makers in...

CMC Magnetics looking to hike optical disc OEM prices again in 4Q08

Jul 31, 01:15

CMC Magnetics, who plans to adjust its OEM quotes for blank CD-R and DVD+R/-R discs up by 10% on average in August according to a previous report,...

CMC Magnetics and Ritek to raise OEM prices for blank optical discs in August

Jul 30, 01:10

CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the top-two Taiwan-based makers of blank optical discs, have decided to upward adjust their OEM quotes for blank CD-R and DVD+R/-R discs in August 2008. CMC...

FIC to close OEM subsidiary in the Czech Republic

Jul 28, 10:35

First International Computer (FIC) has recently decided to cease the operation of its notebook manufacturing subsidiary in the Czech Republic and will transfer the site's notebook...

Supermicro to increase server outsourcing to Wistron and USI, says paper

Newswatch - Jul 25, 12:31

The US-based server vendor Supermicro is considering increasing its server OEM orders in order to satisfy market demand. The company's two major OEM partners, Wistron and Universal...

PQI June sales supported by new DRAM module OEM orders

Jul 10, 12:13

While many leading memory module houses saw their June sales dampened by weak memory pricing, Power Quotient International (PQI) reported a 14% sequential increase in sales, thanks...

CMC and Ritek gain back share from China competitors in Latin America

Jul 8, 01:00

CMC Magnetics, Ritek and Prodisc Technology, leading Taiwan-based makers of blank optical discs, have won OEM orders from the retail channel in Latin American countries, with the...

Pioneer obtains OEM orders for BD Combo drives from HP, say Taiwan makers

Jul 4, 01:10

Pioneer has landed OEM orders for Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo drives from Hewlett-Packard (HP) with shipments to begin in July 2008, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Quanta remained number one notebook OEM in 1Q08, says DisplaySearch

Jun 27, 16:27

DisplaySearch has released its Quarterly Notebook PC Value Chain Report for the first quarter of 2008 showing that Quanta Computer was the top notebook PC OEM maker, and Hewlett-Packard...

Material cost pressure more acute than component shortages to notebook OEMs, says Wistron

Jun 26, 01:30

Despite being confident it will meet its notebook shipments target in 2008, Wistron company chairman Simon Lin noted that material cost pressure has been more acute than component...

Wistron chairman

With its OEM contract with Pioneer to expire in July, Asustek may close out its ODD business

Jun 24, 01:20

Asustek Computer's contract for OEM production of optical disc drives (ODDs) for Pioneer will expire in July 2008, and the Taiwan-based vendor of motherboards and PCs may dispose...

Taiwan digital photo frame OEMs could feel competitive pressure from Samsung

Jun 17, 01:10

Samsung Electronics has entered the digital photo frame market launching three models (the 7-inch 800×480 SPF-72H, 8-inch 800×600 SPF-83V and 8-inch 800×600 SPF-83H)...

Micron to enter memory card market with OEM clients as targets

Jun 11, 01:10

Micron Technology has confirmed that it is entering the memory card market, but it will chiefly target OEM clients with no plans to launch Micron-branded memory cards.

China-based makers cut OEM prices for PNDs without maps to US$60

Jun 6, 16:35

Makers of GPS PNDs in China have triggered price-cut competition by lowering OEM prices for models without built-in electronic map data to US$60 when ordered in minimum volumes of...

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  • Seagate+Momentus+XT+drive

    Seagate Momentus XT drive

    Seagate has announced channel and OEM shipments of its Momentus XT drive, which it claims is the world's fastest 2.5-inch laptop PC hard drive combining SSD-like performance. The...

    Photo: Company, May 31.

  • Light+Blue+Optics+projector+with+interactive+touch+screen

    Light Blue Optics projector with interactive touch screen

    Light Blue Optics (LBO) has launched a projector with a 10-inch projected interactive touch screen, the Light Touch. Light Touch is a reference product and will be made available...

    Photo: Company, Jan 8.

  • Intel+Conte%2FT30+white%2Dbox+ultra%2Dthin+notebook+made+by+ECS

    Intel Conte/T30 white-box ultra-thin notebook made by ECS

    Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has launched Intel-designed Montevina-based white-box notebooks for regional brand vendors around the globe, according to market sources. The notebooks...

    Photo: Monica Chen, May 11.

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