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Gigastorage ruled to pay Phillips for infringing DVD patents

Jun 30, 10:03

Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Court on June 29 has ruled on Phillips’ patent infringement charge against Taiwan’s Gigastorage with Gigastorage needing to pay NT$1.04...

MediaTek to invest over US$1 billion for chipset development in 2014

Nov 6, 21:54

MediaTek is likely to spend over US$1 billion in 2014 for the development of more than 20 new chipset solutions for applications including smartphones, tablets, TVs, wireless devices...

Taiwan FTC consents to formation of DVD patent alliance

Jan 25, 15:02

Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) on January 24 approved an application to form a DVD patent licensing alliance filed by Pioneer, Sony, Royal Philips Electronics and LG Electronics,...

Fire in Sony London warehouse to further worsen blank disc shortages

Aug 11, 01:30

Sony's warehouse in London, the UK, which stores blank optical discs, was recently struck by fire and is expected to cause the optical disc market, which is already suffering from...

Taiwan pre-recorded disc makers facing risk of weakening gross margin

May 5, 01:30

Taiwan-based pre-recorded DVD makers in 2011 are facing strong pressure from increasing raw material costs, with related end sales significantly impacted by online multimedia sharing...

Taiwan market: Blu-ray expected to see 10% share of media player shipments in 2011

Mar 17, 01:30

Shipments of Blu-ray disc players in Taiwan in 2010 reached only around 30,000 units, accounting for less than 5% of the total media player shipments of 630,000 units; however, sources...

CMC hikes DVD disc prices by 10%, says paper

Newswatch - Mar 14, 10:09

Taiwan-based CMC Magnetics has upward adjusted its March 2011 quotes for blank DVD discs by 10% to reflect increased polycarbonate costs, the Chinese-language Economic Daily News...

Optical drive component maker Topray sees strong growth in 2010 revenues

Jan 27, 01:55

Taiwan-based maker of pick up heads (PUH) for optical drives, Topray Technology, saw its revenues reach NT$1.11 billion (US$38.2 million), up 41.36% from NT$784 million in 2009, according...

Japan DVD and CD outsourcing may not help Taiwan makers much, says sources

Nov 2, 02:20

As Japan-based optical disc maker Taiyo Yuden was recently reported to have cut its CD and DVD production by 40% due to the rising Japan exchange rate, market watchers believe the...

Taiwan market: Toshiba introduces R700 and W100 notebooks

Jul 23, 16:28

Toshiba, on July 22, introduced two of its 25-year-anniversary notebooks in Taiwan, of which the high-end 13-inch Portege R700 will cost NT$46,000-58,000 (US$1431.5-1804.9) depending...

Global demand for blank optical discs up for Blu-ray, down for CD, DVD, says JRIA

Jun 25, 10:45

The global demand for Blu-ray BD-R discs will keep growing to 310 million discs in 2012, while that for CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs will be on the decline, Taiwan-based optical...

Philips makes large cuts in CD-RW, DVD royalties for CMC, Ritek

Jan 4, 10:14

Royal Philips Electronics has reduced royalty charges for CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW optical disc formats by 71.4-72.2% from US$0.035-0.036 per disc originally to US$0.01...

CBHD player launches in the UK

Oct 26, 13:53

A CBHD (China Blue High-definition Disc) player has been launched for sale in the UK market by UK-based distributor GBAX at GBP259.99 (US$425). This is the first time a CBHD player...

Taiwan market: Sony to launch external slim-type DVD burner DRX-S70U

Oct 2, 11:06

Sony will launch its DRX-S70U, a new external slim-type DVD burner intended for use with netbooks, in the Taiwan market later in October 2009 at a recommended retail price of NT$2,890...

MediaTek expected to post 10-20% sequential revenue growth in 3Q09

Jul 16, 11:51

MediaTek is expected to see its revenues increase 10-20% sequentially in the third quarter compared to earlier market expectations of a 5-10% growth due to strong shipments of DTV,...

