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IDF San Francisco: Intel unveils 45nm SoC for Internet TV

Sep 25, 17:02

Intel has unveiled the Atom processor CE4100, the latest system-on-chip (SoC) in a family of media processors designed to bring Internet content and services to digital TVs, DVD players...

Taiwan market: FET ties up with Juniper to provider Internet security solutions

Sep 24, 15:42

Taiwan-based carrier Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) has teamed up Juniper Networks to provide Internet security solutions to Taiwan-based small-to-medium size enterprises. The...

Taiwan market: Juniper Networks penetrates Internet security segment

Sep 18, 14:23

Juniper Networks has continued to make inroads into the Internet security market in Taiwan and recently landed orders for its SRX series service gateways from 10 local companies,...

Internet TV sales to rise sixfold by 2013, says iSuppli

Sep 16, 15:56

After more than a dozen years of failing to live up to its promise, web access on the TV is finally ready for prime time, with retail sales of Internet-enabled TVs (IETVs) set to...

ITRI unveils integrated WiMAX/Android device

Sep 4, 16:42

The Taiwan government-backed Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has unveiled an in-house developed mobile device integrating WiMAX technology and the Android platform.

IPTV subscribers to rise by over 50% in 2009, says iSuppli

Sep 1, 11:29

The global Internet protocol television (IPTV) market withstood the worst of the worldwide economic storm during the last six months, putting it on track to achieve more than 50%...

Migosoft and Chief Telecom to co-develop Internet marketing solutions for Taiwan and China markets

Newswatch - Aug 28, 11:36

Taiwan-based Internet marketing solution provider Migosoft will cooperate with ISP Chief Telecom to develop marketing solutions targeting the Internet advertisement markets in Taiwan...

China market: Internet user-base grows to 338 million in June 2009

Aug 12, 14:36

The Internet user-base in China increased to an estimated 338 million as of the end of June 2009, according to the latest semiannual survey conducted by the China Internet Network...

Taiwan market: FET, Taipower cooperate to test PLC Internet access

Aug 5, 15:24

Telecom carrier Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) and state-run Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) on August 4 began trial operation of broadband Internet-access services based on...

Taiwan international Internet bandwidth rises to almost 265Gbps in 2Q09

Jul 16, 09:58

Taiwan's direct Internet connection with 19 countries (including Hong Kong and Macau) reached a total bandwidth of 264.669Gbps as of the end of the second quarter of 2009, increasing...

China market: Mobile Internet user base grows to nearly 139 million in 1Q09

Jul 14, 11:52

The total number of mobile Internet-access subscribers in China increased to 138.79 million at the end of the first quarter of 2009, according to China-based consulting company Analysys...

Nokia to launch Chinese-version Ovi Store in China in year-end 2009

Jun 26, 16:47

Nokia plans to launch a Chinese version of its Internet Ovi Store in the China market by the end of 2009 as China's mobile Internet service market is set for robust growth in the...

Nvidia's 5-year plan coming to fruition as GPU compute goes mainstream, Q&A with Ujesh Desai, vice president of product marketing

Jun 2, 11:55

Nvidia built its name around satisfying PC gamers' desire for better graphics, higher resolutions, and higher frame rates, from one GPU generation to the next. But around five years...

Ujesh Desai, vice president of product marketing, Nvidia

Economic conditions reducing mobile end-user spending up to 15%, says ABI Research

May 11, 11:43

Mobile end-user average revenues per user (ARPUs) dropped between 5% and 15% on year in fourth-quarter 2008 compared to fourth-quarter 2007. China, India, and a number of other Asian...

Taiwan market: Government agency to mediate over IP peering fee dispute

Apr 16, 16:44

Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC) has said that it will talk with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) and other fixed-network telecommunication operators to resolve the dispute...

Chinese character top-level domain may be available in 4Q09

Apr 1, 16:50

The Chinese character spelling for Taiwan can be used as a top-level domain in place Taiwan's currently assigned TLD (.tw) beginning as early as the fourth quarter of 2009, according...

IPv6 unlikely to replace IPv4 over next several years, say Taiwan specialists

Mar 31, 17:11

Although the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has been calling attention to the expected exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in 2011, it will be difficult to transition to IPv6...

Lanner announces three new appliances featuring Intel Xeon 5500 platform

Mar 31, 16:50

Lanner Electronics has announced three new rackmount systems built with the Intel Xeon processor 5500 series, based on the Nehalem microarchitecture.

Lanner FW-8892 network appliance

US consumers could drop spending on mobile, broadband and pay TV services due to economic turmoil, but Internet video will expand, says In-Stat

Mar 11, 13:57

US Consumer spending on subscription-TV, broadband, and mobile services will be "about the same" for most consumers, but about 15% intend to cut back, according to In-Stat...

Global demand for 50 billion Internet connected devices in 2020, says Ericsson Taiwan

Mar 4, 11:15

There will be estimated global demand for 50 billion Internet connected devices of various types in 2020, including handsets, desktop PCs, notebooks, MIDs (mobile Internet devices),...

