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Quanta to continue sharing Acer notebook orders

Jun 7, 00:00

Acer has again decided to include Quanta Computer as a contract notebook manufacturer along with Wistron and Compal Electronics. Quanta reportedly will begin small shipments to Acer...

Winbond showing TV-out-enabled DSPs

Jun 7, 00:00

Taiwan-based Winbond Electronics is showcasing two new DSC (digital still camera)-use DSPs (digital signal processors) at Computex Taipei. The products are three-mode designs, meaning...

VIA announces growing support for EPIA Mini-ITX board

Jun 7, 00:00

Since it was launched at CeBIT Hannover, the Mini-ITX format has been adopted by a growing number of chassis manufacturers, with Morex Information Ent., G-Alantic Enterprise, Yeong...

Backgrounder: Image sensors

Jun 7, 00:00

Image sensors function much like a human eye, absorbing and converting light from the environment around us into digital signals, assembling the images, processing, storing, and sending...

Mitac’s new Pocket PC 2002-based Mio 528

Jun 7, 00:00

The popularity of PDAs (personal digital assistants) has grown significantly over the past few years with increasing convenience and improving functionality. When first on the market,...

AnandTech editor on Computex

Jun 7, 00:00

In a quick breakfast meeting on Wednesday, June 7, AnandTech editor in chief and CEO Anand Lal Shimpi and senior hardware editor Matthew Witheiler were obviously very happy to be...

Full spectrum of companies push WLAN products

Jun 6, 00:00

At Computex Taipei, Taiwanese electronics companies are rolling out products to support WLAN (wireless local area network) technology for motherboards, memory modules and network...

Z-Com’s wireless LAN card and AP take top prize

Jun 6, 00:00

Nikkei Byte and Nikkei WinPC selected Z-Com’s XV-5300/5800 wireless LAN card and access point (AP), which support IEEE 802.11a/b, for its overall “Best of Computex Taipei...

2002 outlook conservative

Jun 6, 00:00

Despite seeing total industry shipments suffer a nearly 5% decline amid the economic slowdown, Taiwanese motherboard companies managed to turn in a rather good performance in 2001...

Barebones help Shuttle and Jetway

Jun 6, 00:00

Following their first-tier counterparts, second-tier motherboard makers have tried to improve their business performance by diversifying their operations. Currently, Shuttle and Jetway...

Move to OEM inevitable

Jun 6, 00:00

The clone market once provided a great platform for Taiwan’s burgeoning motherboard production and helped the manufacturers to grow significantly over the years. However, now...

MIC: 2Q shipments to drop 15%

Jun 6, 00:00

Taiwanese manufacturers will ship only 18.41 million motherboards in the second quarter, down 15% from 21.66 million units in the first quarter, the Market Intelligence Center (MIC)...

Competition for 2nd-tier orders

Jun 6, 00:00

The attempt by Foxconn Electronics (the registered trade name of Hon Hai Precision Industry) to launch an OEM service for second-tier motherboard makers marks not only the company’s...

Top four take 50%

Jun 6, 00:00

Compared to their projections at the end of 2001, first-tier motherboard companies’ latest 2002 shipment forecasts appear more conservative, with the exception of Asustek Computer...

Varied growth prospects

Jun 6, 00:00

In 2001, Taiwan’s optical storage drive industry saw production fall for the first time, by 12.5% in volume and 8.6% in value, snapping years of rapid growth.

Japanese LCD niches

Jun 6, 00:00

Japanese LCD producers have been preparing for the much-intensified competition in the global flat panel display market. While gradually phasing out large-size a-Si (amorphous silicon)...

Xbox DVD prices may fall 30%

Jun 6, 00:00

Taiwanese DVD player makers are eyeing outsourcing opportunities as Microsoft is planning the launch of second-generation Xbox game consoles this summer. The new game machine’s...

China and Taiwan push new DVD disc format

Jun 6, 00:00

In a move to skirt licensing fees charged by DVD technology owners, 19 Taiwanese DVD manufacturers are in talks with counterparts in China to create a new disc format called EVD (enhanced...

June CD-R prices rise

Jun 6, 00:00

Taiwan’s optical disc manufacturers are rolling out long-anticipated price increases in CD-R discs. Per-unit contract prices of blank discs for June are up by roughly US$0.02...

Lite-On IT partners for DVD pick-up heads

Jun 6, 00:00

Lite-On IT is planning to inject more capital into its optical drive distribution joint venture with JVC to finance pick-up head (PUH) production in China. The plant, to be located...

Weakening in 2Q

Jun 6, 00:00

With demand coming in weaker than expected, optical drive manufacturers are turning bearish on the outlook for their performance in the current quarter. They said sales are likely...

LSI first with Ultra320 PCI SCSI RAID

Jun 6, 00:00

LSI Logic announced on June 3 that it has begun shipping production samples of the market’s first PCI SCSI RAID storage adapters with Ultra320 support.

ASPs and margins will decline

Jun 6, 00:00

Although several high-end motherboard products, such as those supporting DDR333 or 533MHz FSB (front-side bus) standards, are set to hit the market this year, manufacturers said that...

New war in barebones

Jun 6, 00:00

After the OEM business, competition among motherboard makers is now expected to extend to the barebone systems market in 2002. Companies that started operations last year such as...

Stepping into wireless

Jun 6, 00:00

Following graphics cards and barebone systems, wireless communications products have now entered the spotlight in the first-tier motherboard makers’ diversification stage.

Taiwan market to recover slightly

Jun 6, 00:00

The Market Intelligence Center (MIC) forecasts the Taiwan motherboard market will see only 2% shipment growth this year. However, compared to the 6% decline in 2001, the small growth...

ECS: Notebook sales surpass mobos

Jun 6, 00:00

With increasing shipments of its DeskNote line and contributions from its acquired notebook business, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) generated more revenues from notebook products...

AOpen to ship 3.5m barebones

Jun 6, 00:00

Motherboard maker AOpen expects to see a more than 30% growth in its barebone systems shipments this year, with total sales rising from 2.7 million to three million units in 2001...

Rumored early K8 may not help sales

Jun 5, 00:00

New 8th-generation (K8) processors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) may hit the market at the end of August, instead of the scheduled October, industry sources said. Following the...

AU Optronics develops OLED using a-Si TFT LCD

Jun 5, 00:00

AU Optronics (AUO) said it has extended its leadership position with the development of the world’s first full-color OLED (organic light-emitting diode) prototype that combines...

LCD TVs making a splash

Jun 5, 00:00

Benq, Sampo Technology, Jean, CTX, Gvision, MAG Technology and NFREN are all showcasing one or two LCD TV models, mainly in 15 or 17-inch sizes, at Computex Taipei.

Taiwan aiming for 5G in 2003

Jun 5, 00:00

The life cycle of newer generation of TFT LCD production lines tends to shorten, and fifth-generation (5G) TFT LCD production lines are predicted to account for 40% of global TFT...

Larger-size products coming

Jun 5, 00:00

Attracted by much better profit margins, South Korean and Taiwanese TFT LCD producers have launched many larger-size TFT LCDs and substantially increased their shipments since the...

Chunghwa Picture Tubes to begin PDP production

Jun 5, 00:00

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) will soon complete trial production at its PDP (plasma display panel) production line of 7,000-substrate monthly processing capacity and expects to begin...

ECS adds own factories

Jun 5, 00:00

Although more than 95% of its production takes place at its China base, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is to officially terminate its “no factory” epoch in the second...

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