PLDS debuts 24x DVD burner

Jun 8, 10:48

Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) unveiled a 24x DVD burner, the iHAS524, for sale under Lite-On IT's brand Liteon during Computex Taipei 2009.

Taiwan market: Sony launches 24x DVD burners

May 21, 14:52

Sony on May 21 unveiled two new DVD burners, the DRU-870S and DRU-875S, for launch in the Taiwan market at tentative retail prices of NT$1,000 (US$30) and NT$1,100, respectively,...

Toshiba accuses CMC, Ritek of DVD patent infringement

May 18, 11:15

Toshiba has announced it filed a lawsuit on May 14 with the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin to charge US-based optical disc vendor Imation as well as several...

IC designer Sunplus expected to see profits in 2Q09

Apr 17, 14:48

Market watchers expect Sunplus Technology to turn losses into profits in the second quarter with a sequential revenue growth of 50% amid increasing demand for set-top box (STB) and...

Taiwan maker Quanta Storage expected to land OEM orders for H/H DVD burners from Pioneer, says paper

Newswatch - Mar 2, 11:51

Quanta Storage is negotiating with Japan-based Pioneer to land orders to OEM produce half-height (H/H) DVD burners. Shipments are to begin in the second half of 2009, according to...

Lite-On IT to start volume production of 24x DVD burners in April 2009

Newswatch - Feb 20, 10:49

Lite-On IT has been developing 24x H/H DVD burners and will begin volume production in April 2009, according to the Chinese-language newspaper Economic Daily News (

China market: DVD player sales volume down over 18% in 2008

Jan 22, 16:48

There were an estimated 15.192 million DVD players, including portable models and DVD recorders, sold in the China market with a total sales value of 7.66 billion yuan (US$1.10 billion)...

Quanta Storage steps into making half-height DVD drives

Dec 26, 01:15

Quanta Storage, the largest Taiwan-based maker of slim-type optical disc drives, has purchased molds for half-height (H/H) DVD drives from the optical disc drive business unit of...

Lite-On IT and Quanta Storage feeling pressure from netbooks and low Korean won in slim-type DVD burner market

Dec 17, 01:15

Taiwan-based Quanta Storage and Lite-On IT may face more competition from Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) and Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) in the slim-type DVD burner...

DVD-ROM drive manufactured by HLDS

HLDS and TSST cut OEM prices for DVD burners amid Korean Won depreciation

Dec 3, 01:15

Optical disc drives makers Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) and Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) lowered their quotes for half-height 20x DVD burners by 15-20% from US$20 at...

Taiwan market: External slim DVD burners see booming sales, but prices falling

Nov 7, 15:26

Thanks to booming sales of netbooks, external slim-type DVD burners have enjoyed increased sales in the Taiwan market since August 2008, but retail prices have dropped by 3-5%, according...

Small- to medium-size displays market heading toward slow down, says DisplaySearch

Nov 5, 11:42

Suppliers of small- to medium-size displays (under 10 inches in diagonal) will face a much less cheerier holiday season than last year. According to the latest forecast from DisplaySearch,...

Orders of pre-recorded DVD discs from Hollywood studios falling short of expectations, fueling speculation of improved Blu-ray Disc demand

Oct 31, 16:40

Leading Taiwan-based makers of pre-recorded optical discs, including U-Tech Media and Feng Sheng Technology, have seen thier orders for DVD movie discs from major movie studios in...

Lite-On IT to start volume production of Qflix DVD burners in 4Q08

Oct 17, 11:01

Lite-On IT will begin volume production of DVD burners supporting Qflix, a technology jointly developed by US-based Sonic Solutions and Pioneer to allow consumers to directly download...

Lite-On IT reportedly lands orders for 20x DVD burners from Plextor

Sep 25, 01:10

Lite-On IT has reportedly obtained orders from Japan-based Plextor to manufacture a 20x DVD burner, the PX-806SA, with shipments to begin in the fourth quarter of 2008, according...

