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Taiwan expected to become the largest Blu-ray disc maker by the end of 2010

Sep 30, 01:45

Although Taiwan currently only has two makers, Ritek and CMC Magnetics, manufacturing Blu-ray discs, as the Japanese Yen exchange rate appreciates, Japan-based makers are starting...

Taiyo Yuden may release OEM orders to CMC, Ritek, says newspaper

Sep 29, 10:57

Japan-based Taiyo Yuden has decided to reduce its monthly capacity of blank CD-R and DVD optical discs by 40.9% from 110 million discs currently to 65 million discs to cope with increased...

CMC Magnetics obtains 6x 50GB Blu-ray Disc-R DL certification

Sep 14, 10:29

CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based maker of blank optical discs, on September 13 announced it has obtained certification from the Blu-ray Disc (BD) Association for its 50GB single-sided...

CMC expects proportion of revenues for Blu-ray Disc to exceed 50% in 2012

Sep 1, 11:37

Taiwan-based optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects the proportion of its consolidated revenues for Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs to reach 10% in 2010, increase to 20-25% in 2011 and...

Taiwan makers expected to surpass Japan makers in Blu-ray Disc output

Aug 4, 11:38

As Japan-based makers including Sony, Sharp and TDK have been shifting their focus of blank Blu-ray Disc (BD) disc production from 25GB BD-R (recordable, write once) and BD-RE (rewritable)...

CMC, Ritek no plans to offer Blu-ray XL

Jul 21, 09:56

While Japan-based Sharp and TDK will launch 100GB Blu-ray Disc (BD) XL discs in late July and September 2010 respectively, CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the two largest Taiwan-based makers...

CMC says optical disc prices to continue rising through year-end

Jun 3, 14:00

Optical disc maker CMC Magnetics will raise quotes in July, with the upward price trend expected to continue through the end of the year to reflect the rising costs of polycarbonate,...

CMC Magnetics to hike optical disc prices in June, says paper

Newswatch - May 25, 11:22

Taiwan-based optical disc maker CMC Magnetics will raise its quotes by 5-10% in June to reflect continued increases in the material cost of polycarbonate, the Chinese-language Commercial...

CMC looks to Blu-ray Disc for revenue growth in 2010

May 12, 09:53

Optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects Blu-ray Disc (BD) to be the main driving force of growth in its 2010 revenues and hopes that BD will account for 15% of its total shipment...

CMC chairman: Company not ready for CIGS volume production

May 3, 10:56

CMC Magnetics will not begin volume production of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) modules just yet, according to company chairman Robert Wong. Besides more research and development...

More than 20 companies join Taiwan Blu-ray Disc Consortium

Apr 29, 01:00

More than 20 companies have joined the Taiwan Blu-ray Disc (BD) Consortium, a special interest group formed by Taiwan-based companies involved in the BD market. The consortium is...

CMC hikes prices for optical discs by 10%

Apr 15, 15:48

CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based maker of blank optical discs, has upward adjusted its quotes for the second quarter of 2010 by 10% to reflect increased polycarbonate costs,...

Optical disc makers CMC, Ritek see mixed on-year growth in February 2010 revenues

Stockwatch - Mar 10, 16:23

CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the two largest Taiwan-based makers of blank optical discs, saw February revenues drop 29.86% and rise 11.14%, respectively, on year.

Ritek, Gigastorage not to hike optical disc prices

Feb 24, 10:39

Although Taiwan-based optical disc maker CMC Magnetics has raised its quotes by 5-10% to reflect increased costs of polycarbonate, fellow competitors Ritek and Gigastorage have indicated...

CMC expects Blu-ray to contribute 10% of revenues in 2Q10, 20% in 4Q10, says chairman

Feb 4, 11:48

Taiwan-based blank optical disc maker CMC Magnetics expects shipments of its Blu-ray Disc (BD) discs to account for 10% of its revenues in the second quarter and 20% in the fourth...

CMC monthly Blu-ray Disc capacity reaches three million

Jan 21, 11:52

Taiwan-based optical disc maker CMC Magnetics has expanded its monthly capacity for Blu-ray Disc (BD) to three million discs, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

New licensing contracts between Philips and CMC, Ritek effective for only 3 years

Jan 7, 12:25

The new licensing contracts that Philips signed with Taiwan's two largest optical disc makers - CMC Magnetics and Ritek - will only remain in effect for three years instead of 10...

Philips makes large cuts in CD-RW, DVD royalties for CMC, Ritek

Jan 4, 10:14

Royal Philips Electronics has reduced royalty charges for CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW optical disc formats by 71.4-72.2% from US$0.035-0.036 per disc originally to US$0.01...

CMC, Ritek differ on China HD disc outlook

Dec 28, 11:02

CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based maker of blank optical discs, holds the opinion that China Blue High-definition Disc (CBHD) is only able to compete with Blu-ray Disc (BD)...

CMC, Ritek enjoy revenue growth in May

Jun 12, 14:07

CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the two largest Taiwan-based makers of blank optical discs, have estimated revenues of NT$1.623 billion (US$49.9 million) and NT$1.21 billion, respectively,...

Toshiba accuses CMC, Ritek of DVD patent infringement

May 18, 11:15

Toshiba has announced it filed a lawsuit on May 14 with the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin to charge US-based optical disc vendor Imation as well as several...

CMC, Ritek March revenues grow

Stockwatch - Apr 13, 11:23

CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the top two Taiwan-based makers of optical discs, have both reported on-month and on-year revenues for March 2009.

CMC, Ritek revenues grow in February

Stockwatch - Mar 11, 12:24

CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the top-two Taiwan-based makers of blank optical discs, have posted self-estimated revenues of NT$1.64 billion (US$48.3 million) and NT$1.02 billion respectively...

CMC revenues up, Ritek down in November

Stockwatch - Dec 10, 15:29

Taiwan-based optical disc makers, CMC Magnetics and Ritek, December 9 released revenues figures for November, with the former's figure increasing and the latter's decreasing on mon...

CMC Magnetics sees continued sales growth in October

Nov 7, 10:42

CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based make of blank optical discs, on November 6 reported revenues of NT$1.924 billion for October 2008, the highest monthly total for the company...

CMC Magnetics August revenues up 16%

Stockwatch - Sep 10, 12:09

CMC Magnetics, the largest Taiwan-based producer of blank optical discs, reported revenues of NT$1.61 billion for August, up 15.6% on month and representing the company's highest...

CMC Magnetics looking to hike optical disc OEM prices again in 4Q08

Jul 31, 01:15

CMC Magnetics, who plans to adjust its OEM quotes for blank CD-R and DVD+R/-R discs up by 10% on average in August according to a previous report,...

CMC Magnetics and Ritek to raise OEM prices for blank optical discs in August

Jul 30, 01:10

CMC Magnetics and Ritek, the top-two Taiwan-based makers of blank optical discs, have decided to upward adjust their OEM quotes for blank CD-R and DVD+R/-R discs in August 2008. CMC...

Second-tier Taiwan-based optical disc makers suffer from shortage of TFP

Jun 9, 14:54

Second-tier Taiwan-based CD-R and DVD+R/-R discs producers are facing short supplies of TFP (tetrafluoro-propanol), a dye solvent used in the manufacture of optical discs, and consequently...

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