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Strong DRAM contract price growth in 1H May, says inSpectrum

May 6, 12:11

The average selling price (ASPs) for mainstream DRAM chips has grown by more than 5% sequentially in the first half of May, thanks to decreased output and a slight improvement in...

DRAM and NAND flash spot prices rise on optimism, says inSpectrum

Apr 24, 16:59

Anticipation of a positive price trend following Elpida Memory president's claims of a price hike has spurred mainstream DRAM chip prices this week (April 20-24), according to inSp...

Strong DRAM price surge on price hike at some vendors, says inSpectrum

Apr 20, 17:03

Thanks to price hikes at some vendors, spot prices of mainstream DRAM enjoyed double-digit growth last week (April 13-17), according to inSpectrum.

Downstream suppliers to build up NAND flash inventories

Newswatch - Apr 16, 16:19

Downstream suppliers plan to kick off a new round of purchasing NAND flash chips in large volumes to build up their inventories, as current supplies from Samsung Electronics and Toshiba...

NAND flash spot prices up 10% on speculated Apple orders, says inSpectrum

Apr 10, 16:47

Speculation of a large order of NAND flash chips by Apple have contributed activity at the spot market for the week of April 6-10, according to inSpectrum.

NAND flash supply to tighten after Apple reportedly places large order

Apr 9, 12:19

Apple has reportedly placed orders for 100 million 8Gb NAND flash chips mostly with Samsung Electronics, which is likely to cause a supply shortage, according to sources at downstream...

DRAM prices stable in early April, says inSpectrum

Apr 7, 15:12

A series of DRAM production cuts since the fourth quarter of 2008 has resulted in a supply-demand balance that is being reflected in the stabilizing ASP trend for mainstream chips,...

DRAM and NAND flash spot prices show mixed trends, says inSpectrum

Apr 3, 17:06

Spot prices for DRAM have gone down in the week of March 30-April 3, as more agents/distributors began dumping their DDR chip inventory, according to inSpectrum. In contrast, the...

DRAM spot prices surge on fab shutdown speculation, says inSpectrum

Mar 27, 15:48

Spot prices for DRAM have surged by over 20% for the week of March 23-27, mainly driven by news about potential shutdown at fabs in Taiwan, according to inSpectrum.

DRAM and NAND flash spot prices show mild rebound, says inSpectrum

Mar 20, 16:54

Prices for DRAM chips have trended upward by around 2.6% during the week of March 16-20, while NAND flash prices have grown up to 0.88%, according to inSpectrum.

DRAM spot price stable amid speculation of further production cuts, says inSpectrum

Mar 13, 16:42

Spot pricing for DRAM has been relatively stable this week (March 6-13), as vendors have been reluctant to sell below reasonable quotes amid speculation that DRAM makers will further...

DRAM contract prices down on continued weak demand, says inSpectrum

Mar 6, 16:25

Contract quotes for mainstream 1GB DDR2 modules posted a slide of 1.2% sequentially in the first half of March, after having a stable February, according to inSpectrum. This implies...

NAND flash spot price surges on speculation over Apple orders, says inSpectrum

Feb 27, 17:05

Attention has been drawn to NAND flash in the memory spot markets this week (February 23-27) as industry players speculate about the booking status of Apple, according to inSpectrum...

DRAM contract prices stay flat in 2H of February, says inSpectrum

Feb 20, 17:02

DRAM contract prices remain flat sequentially in the second half of February, as the market sees a lack of momentum for growth, according to inSpectrum. However, a price correction...

Price correction seen in both DRAM and NAND flash spot markets, reports inSpectrum

Feb 13, 16:43

Price corrections were seen this week (February 9-13) for both DRAM and NAND flash, inSpectrum reports.

DRAM and NAND flash contract prices going up, says inSpectrum

Feb 11, 17:04

Contract prices for both DRAM and NAND flash are going up in the first half of February, according to inSpectrum.

DRAM and NAND flash spot markets bullish after Lunar New Year, says inSpectrum

Feb 9, 13:58

A bullish trend was seen in the memory spot markets in the first trading week after the Lunar New Year holidays(January 23-30), with the DRAM pricing being supported by the news of...

DRAM and NAND spot prices remain stable as Lunar New Year approaches, says inSpectrum

Jan 23, 16:48

Transactions are muted in both the DRAM and NAND flash spot market this week as most industry players are preparing to have their Lunar New Year (January 26) holiday, resulting in...

DRAM contract prices show mild rebound and NAND flash sustains upside, says inSpectrum

Jan 22, 11:09

Contract prices of mainstream DRAM chips have stabilized trend with mild growth being seen in the second half of January, whereas prices for mainstream NAND flash chips have sustained...

Spot market: Both DRAM and NAND flash pricing lose momentum, says inSpectrum

Jan 20, 11:39

The previous strong price rally as seen in both DRAM and NAND flash is being discouraged as industry players are chilled by fundamental demand weakness across the board, according...

Contract market: DRAM prices stop falling while NAND flash shows sign of rebound, says inSpectrum

Jan 9, 17:17

An advent of a price rebound in both DRAM and NAND flash contract markets is finally unfolding, signifying that capacity cuts are proving to be the sole solution to reverse pricing,...

DRAM and NAND flash prices surge on shrunk output, according to inSpectrum

Dec 23, 17:05

Thanks to major memory makers' production cuts, spot prices for both DRAM and NAND flash have gone up since December 16, according to inSpectrum. The positive pricing trend has signaled...

NAND flash spot prices up slightly this week

Sep 23, 15:01

The NAND flash spot market has been active so far this week, with more orders than before, on higher prices, according to InSpectrum. Compared with closing prices on Friday, September...

Transcend only profitable major Taiwan memory module maker in 1H08

Sep 2, 12:42

A review of major memory module makers' financial results for the first half of 2008 show that Transcend Information was the only profit maker to show a relative strong margin in...

PC vendors have no incentive to replenish DRAM inventory, says InSpectrum

Aug 4, 16:43

DRAM contract prices are likely to post a 2.5-4.5% sequential drop in the first half of August as PC vendors have no incentive to replenish their inventory, according to InSpectrum,...

Handsets to account for 40% of NAND flash demand in 2008, says inSpectrum

Jul 18, 16:59

Handsets will continue to serve as the key sales driver for NAND flash in 2008 and account for almost 40% of NAND flash capacity, thanks to growing adoption of small-form factor memory...

Drops in NAND flash contract pricing to intensify in July, says InSpectrum

Jun 27, 01:05

Following a 20% sequential price drop for mainstream 8Gb multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash at the contract market in the second half of June, an intensified drop should be seen in...

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