Taiwan DVD disc maker Optodisc receives court approval

Aug 19, 11:38

Optodisc Technology, a Taiwan-based maker of blank DVD+R/-R, DVD+RW/-RW and DVD-RAM discs, on August 18 announced that its request for corporate restructuring to improve its business...

Blu-ray movie discs may outsell DVDs in 2011

Aug 1, 11:50

Market reports in the US indicate that the sales ratio of Blu-ray movie discs to DVDs will rise to an estimated 40:60 in 2010 and the sales volume of BD movie discs may surpass that...

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment vice president Tim Meade

Taiwan market: PChome Online to operate online DVD movie rental service

Jul 29, 11:59

PChome Online, a web portal and operator of online shopping service in Taiwan, on July 25 announced its cooperation with HowGoing, an operator of an online rental service of DVD movie...

Ritek and CMC benefiting from fast growing demand for blank dual-layer DVD discs

Jul 1, 01:05

International retail prices of blank 4-6x DVD+R/-R DL discs have dropped by about 50% during the first half of 2008 to around US$1, spurring a fast growth in global demand. As the...

Lite-On IT to offer USB external slim-type DVD burners in 3Q08

Jun 9, 15:27

Lite-On IT plans to offer external USB slim-type DVD burners in the third quarter of 2008, targeting owners of UMPCs (ultra mobile PCs), Eee PCs and other low-cost portable PCs that...

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  • HLDS+hybrid+drive+with+Micron+25nm+NAND

    HLDS hybrid drive with Micron 25nm NAND

    Micron Technology has announced Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) has selected its 25nm NAND as the flash memory solution for a new hybrid optical disk drive (ODD). The hybrid drive...

    Photo: Company, Oct 7.

  • Acer+X1261+DLP+3D+projector+

    Acer X1261 DLP 3D projector

    Acer Canada, in order to meet consumers' growing demand for 3D imagery, has launched three DLP 3D projectors, the X1230PS, X1261 and X1130P. The Acer X1261 projector features illumination...

    Photo: company, Jul 20.

  • Samsung+512GB+SSD+utilizing+new+toggle%2Dmode+DDR+NAND

    Samsung 512GB SSD utilizing new toggle-mode DDR NAND

    Samsung Electronics has introduced its solid state drive (SSD) utilizing toggle-mode DDR NAND memory. The new 512GB SSD makes use of a 30nm-class 32-gigabit (Gb) chip that the company...

    Photo: Company, Jun 24.

  • Asustek+EeeBox+PC+EB1501+nettop

    Asustek EeeBox PC EB1501 nettop

    Asustek has launched an Ion-based nettop, the EeeBox PC EB1501 in Taiwan. The EeeBox PC EB1501 allows a full PC experience with built-in DVD burner, up to 4GB of memory, wireless...

    Photo: Company, Dec 4.

  • Asustek+Ion%2Dbased+EeeBox+nettops

    Asustek Ion-based EeeBox nettops

    Asustek has launched two Ion-based nettops, the EeeBox PC EB1012 and EB1501, in Taiwan. The EeeBox PC EB1012 is the latest version of Asustek's nettop series. The PC delivers a media...

    Photo: Terry Ku, Digitimes, Nov 30.

Global notebook shipment forecast, 2017 and beyond
China AMOLED panel capacity expansion forecast, 2016-2020

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Global notebook shipment forecast, 2017 and beyond
  • China AMOLED panel capacity expansion forecast, 2016-2020

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    Digitimes Research expects global AP shipments to surpass the 1.9 billion mark in 2017, with smartphones remaining the main application. Qualcomm will be leading the market in 2017, as other players continue playing catch up and scramble for funds to invest in more diverse applications.

  • Global notebook shipment forecast, 2017 and beyond

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