China market: Internet user base grew to 298 million at end of 2008

Jan 19, 15:08

The number of Internet surfers in China increased to an estimated 298 million as of the end of December 2008, remaining as the largest among all countries, according to the latest...

Taiwan market: Number of xDSL users keeps falling in 3Q08

Jan 15, 14:35

While the number of home/business subscribers of broadband fixed-line Internet services in Taiwan was steadily growing to 4.74 million at the end of the third quarter of 2008, the...

Taiwan market: Online advertising growing, says IAMA

Jan 14, 17:10

Providers of online advertising service in Taiwan generated a total revenues of an estimated NT$5.976 billion (US$182 million) in 2008, rising by 20.72% from 2007, and the total value...

Google to launch Street View of Taiwan in 2H 2009

Jan 9, 16:35

Google is taking pictures of street landscapes in cities around Taiwan and is expected to offer Street View about Taiwan in the second half of 2009, according to Google Taiwan managing...

Google's photography automobile takes pictures in Taiwan for Street View service

Taiwan's international Internet bandwidth rises to over 235Gbps in 4Q08

Jan 8, 10:50

Taiwan's direct Internet connection with 19 countries (including Hong Kong and Macao) reached a total bandwidth of 235.096Gbps as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2008, increasing...

Taiwan market: Internet users get nearly 30 spam emails per day on average

Dec 9, 15:48

Users of Internet services in Taiwan receive a daily average of 29.76 spam email messages, according to a survey of 12,478 participants conducted by the Taiwan Internet Association...

China market: Mobile communication service subscribers over 627 million in October 2008

Dec 3, 11:06

There were 627.27 million subscribers of mobile communication services in China as of the end of October 2008, growing by 0.52% on month and by 18.03% on year, according to statistics...

Taiwan market: So-net aims to hike broadband Internet users

Nov 24, 13:54

So-net Entertainment Taiwan, an ISP (Internet service provider) and ICP (Internet content provider), has set a goal of increasing the number of its broadband Internet-access subscribers...

Taiwan market: MSOs competing for 10M Internet-access users

Nov 17, 11:41

Leading multi-system operators (MSOs) of cable TV service in Taiwan have been promoting sales of cable-modem broadband Internet-access service at a download speed of 10Mbps, in a...

Taiwan market: Chunghwa Telecom aims to boost adoption of 3.5G data card services in 2009

Nov 7, 16:17

Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) has been actively promoting its mobile Internet-access service and has set a goal of increasing its number of HSDPA data card subscribers by 100,000 in 2009...

3.5G data cards under CHT's sales promotion

Taiwan's international Internet bandwidth rose to over 223Gbps at end of 3Q08

Oct 28, 16:23

Taiwan's direct Internet connections with 19 countries (including Hong Kong and Macao) reached a total bandwidth of 223.701Gbps as of the end of third-quarter 2008, increasing by...

Taiwan market: Over 90% of Internet surfers have used mobile data services, but adoption still limited

Oct 28, 16:07

Of Internet users in Taiwan, 90.7% have at some time used mobile data services on a handset or smartphone, according to an international Worldwide Mobile Data Service Survey (WMDSS)...

Taiwan Internet market: Volume of xDSL users continues to fall in 2Q08

Oct 21, 16:00

While the total number of home/business subscribers of broadband fixed-line Internet services was steadily growing to 4.70 million at the end of the second quarter of 2008, the corresponding...

Ericsson collaborates with Intel to bring HSPA to mobile Internet devices (MIDs)

Oct 20, 17:05

Ericsson has announced that it is collaborating with Intel to bring HSPA mobile data solutions to mobile Internet devices (MIDs). Ericsson is thereby extending its 3G mobile broadband...

China market: Internet service value to reach 137.5 billion yuan in 2011

Oct 13, 12:05

The total value of Internet services provided in the China market is projected to keep growing to 137.5 billion yuan (US$20.1 billion) in 2011, according to China-based consulting...

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    Muzee ICD-7

    Muzee, a cloud multimedia solution provider, has presented its multimedia player, the ICD-7 series. The Muzee ICD-7 is an application software embedded in a USB flash drive that provides...

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  • Sony+Tablet+

    Sony Tablet

    Sony has announced its Sony Tablet series: the S1, which is optimized for media entertainment; and the S2, which is meant for mobile communication and entertainment. Sony Tablet will...

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  • Intel+Atom+Z6xx+series+CPU

    Intel Atom Z6xx series CPU

    Intel has announced that the Intel Atom platform, formerly codenamed Oak Trail, is now available and will be in devices starting in May and throughout 2011. Over 35 innovative tablet...

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  • SiS9561+Android+Internet+TV+SoC

    SiS9561 Android Internet TV SoC

    Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) has announced that China-based TCL has adopted its SiS9561 as the key SoC component of their first generation Internet smart TV. SiS9561, based on...

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  • Sony+full+HD+Google+TV

    Sony full HD Google TV

    Sony has introduced its Internet TV line featuring four LCD HDTVs with built-in Google TV. The product line includes the 24-inch NSX-24GT1 (US$599.99), the 32-inch NSX-32GT1 (US$799.99),...

    Photo: company, Oct 15.

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