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Taiwan ODM handset makers to see share decline in orders from Motorola and Sony Ericsson in 2009, says paper

Newswatch - Feb 13, 15:18

Taiwan ODM handset makers are expected to see their orders from Motorola and Sony Ericsson drop sharply in 2009 due to a shifting of product emphasis at the two branded vendors, according...

Network equipment makers eye more WiMAX orders from Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung

Feb 12, 13:58

With more branded telecom equipment makers disclosing plans to switch from WiMAX to LTE (Long Term Evolution), Taiwan-based network equipment makers are now targeting Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent...

Compal Communications regains Motorola low-cost ODM handset orders, says paper

Newswatch - Feb 5, 12:00

Compal Communications has recaptured an order for low-cost ODM handsets from Motorola – an order of which the US-based handset vendor had previously given to Foxlink (Chen Uei...

Handset market declines 12.6% in 4Q08, more challenges to come, says IDC

Feb 5, 11:40

The worldwide mobile phone market experienced an unusual downturn in the normally robust fourth quarter of 2008 (4Q08). According to IDC, vendors shipped a total of 289 million units,...

Handset vendors and makers readying to compete for CDMA handset orders from China Telecom

Feb 4, 14:13

International branded vendors, domestic handset vendors in China, and Taiwan-based handset makers are readying to compete for CDMA handset orders to be released by China Telecom,...

2009 the year of smartphones, says ABI Research

Feb 3, 14:56

Mobile handset shipments in the first half of 2008 had a 14% increase on year while slowed to 8% in the third quarter before crashing into a 10% decline in the fourth quarter. As...

China Unicom opens bidding for WCDMA equipment

Jan 23, 01:05

China Unicom has opened bidding for equipment purchases in preparation for rolling out its WCDMA network, attracting eight equipment makers to participate: Ericsson, Nokia Siemens...

Taiwan market: Apple takes up handset sixth ranking with 2.2% share in December

Jan 21, 14:11

Sales of Apple's iPhone 3G handsets totaled 12,000 units in the Taiwan market in December, taking up the sixth ranked position with a 2.2% share in terms of sales for the month, according...

LGE ships 100 million handsets in 2008, ranking third worldwide, says South Korea paper

Jan 20, 11:45

LG Electronics (LGE) shipped over 100 million handsets in 2008, surpassing the amounts shipped by Motorola and Sony Ericsson, respectively, to capture, for the first time, third place...

FIH expected to post first ever revenue drop in 2008

Jan 14, 01:05

Foxconn International Holdings (FIH), the Hong Kong-listed handset manufacturing subsidiary of Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry), will likely see its consolidated revenues...

Motorola to launch touch-enabled A3100 and low-cost W165 handsets in 1Q

Jan 9, 10:23

Motorola plans to launch its high-end Motosurf A3100 touch-screen handset as well as the low-cost W165 handset in the first quarter of this year, according to company and market so...

Taiwan market: Motorola launches NT$60,000 Aura handset

Newswatch - Dec 24, 15:28

Motorola on December 23 launched its Aura fashion handset in the Taiwan market with a suggested price tag of NT$59,800 (US$1,812), according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily...

Motorola Aura

Shift looming for handset vendor rankings in China

Dec 23, 15:01

Declining handset sales, increasing control over white-box models and the kick-off of 3G services may result in a shift of vendor rankings in China's handset market in 2009, according...

Nokia and Motorola account for 90% of China's smartphone market in 3Q08, says CCID

Dec 16, 15:44

CCID Consulting has recently released its data showing that the sales volume of China's smartphone market in the thrid quarter of 2008 reached 7.47 million units, up 0.6% from the...

China market: China Telecom awards Motorola CDMA network upgrade project

Dec 16, 15:21

Motorola has announced that the company has been selected by China Telecommunications (China Telecom) as a key CDMA network infrastructure supplier to upgrade a portion of its nationwide...

Compal Communications lands Windows Mobile-based PDA phone orders from Motorola, says paper

Newswatch - Nov 28, 14:58

Compal Communications has received orders for two Windows Mobile-based PDA phones, codenamed the Alexander and Attila, from Motorola, according to a Chinese-language Commercial...

MediaTek not to supply handset chips to Nokia or Motorola next year

Nov 26, 11:38

While Texas Instruments (TI), Infineon Technologies and Freescale Semiconductor are expected to be on the supplier lists of Nokia and Motorola for 2.5G handset chips next year, MediaTek...

Taiwan market: Samsung, LG handset shares hit record in October

Nov 21, 15:43

In Taiwan's handset market, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics occupied 20.3% and 7.6% respectively of the total shipment volume in October 2008, the highest ever monthly figures...

Microsoft appoints ex-Motorola guy as chairman and CEO for Greater China

Nov 14, 16:39

Microsoft has announced that Simon Leung will join Microsoft as corporate vice president, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR).

Simon Leung

China market: Smartphone sales expand over 12% on year in September

Nov 11, 17:02

Volume sales of smartphones in the China market grew 12.2% on year to 2.53 million units in September 2008. Nokia, Motorola and Dopod China were the top-three branded vendors, according...

MEMS supply growing faster than demand, driving down prices

Nov 11, 01:10

MEMS prices in 2009 are expected to continue to fall because supply exceeds demand, according to market sources.

Samsung takes top spot in US mobile handset market for first time

Nov 7, 17:08

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, mobile handset shipments in the United States defied the economic gloom and grew 6% annually, to reach 47 million units during...

Taiwan market: LGE squeezes Motorola out of handset top-5

Oct 22, 14:32

According to retail channels, total handset shipment volumes in September in Taiwan were 610,000 units, and LG Electronics (LGE) surpassed Motorola to take fifth ranking in terms...

Falling handset vendor performance to pressure Taiwan OEMs

Oct 20, 12:25

Fierce price competition in the global handset market has caused handset vendors such as Nokia and Sony Ericsson to see a drop in average selling prices (ASPs) and profits. Market...

Foxlink lands extra-low-cost handset orders from Motorola, says paper

Newswatch - Oct 2, 15:26

Foxlink (Chen Uei Precision Industry) has landed orders for an extra-low-cost handset from Motorola with shipments to be fulfilled in 2009, according to a Chinese-language Commercial...

Motorola introduces WiMAX USB adaptor for notebooks

Sep 24, 16:59

Motorola has unveiled its first WiMAX USB adaptor, the USBw 100. This thumb-drive-sized device is available in three versions to connect to WiMAX networks in each of the three bands...

Motorola introduces first WiMAX USB adaptor for ntoebooks

Motorola launches two new handsets featuring hand-writing recognition

Sep 19, 16:47

After enjoying strong shipment volumes for its Ming A1200 handset featuring hand-writing recognition in the Greater-China market, Motorola has introduced the second-generation Ming...

bill chen

Motorola begins testing LTE technology with Verizon and others

Sep 10, 15:04

Motorola has begun testing LTE (Long-Term Evolution) technology with a number of telecom operators, including Verizon Wireless, with an aim to push the commercialization of related...

Qisda shipping VE538 handsets to Motorola, says paper

Newswatch - Sep 4, 11:42

Qisda has begun shipping 3G-enabled VE538 handsets to Motorola, which plans to launch the model in the Taiwan market in mid-September, according to a Chinese-language Economic...

LG leads global CDMA handset market for six consecutive quarters in 2Q08

Aug 26, 15:40

LG Electronics led the global CDMA handset market for the sixth straight quarter in the second quarter of this year, with shipments totaling 12.7 million units and accounting for...

Taiwan market: Motorola and Sony Ericsson to launch low-cost handsets for back-to-school demand

Aug 22, 14:52

Motorola and Sony Ericsson both plan to introduce new entry-level handsets in the Taiwan market in September to cash in on back-to-school demand, according to sources at Taiwan's...

Motorola places 3.5G handset orders with FIH for 2009

Aug 19, 12:17

Motorola has speeded up the outsourcing of 3.5G handsets by teaming up with Foxconn International Holdings (FIH)/Chi Mei Communication Systems (CMCS) for the ODM production of 3.5G...

Wintek sees sharp rises in panel orders from Motorola, paper says

Newswatch - Aug 13, 11:23

Wintek is seeing sharp increases in panel orders from Motorola - either directly from the US vendor or via its ODMs, Compal Communications and Qisda, as the handset vendor has swung...

Compal Communications to start shipping Q-series PDA phones to Motorola by end of year

Newswatch - Aug 13, 11:22

Compal Communications is expected to begin volume shipments of Motorola's Q-series PDA phones by the end of this year, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times rep...

Global handset shipments surge 15% in 2Q, says Strategy Analytics

Aug 1, 18:43

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global mobile handset shipments grew a healthy 15% year-over-year, to reach 297 million units in the second quarter. Motorola...

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  • Motorola+Droid+Razer+Maxx

    Motorola Droid Razer Maxx

    From the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Verizon Wireless and Motorola Mobility have announced an expansion of the Droid Razr family. In coming weeks, customers...

    Photo: Company, Jan 11.

  • Motorola+Milestone+XT701+smartphone

    Motorola Milestone XT701 smartphone

    Motorola and Taiwan-based carrier Chunghwa Telecom have co-launched the Milestone XT701 smartphone, which features a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen, 5-megapixel digital camera and the...

    Photo: Terry Ku, Digitimes, May 12.

  • Motorola+MC75A+enterprise+digital+assistant

    Motorola MC75A enterprise digital assistant

    Motorola has announced the newest addition to its mobile computing portfolio, the MC75A 3.5G enterprise digital assistant (EDA). Available in two models, WAN/LAN and LAN only, the...

    Photo: Company, Mar 25.

  • Motorola+Quench

    Motorola Quench

    Motorola has announced the Quench with Motoblur, Motorola's Android-powered content delivery service. The Quench has a touchscreen design with a 3.1-inch high-resolution display...

    Photo: Company, Feb 24.

  • Motorola+Devour

    Motorola Devour

    Verizon Wireless and Motorola have announced the availability of the Motorola Devour in the US in March. This device features Motoblur, Motorola's Android-powered content delivery...

    Photo: Company, Feb 23.

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